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8 Reviews
Beet root Powder Organic-Nitric Oxide Beets by Snap Supplements - 250g

8 Reviews
Beet root Powder Organic-Nitric Oxide Beets by Snap Supplements - 250g
Price: $45.95 ($45.95 per bottle)
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per bottle
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$45.95 per bottle

$45.95 per bottle

$45.95 per bottle

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Stephanie Verified reviewer

Works well
Decided to try this product to get a boost to pre workout and was seriously impressed. provided more energy and allowed for a more complete workout, certainly recommend !


The Helm Verified reviewer

i love nitric oxide organic beats
I am so impressed with this product. every time i take it, i feel refreshed like i haven't in the past. the flavor is awesome! i love this stuff and will keep buying it.


Billy Verified reviewer

Best beet powder out there!
I was super excited to try this since a friend told me about it, and i love it! i’m not one for the taste of beets but this one is great, especially with the cherry flavoring. the best part is it’s made with organic beets, so i give some to my kids. i use this in smoothies and then freeze them into popsicles, so good! this gives me some good natural energy but doesn’t make me jittery or crash. definitely getting more.


Maria Verified reviewer

Taste is good
After reading reviews about beets this one caught my attention. i am pleased with the taste and what its doing for me. the reason i purchased this was to help me with elevation training. my training have been better. its also helped me with hot flashes. who knew. i have been drinking this for the past 2 weeks and happy to say i have been sleeping better at night and no hot flashes. i was surprised because i feel like i got a 2 for one.


Bianca Nicole Greene Verified reviewer

Best tasting beet supplement!
Okay so i used to juice beets and drink it staright up like that ? anyone who's had beets raw knows they taste like dirt...straight dirt so i was really surprised how well this tasted! now you can still taste the beets in here which is super encouraging to me and tells me that there is actually beets in this! with so many fake fillers out there i appreciate the real thing. and this here is the real thing! so happy i was put on to this powder. it gives me natural energy and it nourishes me. huge plus here: it keeps me super focused and alert. i work nights and i don't leave without first drinking this.


Sharon Verified reviewer

Lowered my bp after 7 days
I just received my snap beet supplement. i tried it, taste is not bad at all. looking forward to sharing my results. i will update accordingly. quick delivery package was clean. update i love this stuff my bp is now under control, yes i’m shouting. will buy again. i highly recommend.


Jason Verified reviewer

Lowered my bp immediately
I've struggled with my blood pressure for some time, and i’m only 34. both of my parents have high blood pressure. i started taking these supplements and my numbers are perfect. this product is full of natural ingredients to help improve blood circulation, and it tastes great!


Gregory Verified reviewer

Every little thing helps with circulation issues. do your research and try it.
My first review, and probably the most accredited supplement to healing my husband’s left leg blockage. in february, my husband was diagnosed with three 100% blockages on his leg that they were unable to go in and do a bypass on. they gave no hope, and the next option was amputation to his left leg if i got worse. i decided by researching to save his leg we would need a lot of circulation supplements. hence the snap nitric oxide organic beets. as horrible as real beets might taste, he says this taste like fruit punch. he is on a regimen, and makes sure he drinks his beets and supplements everyday. in the last four months, he has closed a wound on the same foot, and his circulation has gotten much better. we are able to see hair and nails finally growing on his leg. we are hoping in the next few months, to go in and see if we can try another bypass. this product is something we will be buying the rest of his life. it does have a little aftertaste, but think of the vitamins your getting in replacement of eating beets. the next order i’ll be starting my everyday drink. if you have circulation issues why not try it, it’s better then your circumstances at that moment. realize this every little thing helps. every supplement i have bought, i bought through amazon. it can get better:)