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Vision Alive Max
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Lydia Verified reviewer

Thank you so much vision alive!
When i went, apparently i have lot of blood vessels behind my left eye, and they were quite concerned. so you know the routine and the tests when you have that. special dye goes in your skin and a whole bunch of tests. well, when i went to my regular optometrist, she had given me drops, and then i was to have a follow-up. well the drops didn't do a very good job because on my one eye.. my vision was not very good. so, she wanted me to follow up in a few more weeks after that. well, i wanted to know why the drops didn't really work for me. and i came across vision alive. it made sense - pure vitamins for your eyes.


Melissa Verified reviewer

So thank you and order some!
It is the best eye supplement i have ever used, and i’ve used a few just because my mother has macular degeneration and i want to stay on top of it if i ever have the chance of getting it.


Kay Verified reviewer

Highly recommend vision alive
I’m very excited about vision alive and i’m planning on continuing to use it and i’m very, very excited about it. thank you!


Jeramy Verified reviewer

I've never ever seen the full benefits i'm sure. thanks!
I have been using vision alive for a month. and i noticed a lot more clarity in my vision. my eyes ain't as dry. colors are more vivid. it really did work in one month.


Angela Verified reviewer

My vision is really quite good now.
Began using vision alive just over 4 months ago, taking 2 capsules a day. i have age-related macular degeneration in both eyes. dry in my left eye and wet in my right. i receive very expensive injections in my right eye for the past 5 years, which have allowed me to keep my central vision in that eye for which i am very grateful.


Eugen Verified reviewer

Yes! working very well.
Vision alive, i’m browsing website and i’m looking some products for my vitamins and situation i find your product. yes! working very well. thank you very much.


Sandra Verified reviewer

I really recommend vision alive.
I had real watery eyes and nothing seem to help until i got vision alive and i never had any more problems. and it’s also good to prevent macular degeneration. i really recommend vision alive.


Bonny Moffett Verified reviewer

Less dry and irritated
I was recently delighted to come across vision alive supplements. i’ve always felt the need to take good care of my eyesight, since my mom had contracted macular degeneration in her 50’s.


Roma Newton Verified reviewer

Great product
had macula injection for my right eye today … i’m now in my 5th year of monthly injections. for the first time, leaking macula is dry!!!


Dom F. Verified reviewer

Diabetic macular edema
My husband has had macular edema for about 2 years now. his dr first attributed it to his diabetes. he fixed his diet and reversed his diabetes and with the help of vision alive max has begun reversing his edema! his drs are so amazed by the improvement in his eye health...they tell him we dont know what youre doing but keep doing it! thank you so much for such a great product!


Beth F. Verified reviewer

I gave few months supply to my father as a trial. i was not sure if he was taking it or not since he was not saying anything to me (he lives in another state) but when he is about to complete 2 bottles, he admits improvements on his vision, seeing better and inquired where i get them. i reordered for him, but this time, a recurring order every 6 mos i placed.


Elisabeth Corona Verified reviewer

Best vision in years!
I've had inflammation in the macula of my right eye for several years and have been taking lutein and zeaxanthin for several years. it kept me from having to have laser treatment, however it didn't completely take away the inflammation. after taking vision alive max for 6 weeks, i went back to my retina specialist and the inflammation is completely gone! i've just ordered 3 more bottles because this has been so effective. i've been having special scans of my retinas every 6 months for 3 years, so to see such a drastic improvement is significant.


Jennifer Lee Myers Verified reviewer

So far so good
I have been taking vision alive for about 4 months. i was tested for possible glaucoma and a tear that at this point is not an immediate threat. blue lights have caused much damage to my eyes unfortunately and i wish i had known to protect my eyes from it. i have high hopes consistently taking vision alive will at least help keep my eyes from getting any worse!


Franca C. Verified reviewer

Good product
I decided to buy this product because the ingredients are plant base. after a few weeks i have noticed that my vision has improved in the sense that i don't feel that i need glasses for everything i do. i am adding fruit juices to compliment the nutrition strength, but, when i travel, i can't have my normal juices, and still i know, because of vision alive max, that i am having the basic nutrition for my eyes.


Lisa Kestler Verified reviewer

Lisa kestler from brantwood wisconsin
I have been using vision alive max for a few months now and love it! my eye doctor said my eyes are very health! thanks so much!


Todd Giardina Verified reviewer

Works as advertised
Vision alive max has been a great product. i have experienced better night vision, and my eyes are not as fatigued at night. my overall vision is slightly clearer now as well. i hope that my vision will continue to improve as i continue to take it.


Russell Verified reviewer

Just purchased
Will probably reorder after three weeks


Elisabeth Corona Verified reviewer

Saved my vision!
I had been seeing a retina specialist for 3 years because of fluid in my retina which was causing wavy vision and a gray spot in the center of my vision in one eye. i had been seeing this doctor every 3-6 months and sometimes the test results were worse than others. the last time i went, i had been taking vision alive max for about 6 weeks. my retina scan was normal and the doctor released me from his care. so very thankful for this supplement formula that really works!!!!


TOM BADER Verified reviewer

High hopes??
Through my initial bottle by double dosing, with 5 more to go. the objective is to mitigate a cataract and prevent amd and/or glaucoma.


Kay Spencer Verified reviewer

What a great product!
Newly diagnosed with a cataract, and being an rn who believes in health and wellness vs the sickness and disease model, i've been searching for solutions. this product covers the whole gamut of things i've researched for my eye health. and my biggest lament is my own self! not starting sooner on preventive solutions. every malady is preventable if we educate and nourish ourselves wisely. so preach to those loved ones before they arrive at this point...get them started preventively. this is a wonderful, full spectrum product!


Lydia Larson Verified reviewer

Have only used for a short time, no difference with vision at this date.


Barbara Wright Verified reviewer

I'm still waiting for the vision alive max to be delivered. may i suggest that you use fedex / ups for canadian orders rather than the postal service for a speedier delivery.


Brenda Kayse Verified reviewer

Eye max
When should i be seeing a different in my eye sign! because i can not tell any changes.


Daniel Verified reviewer

It works for me
I have macular degeneration and i stop taking vision alive to try another product and my vision started to go downhill, i am back on vision alive and my eye exams have improved


Virginia Green Verified reviewer

My thoughts on vision alive max
I think it is a wonderful product. this product helps me to see things clearer. i'm satisfied with vision alive max, would purchase it again. i'm excited about using them. virginia


Russell Verified reviewer

Just purchased
Just reordered; really don't know yet, but hoping these will help


Gerald Palombi Verified reviewer

I have only been taking vision alive max for about a week so i really can't evaluate it's performance at this time. i'am hoping for great results as time goes on.