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Vision Alive Max

248 Reviews

ANN VARVARO Verified reviewer

Works great!

Been taking it for 6 months. reduced my eye pressure by 8 points in one eye from 26 to 18 and 4 points in the other from 20 to 16 within 2 month. i was on dozolimide/ timolol and lumigan eye drops for a few years and my pressure started going up. tried a 3rd drop and nothing. doctor was recommending laser surgery. we tried 2 vision alive per day instead and it worked. thank you.

Melissa Verified reviewer

So thank you and order some!

It is the best eye supplement i have ever used, and i've used a few just because my mother has macular degeneration and i want to stay on top of it if i ever have the chance of getting it.

Kay Verified reviewer

Highly recommend vision alive

I'm very excited about vision alive and i'm planning on continuing to use it and i'm very, very excited about it. thank you!

Angela Verified reviewer

My vision is really quite good now.

Began using vision alive just over 4 months ago, taking 2 capsules a day. i have age-related macular degeneration in both eyes. dry in my left eye and wet in my right. i receive very expensive injections in my right eye for the past 5 years, which have allowed me to keep my central vision in that eye for which i am very grateful.

Bonny Moffett Verified reviewer

Less dry and irritated

I was recently delighted to come across vision alive supplements. i've always felt the need to take good care of my eyesight, since my mom had contracted macular degeneration in her 50's.

Roma Newton Verified reviewer

Great product

had macula injection for my right eye today. i'm now in my 5th year of monthly injections. for the first time, leaking macula is dry!!!

Dom F. Verified reviewer

Diabetic macular edema

My husband has had macular edema for about 2 years now. his dr first attributed it to his diabetes. he fixed his diet and reversed his diabetes and with the help of vision alive max has begun reversing his edema! his drs are so amazed by the improvement in his eye health...they tell him we dont know what youre doing but keep doing it! thank you so much for such a great product!

Beth F. Verified reviewer


I gave few months supply to my father as a trial. i was not sure if he was taking it or not since he was not saying anything to me (he lives in another state) but when he is about to complete 2 bottles, he admits improvements on his vision, seeing better and inquired where i get them. i reordered for him, but this time, a recurring order every 6 mos i placed.

Elisabeth Corona Verified reviewer

Best vision in years!

I've had inflammation in the macula of my right eye for several years and have been taking lutein and zeaxanthin for several years. it kept me from having to have laser treatment, however it didn't completely take away the inflammation. after taking vision alive max for 6 weeks, i went back to my retina specialist and the inflammation is completely gone! i've just ordered 3 more bottles because this has been so effective. i've been having special scans of my retinas every 6 months for 3 years, so to see such a drastic improvement is significant.

Jennifer Lee Myers Verified reviewer

So far so good

I have been taking vision alive for about 4 months. i was tested for possible glaucoma and a tear that at this point is not an immediate threat. blue lights have caused much damage to my eyes unfortunately and i wish i had known to protect my eyes from it. i have high hopes consistently taking vision alive will at least help keep my eyes from getting any worse!

Franca C. Verified reviewer

Good product

I decided to buy this product because the ingredients are plant base. after a few weeks i have noticed that my vision has improved in the sense that i don't feel that i need glasses for everything i do. i am adding fruit juices to compliment the nutrition strength, but, when i travel, i can't have my normal juices, and still i know, because of vision alive max, that i am having the basic nutrition for my eyes.

Lisa Kestler Verified reviewer

Lisa kestler from brantwood wisconsin

I have been using vision alive max for a few months now and love it! my eye doctor said my eyes are very health! thanks so much!

Todd Giardina Verified reviewer

Works as advertised

Vision alive max has been a great product. i have experienced better night vision, and my eyes are not as fatigued at night. my overall vision is slightly clearer now as well. i hope that my vision will continue to improve as i continue to take it.

Russell Verified reviewer

Just purchased

Will probably reorder after three weeks

Elisabeth Corona Verified reviewer

Saved my vision!

I had been seeing a retina specialist for 3 years because of fluid in my retina which was causing wavy vision and a gray spot in the center of my vision in one eye. i had been seeing this doctor every 3-6 months and sometimes the test results were worse than others. the last time i went, i had been taking vision alive max for about 6 weeks. my retina scan was normal and the doctor released me from his care. so very thankful for this supplement formula that really works!!!!

TOM BADER Verified reviewer

High hopes??

Through my initial bottle by double dosing, with 5 more to go. the objective is to mitigate a cataract and prevent amd and/or glaucoma.

Kay Spencer Verified reviewer

What a great product!

Newly diagnosed with a cataract, and being an rn who believes in health and wellness vs the sickness and disease model, i've been searching for solutions. this product covers the whole gamut of things i've researched for my eye health. and my biggest lament is my own self! not starting sooner on preventive solutions. every malady is preventable if we educate and nourish ourselves wisely. so preach to those loved ones before they arrive at this point...get them started preventively. this is a wonderful, full spectrum product!

Lydia Larson Verified reviewer

Have only used for a short time, no difference with vision at this date.

Barbara Wright Verified reviewer


I'm still waiting for the vision alive max to be delivered. may i suggest that you use fedex / ups for canadian orders rather than the postal service for a speedier delivery.

Brenda Kayse Verified reviewer

Eye max

When should i be seeing a different in my eye sign! because i can not tell any changes.

Daniel Verified reviewer

It works for me

I have macular degeneration and i stop taking vision alive to try another product and my vision started to go downhill, i am back on vision alive and my eye exams have improved

Virginia Green Verified reviewer

My thoughts on vision alive max

I think it is a wonderful product. this product helps me to see things clearer. i'm satisfied with vision alive max, would purchase it again. i'm excited about using them. virginia

Russell Verified reviewer

Just purchased

Just reordered; really don't know yet, but hoping these will help

Gerald Palombi Verified reviewer


I have only been taking vision alive max for about a week so i really can't evaluate it's performance at this time. i'am hoping for great results as time goes on.

Oladipo Olayemi Verified reviewer

My experience.

I have several issues with my eye,like pains,shaking and dry eyes i started using max vision alive on seeing the add on instagram after my second bottle i was going to give up because i thought it is not working for me but i decided to order some more but just like magic i realized the pain was gone and i have clear vision no more dryness i'm not even thinking of seeing my doctor for now because i'm scared of surgery..thank you holistic health,i got my clear vision back.

Bonnie E Andrews Verified reviewer

Not for my vision problem

I had eye surgery back in nov 2020 for double vision due to thyroid eye disease from lupus but my body does not have a thyroid disorder per all the blood work. the surgery helped my double vision but still have to wear 2 pair of glasses which the prescriptions still need some tweaking. this is the second eye vision supplement i have tried and still not seeing improvement so beginning to think i'm a lost cause. think this product would be better suited to someone who doesn't have the issues i have which is the only reason couldn't give it a better review.

Steve Walters Verified reviewer

Did not get the results i was expection

After using 4 bottles, my vision had not improved. i will continue to take the product for the lutein and zeaxanthin for macular health.

Grant Parker Verified reviewer


Too soon to tell.

Francine Boucher Verified reviewer

Best investment ever

I've been taking vision alive for at least a year if not 1.5yrs til the name changed to vision alive max which i've been taking for last 6mths. within the first 6mths of vision alive, i've seen a big difference in my vision. waited a year for my next appt with my eye specialist and the results of my eye exam confirmed what i had told him - that i believed my vision had improved since taking vision alive/vision alive max. i now have new prescription glasses and life is good...:) best investment and decision ever! thank you vision alive.

Beverly Sanford- D'Amico Verified reviewer

Need to give more time

Linda McCarthy Verified reviewer

Helped clear up floaters and blurriness caused by face masks

A little over a month into starting vision alive max, i believe it has helped clear up an excess of floaters and increased blurriness that materialized after wearing face masks for over a year. all that expelled carbon dioxide waste, with its attendant germ field, would collect between my face and glass lenses. i could wipe the annoying fog from the lenses, not considering the adverse affect it might have on the eyes themselves. after several months of forced mask-wearing, my eyes paid the price: more floaters and a decreasing field of vision. while i was at first skeptical of the numerous and effusive reviews surrounding vision alive max, i soon learned the product was worth the kudos and verbal high-fives. since i began taking vision alive max, i can honestly say there has been noticeable improvement in my overall eyesight. for this, i am very thankful and would sincerely recommend the product to anyone facing vision issues, as well as anyone seeking to avoid them. as for the problematic masks, i wear them as little as possible, and look forward to the time when they are collectively consigned to the trash heap.

Olimpia Bradley Verified reviewer

When i have my every six month check up with my oftolmlogis i will tell uou about her indings. hopefully she will notice improvement. i am a difficult case...

Donna Taylor Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

i am taking 1 vision alive with breakfast every day for the last 19 days for extremely dry eyes. my eyes are definitely less dry now than before. i am also drinking a lot of water every day, probably 2 gallons of water a day. whenever my eyes start to feel dry, i drink one quart of water. i hope i can reduce the water drinking soon. i will try taking 2 vision alive a day to see if that helps.

VIRGINIA GREEN Verified reviewer

Recurring satisfied customer, virginia green

This is my second time ordering vision alive max, i have seen great improvements in my eyes. the colors are brighter and clearer and my eyes are not as dry as before. i'm glad i found vision alive max. i highly recommend customers try vision alive max at least once, to see the healthy benefits they do for your eyes. recurring customer, virginia green

Edwin Stewart Sarte Verified reviewer

Vission alive miracle drug

I call it a wonder miracle drug..excellent..all the irritant dots in my eyes disappeared including blurred vission i had...vission alive is a heavenly drug..all good excellent things are from above ..excellent product...thank you ..god bless...

Lauren Thyme Verified reviewer

I'm not sure if this is helping my eyes

I'm not sure if this is helping my eyes. i keep taking it every day though.

Harvey Flaisher Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

As yet, it is not having any effect. i am still suffering from dry eye, which i think is a lingering effect from shingles 5 mo ago. i think i need 1-2 mo to see if it can help.

Nancy Swanson Verified reviewer

Clearer vision

I have been taking vision alive max for 18 days now and my vision is clearer. the whites of my eyes have fewer noticeable veins and i don't experience "floaters" . there is also an improvement in my night vision. it is a good product and i have told a friend about vision alive max.

C Jolley Verified reviewer


Good product. has all the ingredients that i require.

Sandra Verified reviewer

The first capsule made my eyes feel lubricated!!

I have been suffering from dry eyes for years. it has gotten to the point of having trouble driving at night and lately even reflections from on coming cars in the day time with my sunglasses on left me blinded. all of light sensitivity has improved 98%. very pleased!

Kien Ngo Verified reviewer

Thank you vision alive max

I've been taking vision alive max once a day for last couple months now, it is a best supplement for the eyes. i love it and i will continue using it as it does help my vision as my vision is getting better and more clearer. i've recommended to my kids. thank you vision alive max!

Carol Rogers Verified reviewer

Vision alive mas

Won't really know until i go to the doctor for a re-check.

Donald Frank Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I can tell this stuff works! my vision gets sharper and clearer when i take these, have been using them daily for a couple months, but i noticed the change immediately. i got these because of my dry eye troubles, and they took care of this problem too! i definitely recommend them.

MATTHEW NADLER Verified reviewer

Comparing to others

Given that this product is supposed to prevent amd from getting worse, makes it impossible to judge it after just a couple of weeks. also, i have been taking preservision for a few years. other than vision alive max to be twice as expensive as preservision, i really don't know how to rate this product. btw i'm 85 years old and have dry amd only in one eye.

Gerald Palombi Verified reviewer

Vision alive max review!

I have just completed three months of taking vision alive max, so far no great improvement. i also just reordered six more months of vision alive max, to keep trying it. i hope i get some relief from my dry problem in the very near future.

Joanne Arnett Verified reviewer

My eyes tear again!

I'm 70 years old and the docs have been watching my optic nerve for signs of glaucoma for the last 28 years... geez yes. and at the end of 2020, the doc was really concerned. my eyes were also super super dry. i made a number of changes including taking vision alive max daily. i can't say for sure how much vision alive max helped over the other things i changed, but in an appointment with the opthalmologist in may 2021, his concern was gone. based on photos of my optic nerve, he was concerned about a decline in its health and then in may concluded he was wrong. in addition to taking vision max (which i truly believe helped restore tearing to my eyes), i also cut-out staring at the computer intensely playing card games although i continued to perform daily computer work; i daily use a pemf machine; i daily used the red-tonic infrared light, and i daily used the livewave x39 stem enhancement patches. something definitely worked!

Sandra Verified reviewer

I asked my eye dr to review ingredients of vision alive max

I was so impress with my dry eye improvement i asked my eye dr about them. she said the maqui berry has been clinically researched with good results for dry eyes and all the other ingredients are great for general eye health specially the macula. i wants me to keep taking it. i have told 4 friends with dry eye trouble to try the vitamins and they love them also. an added bonus is my lower eye lashes have grown back after many years!!! thank you for the product!!

Susan M. Smith Smith Verified reviewer

Excellent product !!

I have been taking this product for about a little over a month. i am tolerating this product very well so far and i am expecting fabulous results. thank you so much!

Maxine Verified reviewer

Off to a good start

I bought the three pack and gave one to my dad, i have one and my sister has one. my dad and i started the first bottle and into the third week, we think it is promising so i am buying more. i will post another review after the second bottle is done!

Peggy Tierney Verified reviewer


Reduced eye pressure dramatically within 3 weeks! from 27 in each eye to 16 in one and 18 in other! i believe this formula along with fervent prayers is responsible for this! the lowest pressure i've had in 5 years! praise god and thank you holistic health labs! no side effects what so ever. only good effects!

Melvin Greer Verified reviewer

Too early to tell

I've been using vision for a little less than four weeks. i may be able to determine its effectiveness in about another month, but ordering more requires my social security number.

Betty Cassetty Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have taken vision alive max for several months it is a wonderful product. i thank god i found it. i prayed to god to help me find something to help my vision. max was the first thing i saw when i started to search i ordered it and have taken it daily every since. my vision has improved greatly and i no longer need to use eye drops twice daily i noticed improvement after taking first capsule my vision had gotten really bad from macular degeneration. my last visit to my retinal specialist he said my vision had improved two lines on chart since last visot. it had improved at that visit also. so thank god and thank you holistic health lab for producing and supplying this wonderful product. this is the first time i have written a review on any product. than k you again!!!

Douglas Teply Verified reviewer

Dry eyes

Has really helped with my dry eye's, i am not big on supplements but this stuff has help me with dry eye's, i don't have as much problem with burning and watering eyes when they get tired,

Bernetta Nielsen Verified reviewer

Not what i had hoped for

I purchased this product to help with my eyes. so far i don't notice any improvement. i guess my next trip to the specialist for my eyes will be the test.

Velma Ellis Verified reviewer

Excellent product

I have been taking vision alive max for quite awhile now. it really does work -- i have moisture in my eyes and i do not have to put eye drops in them anymore !!!! i love this product and believe it is saving my eyes.

Annie Anderson Verified reviewer

How my eyesight improved

my name is annie anderson and i live in charlotte north carolina. i was diagnosed with a form of glaucoma in both eyes. my eye sight is still good but i decided that i would look for something that would help me and my eyesight stabilize and get better. i went on the website glaucoma.org and listen and watch the videos that were posted. i also listened to the doctors viewpoints on the subject. i found the testimonials to be believable. so i decide that i would order the vision max alive vitamins. it's been a month now and i can tell a visible difference in my eye sight. although i have reached the age that cateracts are forming now, i can say that my vision is clearer than it was before. i still have little problems with blurriness but overall this product have worked wonders for me. i recommend anyone that want to help their vision problems to go holistically and try these vitamins.

Angela Ching Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

Very good product. it cleared up my dry eyes and improved my vision. i will reorder.

Don Verified reviewer


My husband used this product during a recent experience with retinopathy associated with high blood pressure and myeloma. he used this product before and after his vitrectomy and has excellent results! his doctors have told him that it's not typical recovery for his condition. thanks to holistic health labs, he has recovered the majority of his vision back and still gaining!

Steven Printup Verified reviewer

Great product!

I have been using this for almost a month now, really seems to be helping my eyesight. hopefully it continues to improve with time. just placed another order for 6 bottles, very happy!

Christina Cujak Verified reviewer

Not sure yet, too early to tell

I have been using vision alive max for approximately 2 weeks, not sure but i believe it is helping me. want to wait until the full 30 days before i judge forsure.

Gerald Nosotti Verified reviewer


I have been using vision alive max for about half a month now. seems like it has helped with my dry eyes. i have a concern though as my urinary flow has become very weak since i started on the supplement. i may stop taking it to see if my urinary flow improved.

Mary Ann Holmes Verified reviewer

Vision alive

We have been purchasing for awhile. we can see clearer and healthier and brighter. we love the vision alive product and plan to keep purchasing. great product.

Rachel Lee Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I had a cataract surgery on my right eye in june 2021. this eye has been my reading eye since lasik corrections many years ago. inflammation kept returning after i stopped the prednisolone solution. doctor told me that nothing was wrong with my eye. it's just my body's reaction to the surgery! i took that postop eye drop for 3 months. after that cycle, i didn't return to the doctor; i understood that that eye drop is not good for my eye health in prolong use. every day when i woke up, my right eye was blurry. it's very difficult for me to work in the first hour in office. my vision would improve during the day and is okay in the evening. i started taking vision alive max 2 weeks ago. now, my right eye is still a little red and does not see very clearly when i wake up in the morning. however, i can read news on my cell phone at normal font when i wake up ???? hopefully, it will keep improving. i think vision alive max helps!

Christine Capeling Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have been using vision alive max for several years now and it has helped me concur macular telangiectasia. i had several needles in my eyes (no fun) and now have central serous retinopathy (which is not as bad as having mactel). my eyesight has not changed in several years and i believe it's due to the fact that i now provide my eyes nourishment w/ the vision alive max supplements. i am grateful that i found this helpful product as i don't know how my vision would be now without it. i even stumped my eye specialist who was not sure how i improved.

Lois Vara Verified reviewer

Vision alive max works!

After taking visionalive for one month i have noticed more visual acuity. i have age related macular degeneration, glaucoma and am a long time diabetic. i believe this product will help keep my eyes healthy..

Hugh Rodgers Verified reviewer

Some clarity achieved

Use of the product for 30 days brought some reduction of "floaters"; they are not nearly as visible as before. i am now on my second month so will so how it goes. the product is really pricey so may not be able to use on a continual basis.

Daniel Berry Verified reviewer


My last eye doctor visit showed no nerve damage from my last visit. so everything looks good

Rachel Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

At first i had worried that i might have stomach-ache for taking a new supplement as my stomach gives me hard times very often. i took vision alive max right after breakfast every day. i have no problems so far.

Denise Camarda Verified reviewer

Trying product

Hi i have been on this almost three weeks..i have cataracts in my left eye. so far i feel a little better in right eye.and my left eye sometimes is itching hopefully healing.i'll keep you updated

Kathy Treybig Verified reviewer

Already seeing improvement!

Thirteen months ago i was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration in one eye and began having an injection about every 4 weeks. i decided to do what i could to increase nutrition to my eyes. i started with one product i could get locally and about 3 months ago i switched to vision alive max. i was able to extend my shot to 8 weeks and last friday my doctor told me i had stabilized and he'd check me again in 10 weeks but would not plan to give me an injection since i was doing so well. is it vision alive max? i don't know but will be continuing to take!

Isabelle Bright Verified reviewer

Isabelle bright

I almost lost my vision after having two cataract surgeries. my dr tried drops, eye cream. i improved a little. one day i came across an advertisement about vita alive max. i have been using it for 3 months. now have 20/20vision. i still have dry eyes and have to use drops night and morning but i can see great and even read again. thank you

John Wehking Verified reviewer

First choice.

I believe that vision alive max has top quality ingredients. before i began using it i was seeing black circles when in very low light conditions. since using vision alive max the black circles.have now disappeared from my vision. i am thankful that this product is available.

Keen Verified reviewer

A wonderful product-vision alive max!

I've been using vision alive max for few months now. it is a best eye supplement i've ever used. it is working very well for me. i am very satisfied with this product and i will continue to use it, it is very good nutrition for my eyes. thank you vision alive max!

Annette Dahl Verified reviewer

Better and hoping for further improvement

My chronic dry eye has improved. i'm hoping with prolonged use my eye will improve more over time. i am grateful for what has improved. i'm on autopurchase and will be taking it for long time.

Matt Nadler Verified reviewer

Dry macular degeneration

I switched from preservision to vision alive max a number of months ago. frankly i don't know if this product is or isn't more effective than preservision. the reason i don't know is that even though my dry amd hasn't become wet amd, i really don't know if it's because of vision alive max or not. in other words, the condition might be staying dry for other unknown reasons. however, i'll continue to take vision alive max because i would rather have my eyes stay in the dry condition than possible becoming wet. btw - a friend who is the same age as me (86) had her amd suddenly go from dry to wet a few months ago. now she has to get injections. she was taking preservision - not vision alive max. it's too late now, but maybe, just maybe if she was taking vision alive max her condition might not have deteriorated into wet amd. i guess we'll never know.

Judith Levine Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have been using this product for over a year. i was diagnosed with wet macula degeneration about 18 months i have seen improvements in the progress i am making with my eyes and am very thankful for treatment and vision alive max.

Laura White Verified reviewer

Vision alive max helps

I recently purchased vision alive max and it has helped me. i am in the process of buying another bottle to send to my brother to see if it helps him! i hope so!

Angela Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

This is an excellent product for vision improvement. i have reordered and will continue to take this product.

Donna Thomas Verified reviewer

Dry eyes better

It usually takes a while before i notice anything. however, i am noticing that my eyes are not as dry as they can be. i am hoping to notice more things as time goes along.

Denise Gibbon Verified reviewer

It's much too early to tell.

Jessica Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

Ordered a bottle of vision alive max for my mother who is type-2 diabetic and so far so good! no adverse reactions to any of the ingredients-concerned initially as she has had bad reactions to other supplements in the past. really wanted to find something more natural to help her eyesight and she feels this is working as she can actually see better at night while driving. 30 days so far. ordering a 3 pack of bottles, hopefully vision improves even more so. she is happy with the product

IRIS C HOOD Verified reviewer

Vision alive - night vision improvement

I was diagnosis in dry eyes during my annual eye check examination. i was very worried and cataract as well.. i started taking the vision alive.. and i can see the difference in my night time driving better and i do not need my eye glasses and i just ordered 6 more bottles and the vision alive testimony from doctors' recemmendation and from the personal testimony are very impressive. i trust this product and i believe that i will get more and more improvement in taking it.. i will go to do the check up again next jan , 2022 and will find out my eye exam .. i also am aware of those damage variables to my eyes by vision alive, so now i am wearing my sun glasses from the uv ray to my eyes.. tons of good information about my eyes.. thank you vision alive max.. will continue taking it...!!! thanks so much...

Annette Dahl Verified reviewer

Better and hoping for further improvement

I'm on my fourth bottle and my eye has gotten better, but i still battle chronic dry eye. i'm hoping that by taking the vision alive max longer my dry eye will get better.

Velma Ellis Verified reviewer

Excellent product

Elizabeth Cornett Verified reviewer

Helped my dry eyes

This product has helped my dry eyes more than anything else i've tried. it's been a great addition to my eye care.

Angela Verified reviewer

Great product!

I dealt with my left eye watering and itching for about a year and i didn't want to rely on eye drops. i felt like my issue was within and eye drops would just cover up the symptoms. i came across vision alive max and within a month i had relief! there are days where my eye might bother me for a day or two, but not like before. it use to get itchy and puffy and be irritated for days at a time. i take one every day and will never go without it, so i get the subscription.

Thomas Forde Verified reviewer

Vision aluve max

I began taking supplement two weeks ago. too early to comment.

Rufus Spearman Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have been using vision alive max for over a year now and can say for sure that it has help my vision. i highly recommend this product !!!

Barbara Bryant Verified reviewer

Have not noticed any difference yet. thank you.

Donna Adair Verified reviewer

Nana eyes

My md is not progressing as it would have with vision alive max, as it happens my vision is better than it was. my husband and i will continue to take is as long as the finances hold out.

Cordia Sorensen Verified reviewer


I am allergic to it so therefore i won't be needing anymore. it doesn't mix with the meds i'm on .thank you

Arletta Acree Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have only been taking this for a short time. i can not expect it to work over night

Bobby Verified reviewer

Vision alive max !!

I decided to buy the vision alive max supplement because i was having a very slight blurry vision. after using it for three weeks, i noticed my vision is no longer blurry but clear and sharp during day and night. it is a very relaxed ( natural ) vision....feeling like my vision is much alive ! there was also an improvement in my annual eye test with the opthalmologist yesterday. i am optimistic there will be more progress as i continue to use this supplement.....consisting of very valuable ingredients ! i hope it works well for at least another person. very great product !!!!

Trish Verified reviewer

Vision alive max highly recommended

Been taking vision alive for couple of years now and it really works for me, compared the one i used before. highly recommended and effective.

Amy Starkey Verified reviewer

Vision alive max works!

In the summer of '21, i began to suffer with dry eye syndrome. no over the counter eyedrops product was helping me, so i started researching online. i came across holistic health labs and their vision alive max. after taking the product for about a month, i started noticing a difference in my eyes. they were more moisturized, and the "roadmaps" were gone! very rarely do i need to pop drops in my eyes now. i am very pleased knowing i am putting pure ingredients in my body that will help my eyes now and later!

Elena Mauro Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have been using this product for several months, and i like that it is free of all common allergens. i notice my night vision is better, and i have fewer " floaters" in my field of vision. i will continue to use this product

Richard Terrien Verified reviewer

My wife's family has a history of macular degeneration. she has been taking vision alive max for about 18 months and it has stopped the progression of md. so far, so good and she will continue to take the product.

Debbie Reinbolt Verified reviewer

Don't expect a miracle!

It's a good product with recommended ingredients. but some eye conditions might not be helped. i have a very serious occlusion in one eye and i haven't noticed an improvement after taking vision alive max for over two years. but i'm assuming that the condition might be even worse without it so i'll continue to take it every day.

Michael Bouse Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

Been taking for a couple of weeks, have not notice a big improvement but not giving up. bought 6 months worth, so going to keep up taking them to see what happens.will give update in another monthor so.

Gary McDaniel Verified reviewer

Time will tell

Eyes don't seem to be as dry. no real sign of improvement in vision issues yet. at the same time no adverse effects either. i have worn glasses for 50+ years so i'm not looking for miracles. my issues seemed to have been caused from the side effects of amlodipine. just stopping it made the biggest change and i'm hoping this will help heal the lattice degeneration and improve the fogginess.

Norma Kramer Verified reviewer

Consider organic supplements

Taking vision alive max has become a new habit. taken after lunch, easy to digest, to benefit the health of my eyes, it is a good habit to have.with its organic ingredients, it may also enhance general health too.

Lillian Taylor Verified reviewer

It seems to be helping!

I had refractive cataract surgery the end of july 2021. then i had a treatment called "yag". then in january 2022, i had lasix done on my left eye. this has been a long and tiresome journey, but i took it believing it was the best route to take with my vision. i have worn glasses since i was 6 and could see fairly well with corrective lenses. the possibility of not having to purchase lens every year or so, at the cost of $600+ was very enticing so i went ahead with it. i still cannot see well. i now have extremely dry eyes, with the left eye being the worst. we are now at the point where we are just trying to figure out what is going to work to help me be able to see correctly. for the next month i am to apply heat twice a day, use drops 4 times a day and take an omega 3 supplement. i had decided to try the vision alive before i went in for this last appointment, so along with their course of treatment, i added the vision alive (the doctor just said "it can't hurt"). i feel there is some difference. i have been taking 2 capsules a day (one in morning and one at night) along with the other recommendations from the doctor. i have gone through one bottle already and started on a second. i am so, so hopeful for this to help me with my eyesight, as i am very frustrated to not be able to see correctly. it makes a huge impact on a person's life and makes even everyday mundane things very difficult.

Irene Shaland Verified reviewer

Excellent product!

Makes all the difference for dry eye syndrome sufferers

M C Pape Verified reviewer

Visionalive max

80-yo post-cataract w/iol implants: was seeing gray circles in front of both eyes after eyes had been shut awhile, especially all night. halfway or less thru the 1st bottle those spots disappeared. now, into 6-7 months of faithful daily use of the product, i have mornings where the spots are back, are black & shaped like popcorn shrimp or cashews. this is not every morning, tho' most mornings. they go away after i've been up for awhile. also i'm no longer wearing my glasses - instead, i wear reading glasses. the down side of that is that i don't have blue-light protection lenses to wear with the reading glasses. am certainly open to suggestions here.

Geraldie HInes Verified reviewer

3 month review

I recently went back to my eye doctor for my 6 month check up having suffered from glaucoma and suffering loss of vision in the lower right quadrant of my left eye. he was very surprised that the loss of vision in my left eye appears to have improved. he said, " we never see this improvement in vision". i have only been using vision alive max for three months and given this result i will continue to use it. i do take combican drops twice a day but had been doing that for 18 months with no improvement. the only thing different is the introduction of the vision max alive.

Karen Cronin Verified reviewer

After yearly eye appointment

I've been taking vision alive for close to a year. 2 years ago diagnosed with dry macular in one eye and drusen in the other. went for my exam last week and now have macular in both eyes. i was disappointed. i also had extreme dry eye but it seems vision alive has helped that as it does not trouble me as much and looks much better. i will take remaining supplements till they are done as they are not cheap, but am reasearching other avenue to take.

Caralyn W Verified reviewer

I believe

I was diagnosed with dry md about seven years ago and was taking the normally prescribed nutrients. my right eye suddenly turned to the wet form about 6 months ago. i ordered vision alive max and started taking it one month before starting the dreaded, expensive eye injections. i believe my vision started to improve before the first injection. my ophthalmologist seemed genuinely surprised at the improvement in my macula after one shot. i believe vision alive max was instrumental, and i will continue to take it. i have not discussed the product with the doc because the assistant told me they frown on nutrients that are not fda approved. this does not bother me in the least. so far, my left eye is still at the dry form. i believe vision alive max is helping to improve the health of my eyes.

Colleen Carmon Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have now used vision alive max for about 2 weeks now. it seems to have started to alleviate some blurry vision that had started to bother me

Diana LEACH Verified reviewer

My vision alive maxx story

I am on my first bottle it has been almost a month and yes i feel my eyes are somewhat better. i know it will take a little time so i continue to take the pills. i have shared this product with some friends and they are going to start taking them also. i am so glad they are all natural so they will not have a side affect. i do have to have an injection once a month. but i am so happy about these pills. hope soon i won't have to get injections. thank you for the information my wife found on the computer or we would not of known about vision alive max.thank you again. lloyd and diana

Patsy Reid Verified reviewer

Good supplement

I use vision alive max because i have dry eyes. not sure if it is helping in that regard; however, my vision is quite good and has probably improved since using it. i have been using it for less than 30 days.

Norma Kramer Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

After 30 days of daily capsules, no visible change is noticed. it is easy to digest with lunch. but is good health visible? pain or blurry vision is noticeable but there is none.

B Tony Millar Verified reviewer


It works! have been taking for a few months, and the results are impressive. only need eyeglasses for up close reading now, thank you!

Angela Verified reviewer

Helps dry eye symptoms

After taking this for a month my dry eyes improved after dealing with the issue for a year! great product!

Jeanne G Verified reviewer

Helps with macular degeneration

I was taking a different supplement before i discovered vision alive max. i showed the ingredients to my eye doctor and she said they had all the necessary ingredients for managing the macular degeneration. i wanted to give these enough time to work before i submitted a review. after a year on vision alive, my eye exam was excellent, no adverse changes to the macular. as far as improved vision, it didn't change or make my vision any better but sometimes i actually have days when i can go without my glasses mostly for watching tv but not reading. still need glasses for that. also, i was using drops for dryness but stopped taking them since they didn't seem to help much. the vision alive seems to help with the dryness as well although tear production is limited but my eyes don't feel as dry.

Douglas Teply Verified reviewer

Restocking order.

I purchased the vision alive max again, it seems to help me with my dry eye problems, it doesn't cure it, but it helps ease the symptoms, i don't have to use eye drops as often, before i was using the drops 2 or 3 times a day, now i use them 2 or 3 times a week.

Diane Stein Verified reviewer

This product works the best!

I have been having issues with dry eyes when i sleep. i tried many products with little relief. found vision alive max and it has made a noticeable difference. i would recommend trying this one. wishing you well.

Melinda Barker Verified reviewer

I think my eyes are better because i take the pill my dry eye problem is much better

Caralyn White Verified reviewer

Confident in vision alive max

I have been using vision alive max for nearly seven months because i have both dry and wet md. my right eye which has the wet form has now received four injections for the condition. my ophthalmologist told me just yesterday that it is almost dry again. since this is the goal, the news made me very happy. i attribute it to my use of vision alive max, and i believe it has helped my left eye stay at the dry form. my overall vision has improved as well!

Sandy Halferty Verified reviewer

Improved eye health

I am very happy with my eye health since i began taking vision alive max. itchiness, redness, pain, blurry vision, spots, sensitivity to light have all been reduced or have completely disappeared. my opthamologist was very pleased during my last visit. i leave them on the counter and take one every morning. thank you for the wonderful eye health restoration vision alive max has given me.

Patricia Lawrence Verified reviewer

Pain is gone!

About 4 months ago, i was diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes. my eye pressure was really high. so i started taking those prescribed drops. and that reduced the pressure. but i said to the doctor the drops reduce my pressure but my eyes still hurt, and she said " that's something else", but she didn't say what. then my first bottles of vision alive max arrived. i started taking vision alive max the same day. and as soon as i did that pain went away. usually when you take remedy it takes a while to work. vision alive max worked for me the first pill i took. what a relief.

Shirley Alleyne Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

After four months of using vision alive max i can now give an honest response to this product. i suffer with glaucoma and was schedule to have laser done on my eyes. my last visit to the doctor the surgery was put off for the time being, because my eye pressure had decreased and actually i can read a lot better without my glasses. just waiting for my next visit to my doctor in the next few months for a follow-up. i would suggest you giving it a try; it works. i wasn't sure at first, but i am now.

Linda Kirwin Verified reviewer

Wet amd has apparently stabilized

I have wet amd in my left eye and had 4 injections of avastin this year every 30 days. i was growing very weary of what this did to my quality of life. i came across vision alive max when i was researching my problem and i ordered some. i decided to try it for 30 days and prior to this, i was of course, taking areds2 religiously because that is all they tell you to do. i also decided to get a second opinion since my specialist was telling me the avastin was not working for me long term and we would have to switch to eylea. when i saw a new specialist at mayo, he asked me what my previous doctor had told me so i repeated the above. he said "i do not know why he told you that because i am looking at your oct results and you do not need an injection" i was stunned. the only change: i had started taking vision alive max one week before this appointment. my last injection had been 6 weeks prior. i had another eye check yesterday at mayo and once again, no injection was needed. i am scheduled for a recheck in 4 weeks!! i am now more than 8 weeks since the last injection.

Judy KANE Verified reviewer

I have been using this product for my macular degeneration. i appears it has not advanced since i started using the product and i have a mild case so i am very grateful.

Diane Jefferson Verified reviewer

Treating dry eyes

I saw an improvement with my eyes after just a few days. i now have been taking this for a few months and couldn't be more pleased. it used to be my eyes started hurting in the early or late evening every day and i would have to immediately put in more eye drops (i always do eye drops in the morning and eye ointment before bed.) now depending on how much i have strained my eyes during the day there are many evenings i don't have to do eye drops and even if i do it is not because they are hurting just overly dry. i love that what i am taking is natural ingredients, that is what sold me on this product in the 1st place.

Derena Meyer Verified reviewer

vision alive max

I began taking vision alive max in march. prior to beginning i would have pain in my eyes, dryness, cloudiness and blurred vision at times. having used this product for three months now i can say with confidence that it has helped improve all my vision issues and i am well pleased with the results! i am grateful to have found vision alive max and i will certainly continue to use this product for the foreseeable future.

T Gray Verified reviewer

Quality product, pure ingredients

When i first opened the bottle i immediately what struck me was i smelled the wild berries, bilberry and other fruits, this product is pure. there are no excipients or a list of "other" ingredients, or toxic tagalongs you get with many nutrition capsules. i have used various eye supplements that have done nothing. this one packs a power house of nutrients and am looking forward to some great results as i haven't used it long enough to tell.

Sherry Marshall Verified reviewer

Piagment improved

I have been trying to raise the pigmentation in my eyes for several years. i have supplemented with lutein and zeaxanthin, 40 mg for several years with gradual increases. after 3 months of taking vision alive max my pigmentation rose from .24 to .31. this is the largest increase i have had.

Nanette Davis Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I was taking another well know eye vitamine and decided to try vision alive, due to cateracts and maculiar degeneration. i took vision alive for maybe 4 months and returned to the previous vitamine. i noticed after going back to the old brand my vision seemed to be detoriating faster than before. i made a mad dash back to vision alive max and plan to stay with it.

Linda Verified reviewer

Great stuff

I have dry macula. i am delighted to find this product. my eye doctor recommended a heated eye mask, which i used for 6 months with no apparent improvement. then, i tried vision alive and noticed improvements in about a week. my only issue is that i have to plug through 6 or 8 ads between the cart and the checkout.

M Verified reviewer


Amazing product!

Colleen Carmon Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

My initial results were positive, but i have not seen the results of eliminating my glasses

Kien Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have been using vison alive max since 2021. i love it! it is amazing product, my eye is not as dry as it used to be. it is an amazing supplement for the eyes. i will continue using it. thank you vision alive max.

Carolyn Brooks Verified reviewer

Vision alive is working

My mother had macular degeneration, thus all of her children are in line to inherit it. i found vision alive a couple of years ago, and started taking it daily. every eye check up i have had, since taking it, has been excellent. the dr. says the macula of my eye looks great. i will continue to use it to keep from going blind.

Mentha Marley Verified reviewer

I can see a difference

I'm pleasantly surprised by the positive results i've noticed since using vision max alive. having an easy to swallow capsule was a great incentive in making my decision to try it in the first place. my cataracts seem to be reversing and i couldn't be happier about that.

Ann Craig Verified reviewer

Improved sun glare

I've been used vision alive max for over a year and can finally drive in the late afternoon sunglare. i could not before that for 8 years. thank you for my renewed freedom!

Donna Beserra Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I love vision alive max. i've been getting it for my mother and for myself for quite a while. my mom says her eyes feel much better. she is 85, and although she has had eye surgery and vision problems, she says her eyes feel better and she is seeing well. i have prayed for good vision (for my mother and myself, as well as for other people), and i try to take care of my health. when i found vision alive max, i learned that there are many great ingredients for eye health. also, there are no unnecessary ingredients that are already found in multi-vitamins. my eyes had been dry and a little red and itchy. now they seem much clearer. they also feel better, and i have noticed tears forming. i need to be especially careful because i write books and create animated movies. i feel that vision alive max may be an important part of an answer to prayer for healthy and restored vision. i really appreciate your product!

Joyce V Kasten Verified reviewer

Excellent product

Thank you for making an excellent product. i'm happy to be following my doctor's instructions, as well as knowing i'm using the best product available to strengthen & help my eyes & vision. it does make for peace of mind.

Irene Shaland Verified reviewer

The best ever remedy for my severe dry eye syndrom

I have been suffering from the dry eye condition for a number of years with prescription meds (restasis, alrex) and a number of over the counter gel drops or ointments made a very little diffirence. my life changed dramatically when somehow i came upon a video from the holistic health labs explaining how their eye supplements called vision alive were made, what these pills do and why. i still continue seeing my doctor of course and use resasis but supplement my regime with (now new version) vision alive max. i will gladly recommend this supplement to anyone suffering from dry eye condition. irene shaland, art and travel writer

Lois R Verified reviewer

Great eye supplement

Before the end of my first bottle of vision alive max, my eyes were no longer getting tired after staring at my computer for 9 hours a day, and my vision was better. all of the ingredients are good for improving eye health. i will continue to use this product.

Amrita Mondal Verified reviewer

Nice product for vision improvement

I had very bad vision while reading anything on my laptop. after having vision alive max my vision improved a lot. now, i can see everything with high clarity.

Robert Kennedy Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I began taking vision alive max after i was diagnosed with glaucoma. the opthamologist i saw at the time tested me and reported my eye pressures as 19 and 20. he then prescribed eye drops. the first prescription caused eye irritation and some swelling. i requested a second prescription with the same results. all along i have been taking vision alive max. i met with a different opthamologist some time later and the results were 11 and 12. so i believe this has been effective in controlling my glaucoma. of course the results of the long term effects are still unknown.

Lawrence Durocher Verified reviewer

Vision alive

Best product i could find for our aging eyes. senior eyes need this.

Mary Verified reviewer

macular degeneration.

I have had macular degeneration for several years but it was not increasing till last year and i had to not drive at night anymore. this year it started moving very fast and i was concerned most of my vision would be gone soon. i found vision alive max when researching to see if there was anything i could do to help myself keep my eye sight. found this and all the good things said about it and thought it was worth the try. i have one more capsule in my first bottle and i am see an improvement already. things on the floor are coming back into my ability to see again. i can hardly wait to see what the next two months will bring as i continue to take vam.

Rachel L Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have been taking vision alive max for a year. last week, i went to my annual eye check up. i can see one row below my prior records. vision alive max really helps!

Ildiko Verified reviewer

Excellent product

My mom had problem with her eyes. so, i'm very much doing everything for my eyes. i searched and find this product the best. it has every ingredients what is need for a good eye sight. i'm 77 years old lady, the night and distance vision is very good, still dmv said i not need glasses for driving. i'm highly recommend this product everyone who wants a good healthy eyes.

Sharon Kelley Verified reviewer

Macular degeneration

Bought this for my mother in law as she has age related macular degeneration. it has kept her from having wet md but unfortunately she only has peripheral vision now but i truly believe if i had not found this product, we could be dealing with wet and not dry md. i highly recommend this product to anyone with eye issues.

Connie Anderson Verified reviewer

Extreme dry eyes

It seems to be helping. i could tell the difference into the first bottle and will continue taking eyes alive.

Colleen Carmon Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I saw some very minor improvement at the very beginning, but have not improved since ther

Steve Chubb Verified reviewer

Good product

It works.

Edward Wagner Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I have been using vision alive max for over a year. my night vision has improved greatly. my six month eye exams have been great with no deterioration of my retina or macula. i will continue to use.

Angela Evans Verified reviewer

My vision is really quite good now

I began using vision alive just over 4 months ago, taking 2 capsules a day. i have age-related macular degeneration in both eyes. dry in my left eye and wet in my right. i receive very expensive injections in my right eye for the past 5 years, which have allowed me to keep my central vision in that eye for which i am very grateful.

Lydia Verified reviewer

Thank you so much vision alive!

It all started when i wanted new glasses.. i was tired of my bifocals and wanted separate distance, reading and for driving.

when i went, apparently i have lot of blood vessels behind my left eye, and they were quite concerned. so you know the routine and the tests when you have that. special dye goes in your skin and a whole bunch of tests. well, when i went to my regular optometrist, she had given me drops, and then i was to have a follow-up. well the drops didn't do a very good job because on my one eye.. my vision was not very good. so, she wanted me to follow up in a few more weeks after that. well, i wanted to know why the drops didn't really work for me. and i came across vision alive. it made sense - pure vitamins for your eyes.

Eugene Verified reviewer

Yes! working very well.

Vision alive, i'm browsing website and i'm looking some products for my vitamins and situation i find your product. yes! working very well. thank you very much.

Melissa Verified reviewer

I highly recommend vision alive to everyone

It is the best eye supplement i have ever used, and i've used a few just because my mother has macular degeneration and i want to stay on top of it if i ever have the chance of getting it.

Sandra Wilson Verified reviewer

I really recommend vision alive

I had real watery eyes and nothing seem to help until i got vision alive and i never had any more problems. and it's also good to prevent macular degeneration. i really recommend vision alive.

Kay Verified reviewer

Vision alive

I have taken 2 months of it right now, my eyes are feeling much more hydrated, they're more comfortable. i'm excited about it. i always felt like something taken internally instead of externally would be the answer to reversing the dry eyes, getting more nutrients to the eyes.

Jeramy Verified reviewer

My eyes ain't as dry. colors are more vivid

I have been using vision alive for a month. and i noticed a lot more clarity in my vision. my eyes ain't as dry. colors are more vivid. it really did work in one month.

i ran out of it and i'm going to get some more. but i'm definitely going to buying this on a regular regimen from here on now.

thank you vision alive and the scientists that made this cause it really is an amazing product so far.

i've never ever seen the full benefits i'm sure. thanks!

Cathy Roth Verified reviewer

Highly recommend vision alive

I started using vision alive a couple years ago because of several eye issues. the supplement has noticeably improved my dry eyes and floaters. i have compared this product to many others and this is the one i will continue to use. also holistic health labs is a great company to purchase from. i highly recommend holistic health labs' vision alive product.

Roger Tornga Verified reviewer

I love vision alive.

I always try to consistently take 2 pills per day. my night vision is greatly improved and my sensitivity to lights at night is much better. i've been taking vision alive and vision alive max for 3 or 4 years. i lost much of my vision due to an adverse reaction to some prescribed drops. i believe vision alive has both stopped the regression and helped to improve my ability to continue my accounting career and my ability to drive. when i first started taking vision alive, i couldn't see the outlined of small boxes i needed to check when doing taxes and that is no longer the case. i can read out loud without hesitation, since i can see the words more clearly. thank you for this product.

Deborah Jennings Verified reviewer


Vision alive was easy to order and was received within 3 days well-wrapped. i have only been taking the product for a few weeks so i have not noticed an improvement in my vision yet, but hope to soon.

Karen Bieber Guillory Verified reviewer

New vision alive

I feel that my eyesight is improving! my last appointment, it had a little!!!!!

Richard W Wilson Verified reviewer


I am satisfied

Eve Stahl Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

Since cataract surgery my eyes have been dry, irritated and weak. taking vision alive daily has remedied all of those symptoms for me. i recommend it to friends struggling after their cataract surgery.

Heather Salmons Verified reviewer

Love the quality of the product ,and the delivery is always on timeits great

Lisa Kestler Verified reviewer

Great product for my eyes

My last visit to my doctor, she told me i have healthy eyes! thank you vision alive max

BETTY BRANSON Verified reviewer

Vision alive

I am having cataract surgery soon, then i will start back on the capsules.

Pam Verified reviewer

It's the best!

I've used vision alive (now vision alive max) for almost three years now. i never miss a dose because i've gone from having to use eye drops several times a day, plus ointment at night for dry eyes to using only drops once a day. at the same time i visited my optometrist for the dry eye, i was also told i have macular degeneration. at my last visit in november, my doctor told me that the md still has not progressed. i believe it's because of the vision alive (not the doctor's words, but my belief).

Patricia Happe Verified reviewer

Wonderful product

I have been taking vision alive max for about 4 or 5 months. i have been diagnosed with macular degeneration and was receiving shots every 4 weeks until recently. my retina dr. said my eyes have become stable, no bleeding. my injections have extended to every 6 weeks now. i'm so thankful i found vision alive max to help me. i am now on auto ship as i don't want to miss getting it daily. i'm looking forward to even better results as i continue taking it.

Dilip Verified reviewer

Vision alive an excellent natural supplements for eyes

Have been using vision alive for almost a year. it has natural ingredients and it is excellent supplement for eyes.

Michael Senka Verified reviewer


I have dry macular degeneration and have been using vision alive for the past 2 years and my eye sight hasn't gotten worse. in fact has been better.

Kathy Mullins Verified reviewer


I have severe dry eye syndrome and have been taking vision alive max for several months now and have seen a great improvement. i had my eye checkup this morning and my doctor told me that other than a few floaters, my eyes are in great shape. so they have improved since my last checkup. my doctor told me to keep using this and that my eyes are in better shape than any of the other patients she has seen today. i am so elated over the progress i have made. i will definitely keep my subscription for the vision max.

Connie Anderson Verified reviewer

Xtrem dry eyes

I'm 75 with dry eyes in a dry climate. over time, vision alive seems to be helpful. i plan to stay on this product. i can use all the help i can get. i still have to use drops in daytime and gel at night, but have been able to avoid prescription drops which get low reviews anyway.

Adrienne Grabovac Verified reviewer

Nice product

I like this product because i can tell a difference in just using it for 2-3 weeks and am hopeful this will replace the eye drops i have been instructed to use 4 times a day.

Carol Payne Verified reviewer

I have pre-glaucoma and holding my own until after my last eye exam the tears and wavery lines were getting worse. i started looking for a natural pill that might help and vision alive max showed up on my screen. i decided to take the plunge and ordered 6 months worth. meanwhile i was following an autoimmune protocol for clean eating and within a week of taking one pill a day, my eyes could see clearer with less tears and no irritation. i have great hopes for the future.

Paula Kline Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I love your product. i am 73 years old and when i got my eyes checked this last time my eyes were better than the year before and i think it's because of your product. i'm anxious to have my next check up to see after being on vision alive max even longer how good my eyes will be. paula kline

Barbara Sinclair Verified reviewer

My eyes seem to be getting better and better

At first i didn't know what to think if blurriness could be eliminated! after taking this for about 3 months, i saw this product actually works! my eyes seem to be getting better and better even if i still am wearing glasses. i am now 93 years old and my ophthalmologist told me that my eyes would still be subject to aging and experience blurriness, plus the glaucoma i have is very difficult to treat. it appears that vision alive is really working and hopefully the doctor will notice the difference when i see her next month. thank you for making this product with no chemicals!

Marie H Verified reviewer

So far my glaucoma has not gotten worse

I have been using this for about 3 years. so far my glaucoma has not gotten worse. so it must be helping.

Greg Quadlander Verified reviewer

Wish i'd started taking it years ago

I love vision alive! my vision seems to get slightly better every day. wish i'd started taking it years ago, when my eyes first began failing, but better late than never! this stuff is almost too good to be true. i'm telling my friends about it.

Ron Cameron Verified reviewer

After less than 30 days, my vision clarity had greatly improved

I am a professional driver who runs coast-to coast. this has been my profession for 32 years. i began using vision max alive around three months ago. in less than two weeks i noticed that i was no longer experiencing problems with eye dryness.

after less than 30 days, my vision clarity had greatly improved to the point that i could identify small letters with the use of prescription glasses. eye strain from driving g in different climates and weather conditions had improved as well.

most noticeable was the improvement in my night vision. the strain and stress had greatly decreased and allowed me to focus upon driving in a safe and responsible way.

i highly recommend this product to anyone whom is experiencing age related vision issues.

i am 100% satisfied with the positive results this product has provided to me.

Judith Heaney Verified reviewer

Crusty eyes

Since taking vision alive, my eyes seem to have improved, most notably they are less itchy and i am no longer bothered by crusty eyes in the morning.

Barbara G. Verified reviewer

My personal experience with vision alive max

When realizing that my eyesight was being challenged, i set an appointment with a retina specialist, in dallas, who confirmed that i had macular degeneration and proceeded to begin eye injections to prevent blindness.

after three injections, i made a decision to thoroughly research macular degeneration to understand what it was and what i could do to correct the problem.

i went onto the web and read article after article and educated myself to a point that i made the decision to seek help through natural remedies. i came across the website that featured vision alive max and i watched the instructional video explaining the lack of nutrients causing effects which, i believe, i was personally lacking in my system.

in january 2022, i began the journey to regaining my vision with the help of the vision alive max daily capsules. at that time, my left eye suffered from wet macular and there was some bleeding that the doctor felt could be helped with eye injections.

i had a constant large black dot that prevented me from seeing anything except the perimeter of objects. in other words, when looking at a clock, the entire inside of the clock including the numbers was all black and i only saw the outline of the clock and everything else around it.

nothing happened for about the first three months of daily ingestion of the daily capsules. i began to doubt their effectiveness, but felt i would give them a little more time before giving up on them.

in april of 2022, about the end of the fourth month, i noticed that the black dot was turning to a dark grey. about may of 2022, the dot turned into a light grey.

thats when i decided to participate in the automatic monthly replacement program.

in july of 2022, i noticed that the light grey was turning into an effect like seeing objects through a thick fog. i began to see movement of objects, but not really that clearly.

fast forward to today, november of 2022, i am continuing to make positive progress and the large black dot seems to be breaking apart and i am able to see more within that same space that previously was all black.

in fact, i can happily say that it appears that my eyesight is coming back and i can actually close my right eye and navigate very well with my left eye open, only.

the bleeding has stopped, completely, and i have gone from monthly injections to every six months, now.

i have another visit coming up in january of 2023 and am feeling very positive about the future outcome of my visits.

vision alive max will continue to be a part of my lifestyle and i strongly recommend it. in fact, i've shared my experience with two dear friends who have both begun taking it, as well. too soon to talk about their results, but i am hoping they will experience what i have experienced.

barb gill

ps: when sharing my story with my doctor, her response was "whatever you're doing, just keep it up. i'm liking what i am seeing in your progress"!

Alice K. Verified reviewer

Better vision

My vision is better and my eye pressure was lower than usual. my cataract is bad but my vision is better in that eye than it was.

Barbara A. Verified reviewer

Wonderful product!

Vision alive max is a wonderful product. i have been taking it along with preservision areds 2 and my amd has remained stable for at least 4 years. thank you!!!

Sylvia R. Verified reviewer

Helped reduce my dry eyes greatly

I'm very happy that you have made vision alive max available to me. it has helped reduce my dry eyes greatly. since i'm on many other meds, i have to be careful how often i take the pills. it is important that i take them only in the morning. i had my new frames adjusted just a tiny bit. i think that also helped.

Georgia P Verified reviewer

We trust this product that is why i am still on it.

I have continued taking vision alive max and it had stabilized my vision. i can see more clearly, i don't see the smoke in bet the plants, my eyes don't feel stressed when i look far, it feels more relaxed.

4 years ago i had eye injection 5x, it did nothing so i stopped. i think i just need new eyeglasses. i am near-sighted. i can read better too. the prints don't look connected anymore.

i can recommend it to anybody. my husband started using it too. we trust this product that is why i am still on it. thank you for this wonderful discovery.

Meddie Farmer Verified reviewer

I've been using it for 2 weeks and i do see an improvement

I am very impressed with your product. i've been using it for 2 weeks and i do see an improvement. i will continue to use this product. thank you so much.

Irene Shaland Verified reviewer

The only supplement that really makes a diffirenece

I have been using vision alive for at least three-fours years. with my severe dry eye syndrom, this supplement made a huge diffirence. thank you, holistic health labs!

Joanne Fanucchi Verified reviewer

Post stroke visual disturbance

A silent stroke left me with severe visual disturbances, pain and pressure behind my eyes. ophthalmologist said either i was at risk for glaucoma or had glaucoma, brain was still scrambled a bit... started taking 2 capsules of vision alive max. within two days the visual disturbances were gone and i felt less pressure and tiredness. 3 1/2 weeks later back to doctor where i had a peripheral vision test, more junk squirted in my eyes with no explanation and was told my peripheral vision was really good. low risk of glaucoma but something in one eye hadn't changed and the other eye was worse, again, no explanation.come back in 4 months. um, i don't think so time for a new doc. anyway. this supplement works, and i'm so grateful.

Nora Mcintire Verified reviewer

Vision max alive

This product has been very helpful and i have noticed an improvement.

MARK MCFADDEN Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

Helps us to fight the free radicals that affect our eyesight

Annette Crawford Verified reviewer

Experience with vision max

I'm taking now for one month cannot tell how it is helping or not so upped it to two a day seems as tho less watering of the eyes i need to call back and find out why my eyes itch...is this a sign of healing ?? so taking for 90 day total and will go back to eye doctor and see if glaucoma and cataracts have imroved

Heaven Verified reviewer

Family using it!

Love the volume discount and free shipping . . family shared and started using it.

Kyle Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

After using the product for less than an month my eyes don’t seem as dry they seem to feel better

Cindy Verified reviewer


I have been on so many eye supplements that it is too many to count. since i discovered this product, i started taking it back in august, and miraculously my right eye excessive tearing and some of the blurriness cleared up in two days. this is very unusual for my body to respond this quickly to most things. my left eye is now starting to see big improvement after about four months on the excessive tearing and the blurriness as well. this has been a game changer for me. my eyes have not felt normal since 2013. i was on prescription meds in the past with no results and major side effects. i thank god for discovering this eye supplement. i would tell people to give it a try if nothing else has benefited you. thank you for keeping the price reasonable. thank you again for working so hard to create this product. this has been a huge benefit to my eye care regiment.

Deb Verified reviewer

After 6 months...

One of my good friends passed away, due to covid, on december 6th of 2021. her doctor had prescribed vision alive for her newly diagnosed macular degeneration. when her family cleaned out her house and things, they brought me her supply of vision alive. i had been taking something else. i started using her supply, and this is the honest truth, my eyes have improved in the last year. i had this verified by my doctor. i know macular degeneration will not go away, but it sure has apparently helped in the area of vision clarity and hopefully, it will slow down the progress. i'm very happy with this product and have bought my own supply company now.

Susan Egger Verified reviewer

Vision alive max review

I am very pleased with this product! my eyes are no longer dry and itchy all the time and i feel like my vision has actually improved.

Steve Chubb Verified reviewer

Excellent product

Am seeing a lot clearer now after using for a few months.

Andre Gagnon Verified reviewer


Cela fait une semaine et demie que je prend le produit et mon oeil droit c'est beaucoup amélioré . avant je voyais les lettres en double et la c'est normal, je vais continuer à prendre ma capsule tous les jours pour voir encore mieux. lorsque j'en aurai plus je vais en commander encore.

Walter Nissen Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

Eye pressure went from 25 to 16

Kathy Mullins Verified reviewer

Very pleased

I have been taking vision alive max for over a year now and it has helped tremendously with my dry eye syndrome. my last visit with my eye doctor was great. she told me that my eyes looked better than any of the other patients she had seen that day. i was elated and will continue to take it.

Toney Brown Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

My eyes actually feel better!!! they’re not as dry and there has been an improvement my sight (based on my last eye exam). thank you vision alive max.

Carolyn Brooks Verified reviewer

Good results

I have been using vision alive for a couple of years now. i had cataract surgery, and my surgeon assured me that my macula looked very good. at my age (76) that is a good thing. my mother got her md around this age and was practically blind. i am sure mine is in good shape because of taking these supplements. i will continue to use them every day.

Mary Ann Holmes Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I love taking the vision alive max it makes thing seen clear and more vivid. my eyes are not as dry as before. good price for such a good vitamin.

Deolinda Pedro Verified reviewer

Vison alive max

Hi everyone, thank you for vision alive max ,i have been taking for 2 weeks and i feel much better ,my eyes are not as dry as they wore before ,thank you for this wonderful victamin its start to work very well . best regards deolinda

Illana Hoglund Verified reviewer


I am very pleased with taking vision max. my eyes would blur after reading too much. they are now clear. thank you for your product!

Judy KANE Verified reviewer

Macular degeneration

I was diagnosed with macular degeneration several years ago and started taking the vision alive. as of this date, my md has not progressed. i intend to take vision alive for the rest of my life.

Caralyn White Verified reviewer

I'm a lifer

I have been taking vision alive max since nov. 2021, and will likely use it for the rest of my life. my ophthalmologist diagnosed me with dry age-related macular degeneration in both eyes in 2018. i began using the vitamin formula he suggested. within three years my left eye progressed to the wet form of the disease. that is when i found vision alive max and began taking it before my first injection. between dec. and may, i endured four of those nasty shots in my eye. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, but i still didn't like it. almost a year later, my left eye is still back to the dry form of md. even my doctor is surprised at the results. he won't say vision alive max is the reason, but i truly believe it is.

Blayne A Ludwig Verified reviewer

Vision max

Works as advertised, noticeable improvement daily

Katherine Tarpey Verified reviewer

Vision max alive

Great product. i have been using this product for about 2 years and my eyes feel a lot better. my last eye exam, which was a few weeks ago, showed my eyes are in great shape.

Andrea Verified reviewer

Vision alive max...great for the eyes

My daughter takes these and she can tell a differnce in her vision. said it feels like the vision loss has stopped progressing. i will continue to order this supplement.

Gary McDaniel Verified reviewer

Some improvement

Amlodipine was destroying my eyes. damage to the retna, cataracts, floaters, you name it. i started vision alive a couple years ago and gradually my sight started to clear up. stopping the amlodipine was probably the key here but the vision alive probably helped restore my eye health. after a pause in taking i have started taking vision alive again. still some cloudiness but other issues seem to be improving. i doubt it will ever be the same as it was pre amlodipine. hopefully this will nourish my eyes enough to keep them healthy as possiable.

David Host Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

Since i've been taking vision alive max, i don't notice the floaters as much as i used to.

Cynthia Zigmund Verified reviewer

Excellent product

I've been using vision max for over 6 months and am very happy with results. my overall eye health is excellent and my eye pressure is staying stable.

Melanie Edson Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

I suffered from red, irritated, grainy and burning eyes from dry eyes, allergies and eye strain due to computer vision syndrome. i work from home 4 - 5 days a week now, intense work on the computer caused damage. also relocating to a new pollen filled climate just made it worse. i researched what foods could help with dry eyes and associated symptoms and came across a video promoting vision alive max. i was skeptical to purchase at the end and my husband was actually mad at me for the purchase, thinking it was a scam. i now regret not signing up for the bigger package after having used it. within 2 days of taking vision alive max i noticed a difference in moisture barrier within the sclera. i've been using v.a.m. for 3 weeks and have completely weened off of systane and refresh lubricating eye drops. i am promoting this because i believe in this product. i will be a customer for life.

Raymond Loranger Verified reviewer

Vision alive max amazing product

Good day first i must say that i am from northern ontario, canada in early february i ordered 3 bottles of vision alive max. i must admit i was a little nervous of spending that kind of money on this product since the duty charges are like another 60 dollars for a product that i had no real evidence that it would help. well it took about 2 weeks to get to me and i started using it on the same day. in about 2 weeks i could see the difference in night driving and car headlights blindness. quite a bit of difference. i also notice changes in the computer fatigue eyes. my eyes don't feel half the stress they use to. today i ordered 6 more bottles even if i have a little over one bottle left. i am very pleased with vision alive max. i do recommend this product and will keep buying it myself.

Rebecca Lee Verified reviewer

So far so good

I have nearly finished the one bottle i purchased--wasn't sure it would be helpful to me and opted to be conservative on my first order. however, i am convinced that i should order more, as there appears to be an improvement in my dry eyes. more time will tell, of course, but i am willing to invest in the product to enjoy improved eye health as i age.

Larry V Jones Verified reviewer

Feeling better with product

Cleared vision improvement

Sally Gibson Verified reviewer

Vision alive max "an excellent and amazing eye supplement"

I went to the website glaucoma.org and listen and watch the videos that were posted. i listened to the doctors’ viewpoints on the subject of eye supplements. i found the testimonials to be believable. i ordered three bottles of vision alive max supplement. the quantity of bottles you order the price gets better. my eyesight is still good but i decided that i would look for something that would help my eyesight stabilize and get better. it's been 3 weeks now and i can tell a visible difference in my eyesight and it cleared the dryness in my eyes. i can say that my vision is clearer and i can see better without my glasses than before. overall, this product has worked wonders for me in just 3 weeks. i recommend anyone that wants help with their vision problems to go to the website holistically and try this eye supplement. also, remember how we spend our money to maintain our cars and house we must know that our eyes are very important and we must maintain them too. i have an appointment with my eye doctor at the end of july. i will keep you all posted.

Michael Nusen Verified reviewer

Vision alive max results after only 4 months.

We purchased vision alive max for my spouse. she spends all her work hours looking at 2 computer monitors. after just 4 months, she's so happy with the below results so far: a) the following 3 issues have been almost completely resolved!: 1) ischemic deep pressure pain in her right eye. 2) tenderness around her right eye. 3) light flashes in both eyes. b) greatly reduced is the degree of grainy vision in darkness. c) also, the size of a tiny black floater in her right eye is greatly reduced. now she's hoping that with more time, her mild cataracts vision issue will improve. it goes without saying that we're going to continue our subscribe and save order. thank you for a great product.

Judith L Bergman Verified reviewer

Wet form of macular degeneration "stabilized"

I was diagnosed with a wet form of macular degeneration approximately eight years ago and seen by a retinal specialist in duke ophthalmology initially every three months, then six months and then once a year. i refused injections into my eyes and started taking a lutein compound. i added vision alive in the fall of 2022. on my last annual visit on may 1st, the specialist looked at the images, didn't even look at my eyes and said everything was stable, no change and perhaps this was "idiopathic," a term i just looked up meaning "of unknown cause." oh, and i am 84!

Adrienne Grabovac Verified reviewer

Nice product

My dry eye problem has definitely improved by using vision max alive. i know with a bit more time using this product i should have no more problem. am very grateful this has worked so well. i didn't want to have to use drops for the rest of my life. thank you.

Carmen Foster Verified reviewer

Dry eyes no more

This is the only supplement that eliminates my dry eye symptoms. i have tried several others, with similar ingredients. vision alive max is the only product that works so thoroughly, i don't have dry eyes at all when taking this supplement.

DANIEL Bowers Verified reviewer

New customer

I am 14 days into using this product so it is too soon to say it is working for me but i can see some improvement. i do expect that i can avoid eye operations. time will tell but i believe in the holistic approach to health.

Linda G Verified reviewer

"seeing" improvements

Since using vision alive, i have noted improvements in nighttime vision and more coherent, less blotchy daytime vision.

Constance Sohodski Verified reviewer

I lost the floaters

The most tangible evidence i have that this product works is that the floaters i'd had for a long time disappeared. that's enough for me to keep on taking vision alive.

Joanne Fanucchi Verified reviewer

Vision alive max works

I have been taking this product since october of 2022, two months after i had a stroke which left me with severe headaches, visual disturbances and aphantasia. i am very lucky that was the extent of it. within 2 days of taking vision alive max, the visual disturbances stopped. completely. the opthamologist i saw acted uninterested in the aphantasia but was overly concerned about glaucoma. after 4 visits to them, and after taking vam the whole time, and getting acupuncture twice weekly, the pressure in my eyes is balanced and in the normal range. no glaucoma. i am so thankful to the makers of this product, i can't tell you. i will take it as long as i can afford to. thanks to acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine and actually making lifestyle changes that we all know we should be doing but don't, i'm now headache free 99% of the time and have had normal blood pressure for the last 4 months. it's a win-win-win.

Nora Mcintire Verified reviewer

Has made a great difference in resolving eye issues

Great product. live in a very dry climate and am older. has made a great difference in resolving eye issues. i have tried other products and not help. definitely recommend this product.

Jim Cagley Verified reviewer

Vision alive max 30 days review

My wife and i have now used vision alive max for 30 days. my wife says her blurry vision is much better and more clear. my vision seems to be slowly improving. text is now more well defined. wea are anxious to see the results in the next 30 days. i used to use the leading, top selling synthetic product on the market for over a year and saw zero effects. we will be buying vision alive max again. protect your eyes at all cost. jim

Diane B. Verified reviewer

Made a difference

I have glaucoma in both eyes and my pressure sensitivity was 24, and my nerves are thinning. since i have been taking vision alive max for about 3 months or so and i recently went to my eye doctor and my pressure went down to 20. i am sure that if i continue using this product my next appointment will read even better. i was due to have laser surgery in both eyes but, i refused to have it done right now. i want to see if this product will help me bring the pressure in my eyes down even more and keep me from having to get laser surgery.

Connie Anderson Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

While there is no such thing as a miracle in a bottle, having extremely dry eyes, age and ra i feel it has helped. my eyes are worth the expense. i like that it has lutein in it which my eye doc recommended.

Gary McDaniel Verified reviewer

Improvement from the side effects amlodipine

After a few years of amlodipine my eyes had retinal degeneration called lattice degeneration. it progressed to the point of needing a laser to demark the tears in my retina. i stopped the amlodipine and started vision alive hoping to restore the health of my eyes. after a year of use floaters and black spots have been reduced to next to zero and my cataracts that were starting have not progressed and actually gotten better. sadly the amlodipine was prescribed unnecessarily by an over pro-pharmaceutical doctor. if you are taking amlodipine beware.

Lou Priester Verified reviewer

Excellent product

I highly recommend!

Willard Decora Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

This suppy has improved my vision . was told by my dr that i have dry mac. i will reccomend to others thanks .

Michelle Craig Verified reviewer

Great vitamin for eyes

I have been enjoying these vitamins for over 6 months. i like them and see better at night. i know everyone doesn't experience the same results.

Maureen Kirby Verified reviewer


As a senior who ordered and used this product for one month i am seeing some subtle improvements over time. no more dry eyes in the morning, less squinting and several times, surprisingly, i found myself watching tv without my distance glasses and able to see better when driving. of course, the cataracts are still there but encouraging enough to motivate me to reorder. i combat aging with many different vitamins and this is one i want to add.

Virginia Cooper Verified reviewer


I have ordered these for my md, and i heard so many good things about them. the pills i have taken seem to help out so much and with them, i feel they will keep it from getting worse. i can tell how great they are so you won't go wrong by getting them. they have so much to offer that will help your eyesight.

Jim Cagley Verified reviewer

Dry eye be gone

Hi all, i no longer suffer with dry eye or alligator skin eye lids after using vision alive max. great product. jim

Barbara Holmes Verified reviewer

Good product

I wish i could say it improved my eye sight, but it did not. however, it has improved my dry eyes to the point that i seldom use drops!

Diane Melia Verified reviewer

Happy user

Usually i don't write reviews, but i am on my 4th bottle of max alive for my dry eyes . two weeks ago i extended my next doctor appointment for a couple of months as my eyes are not as dry. my eye plugs should have disolved by now. also, i hate night driving as i am getting "close" to cataract surgery and i drove a couple of weeks ago at night up to the top of a steep winding road!

Kristin Falwell Verified reviewer

vision alivemax.

I have these sent to my daughter in south arkansas. it has tremendously helped her. this is just a little gift that i want her to have to make her life easier. thanks for the great product.

Matt Nadler Verified reviewer

Dry amd

I've been taking this product for a few years. i take it once a day in the evening. i also take one preservision each morning. so far, my dry amd hasn't progressed to wet. since this product is a preventative, it's impossible to attribute the amd condition anything specific. of course, i will continue to take it faithfully.

Judith Bergman Verified reviewer

now at low risk for open-angle glaucoma in both eyes

I am 84 and had cataract surgery in april and may 2021. i have been taking vision alive since november 2022. in october 2022 another provider, a do not with duke, told me i had nerve damage and "wide-angle glaucoma" and was losing peripheral vision and could be "blind" in 14-15 years. he prescribed latanoprost which i didn't take after reading about the possible side effects including permanent change of eye color, heart problems,shortness of breath, big weight gain,chest pain that is new or worse etc. !! today, at my annual visit to my new ophthalmologist at duke health whom i first saw one year ago, his exam found no change when visualizing the optic nerve. in the test results on my duke chart he wrote, "at low risk for open-angle glaucoma."

Ricky J Marks - Granbury Texas Verified reviewer

Outstanding results!

I have tried many brands/ types of eye vitamins or supplements since being diagnosed with dry amd without any noticeable improvements to the blurry vision. after cataract surgery and replacement lenses, my vision didn't improve for faraway vision. so i once again went looking for solutions to find vision alive max. only after around 20 days of use, i have noticed an improvement in clearer vision especially from up to 20-25' like watching tv , i can actually see the menu on the directory and the details are much better. some improvements while driving are noticeable, at greater distances already... especially at night with the glare/ halos you get from replacement lenses surgery. i believe after a few months and continuing use of vision alive max i will only see even better results in my vision! what can it hurt to give it a try! working for me! thank you vision alive max!

Anabela Stewart Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

Sharon Norman Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

This product is the real deal not only did it save my vision it made my 20/40 vision improve in 3 months to 20/20. i will highly recommend this product to anyone with wet amd. i have had wet amd for a year in both eyes. it has made my eyes stronger moister even my doctor cannot believe the difference in my vision. your product works flawlessly with my injections and my preservision. thanks to you my eyes are stable and strong. in time my doctor says he will be able to expand the time between shots. thank you vision alive max i will never be without this product. highly recommend anyone with wet amd please add vision alive max to your routine. it will save your vision. this product is worth every penny they ask for it. will be taking it for the rest of my life. i am a firm believer. love it.

Josephine Krupp Verified reviewer

Vision max

I am hopeful from all theses great reviews these herbs will help my vision and keep my eyes healthy .i just started this month will keep you all posted.

Dawn Latour Verified reviewer

Vision alive

Started taking this and it is great. i do not get the wavy lines or floaters i use to get. thank you!!

DF Tandy Verified reviewer

Vision alive max

Gut Alive Superior Absorption Formula

156 Reviews

Barbara Verified reviewer

Great product

I had gerd so bad i could not list down all the problems it caused. i took nexium and even maalox for over two years, but i continue to have symptoms of a chronic cough, chest pain and feeling like getting the food and drink stuck. after changes in dosage over 3 months, my lower esophagus sphincter was still pretty much wide open and i was getting no relief. i was recommended for surgery, but i was skeptical as the doctor couldn’t tell me what was causing the acid reflux in the first place! then i went to research on alternative methods and even took apple cider vinegar as a treatment, but i had to quit because it was making my teeth more sensitive. i also did yoga and tried an all-organic diet. while some of these changes helped relieve my symptoms, i could never get off nexium. once i added gut alive to my diet, i was able to cut down on my dosage of nexium to just 1 pill a day. then it took a couple of months for me to wean myself off the last nexium pill slowly. the best part was, once i quit the nexium my body became ‘regular’ again. 4 months later, i am still nexium free. i have literally tried everything and did not see real results until i took gut alive. i’m very happy that gut alive helped to target the cause of my acid reflux problems by healing my gut lining from within.

Vinny Verified reviewer

Awesome product

I don’t take omeprazole anymore, and i feel my stomach lining is healed. i will continue to take this probably for the rest of my life.

Chris Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Since being on gut alive, i had zero acid rebound, and i wish that i knew about gut alive years ago.

Allie Verified reviewer

Helping me heal

Gut alive is the only product that is helping me heal my gut from the inside out.

Jan Verified reviewer

Order more gut alive again for “insurance”!

I started taking zantac about 4 months ago when my doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux. after being on zantac, i developed tinnitus, and it was so bad that my husband complained about how loud i turned up the tv and how loud i talked. the worse thing was i was vomiting stomach acid and getting horrible chest pains. i drank so much water that i live in the restroom. the pain was just unbearable. then i decided to stop zantac and try gut alive as it contains ingredients that are proven to soothe the gut. for the first few days, i thought it didn’t work for me. but after a week, my reflux gradually disappeared! i no longer feel the acid regurgitating and the burning sensation. thank you for making such an awesome product. i am definitely going to order more gut alive again for “insurance”!

Angela Verified reviewer

This product is amazing.

This product is amazing. for years i suffered from crippling reflux, and i’ve only been on it for two weeks, but my reflux hasn’t been this under control in ages.

Susan L. Verified reviewer

Gut alive cleared up heartburn, indigestion, and reflux.

Within 2 days, gut alive cleared up heartburn, indigestion, and reflux. i couldn’t be more thrilled and i’ve kept it up ever since. thank you!

Frieda C. Verified reviewer

You want your gut feeling better? get this. it will work.

It’s frieda. i am 64 years old and i have had several intestinal surgeries and i’ve been on several prescription medications as well as over-the-counter for my gut. i’ve been tired. you want your gut feeling better? get this. it will work. ‘cause i’m now down to only two medications and two over-the-counter. get it while you can because it will help you.

David Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Fantastic product crohn's symptoms managed and reduced tremendously

Melissa Munoz Verified reviewer

Gut alive works wibders

I ordered this product for my daughter. after my daughter was diagnosed with colitis, we were constantly in and out of the hospital.i truly think this has helped her tremendously. i think this has helped with the inflammation,as well as, improved how her body responds to foods that may trigger inflamation . i am so happy there's a product that's natural to help her. thank you for this product. it works amazing!

Harold Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Just started taking the product. hoping to be able to eat food without burping during eating my food. started out taking one tablet in the evening meal for four days, to increase to two per day on november 1st/2020.

Kristyn Verified reviewer

Best product ever!

I have had extremely bad gas and bloating for years. basically ever since i was a child, i have been dealing with this issue. i had never gone to a dr specifically for this issue, but i have tried many otc products. i was using dannon activia everyday for a while, and it was ok but not quite strong enough. i came upon this product through a website and decided to give it a try. it has changed my life, and i no longer suffer the embarrassing gas that i once did. in addition, stomach issues hampered my quality of life. i am very happy with this product!

MC Verified reviewer

Gut alive is a great product!

Since i’ve been using gut alive i’ve not had as much lower abdominal discomfort. i have irritable bowel syndrome & have also gone gluten free too. would highly recommend this product!

FREDERICA FOSTER Verified reviewer

So far, i think it helps with relief. would be interested in finding a supplement for bone building such as magnesium and vitamin d.

Mike Nicastro Verified reviewer

Great supplement, i feel great finally

I have always had stomach problems even as a child. i developed gerd years ago waking up at night with bad acid reflex and heartburn. i was taking pepcid or zantac for years. after seeing a gastroenterologist about three years ago and had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy the doctor told me i have barrett's esophagus and will need to take nexium every day the rest of my life. i said no way and that is when i discovered gutalive.i totally stopped taking any type of ppi or h2 blockers. i have been taking gutalive now for 2 plus years and never felt better. not heartburm or gerd ever, plus my stomach fees great. this past week i went for a follow-up to my doctor for a edg and he told me i have no evidence of barret's esophagus and everything looked normal. thank you gutalive for a great product!

Pat Verified reviewer

gut alive

I have been using gut alive and feel so much better. not waking in middle of the night and needing to take something for gerd

Jay Gunsauls Verified reviewer

Tried other remedies, but happy to have found gut alive

I don't know much about the science, but certainly am enjoying the benefits. taking two capsules a day; morning and evening, has made a big difference. i have also learned to avoid stress after eating and the combination is working well. i was taking four or five (sometimes more) rolaids a day and no longer taking any. my doctor had prescribed proton pump meds and i learned they about the hazsrds of long term use and no longer using that presecription either.

Rebecca Holland Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Gut alive enables me to eat a meal. it has been very useful in ending my nausea, indigestion and bowel problems that occur with ingesting food.

Pamela Pickett Verified reviewer

Significant improvement

Taking the gut alive supplement has resulted in much improvement for my digestive issues. i would recommend it to others.

MARY PHELPS Verified reviewer

Miracle product!!! :-)

Gut alive does exactly what it's designed to do! i had a throat endoscopy done after having a scary episode at a restaurant where food got trapped in my throat and wouldn't go down. i wound up in the emergency room having this surgical procedure done only to be told that the 3rd quadrant of my esophagus was eroded severely from acid reflux (stage 3 condition....pre-cancerous). my doctor wanted me take nexium for the rest of my life and since i had heard some bad things about ppi's like that, i wanted and prayed for an alternative. i discovered gut alive on the internet and saw all the raving reviews for it and decided on my own to give it a try instead of taking the nexium prescription. i had a follow-up endoscopy surgery scheduled and after taking gut alive for just two weeks, i was surprised that the second test sowed 100% healing of my esophagus!... the before and after photos from the surgeon was all the proof i needed that this product works! i've been taking it ever since to maintain my good results and can always tell a big difference. it's a miracle product in my estimation! :-)

Rita Turner Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I've just started the product. the toughest part is to remember to take it with a meal. trying to stop taking the proton inhibitor for reflux disease.

ALLEN ZUKER Verified reviewer

Did not work

This item did not work for me in my case only because i bought this product to help with what i thought was acid reflux but as it turned out i was diagnosed with a entirely different form of reflux that unfortunately would have not responded to this stuff so in short this turned out at least for me to be no good in this case..

Brian Huggins Verified reviewer

So far so good

I have had acid reflux or gerd for about 20 years now. i know that being on omeprazole the rest of my life is not an option and i needed to find something else that would help my issues. i found gut alive online and thought i should give it a try. i have been taken it for about two weeks now along with my omeprazole and it has definitely helped improve my symptoms. i will continue to take gut alive as part of my daily pill regiment and hope that i will completely be free of taken omeprazole withing a couple of months. great product!

Nancy Cline Verified reviewer

Relief from acid reflux

i have been taking the gut relief for just 2 weeks and my acid reflux is so almost gone! i was very frustrated with the meds the doctor gave me and then i found the gut relief. it is definitely relief! thank you gut relief!

Harold Barr Verified reviewer


Helps my colitis problems.

Judith Sullivan Verified reviewer

Has made a difference

Has made a noticeable improvement in granddaughter's acid reflux issues and helped to soothe and heal gut for grandson's eosinophilic esophagitis.

Augusto Perez Verified reviewer

Wonderful product

About a year ago, i was suffering from chronic laryngitis and gerd where my throat and esophagus were so irritated and sensitive, that i was not able to eat any kind of spicy foods whatsoever like onions, pepper, even things like radishes, mangoes, grapefruit, lemons, pineapples etc. i went to see my doctor several times, before he referred me to an ent. after an mri (came back negative) and many visits, the ent basically told me that there was nothing that he could do for me. he said that god would heal me eventually. when i asked him how long would it take? he said it could take months, maybe years. needless to say i was very discouraged and had lost all hope of returning to a normal lifestyle. i prayed much about this. one day as i was sitting in my computer i was led to search for any supplement that might help with my condition. that is when i found your site. the more i read, the more i liked what i was reading. i knew that this was the answer to my prayer. i ordered my first 5 bottles of gut alive, and i began to experience the improvement within a few days. the more time passed, the better i felt. so, when it was all gone, i ordered another 5 bottles. i continued to feel better and better as my throat and esophagus were being healed. i am pleased to say that now i can eat onions, pepper, and all of the foods that i mentioned above i was not able to eat before. the only thing that i am staying away from for now is hot sauce. i am extremely grateful to health labs for creating this great product gut alive and providing it to the public at a reasonable price so that someone like me could afford to buy it and be healed, when doctors were not able to help. thank you so much. god bless you. ap

Timothy Mallon Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I was skeptical at first but after trying gut alive for a week, my gerd is much less bothersome and i have to take fewer medications to control my symptoms. i am hopeful after another week i can stop my other gi meds altogether.

Rusty Verified reviewer

Actually working!

I've had reflux issues with certain trigger foods for quite some time and after my first couple of months taking gut alive i can tell you without a doubt that it works! i was skeptical of course but with a 30 day money back offer i figured what the heck. i'm not going to tell you it's a miracle cure but the relief from discomfort is real and allows me more flexibility when i eat certain foods. most importantly i haven't had single episode of debilitating heartburn. i'm so happy i took a chance. i'm about to order my second supply.

Augusto Perez Verified reviewer

Excellent product - has helped me a lot

I sent you my complete testimony a couple of weeks ago. i used to have severe throat/esophagus irritation. also gerd and went to doctors numerous times with no improvement. then went to specialist several times. same thing. finally he said to me: "god will heal you". i asked him how long did he think it would take. his answer: "a year, several years or never. that's when i found your website and product. my condition is vastly improved. i still am not able to eat spicy foods as it irritates my system. however, it is gone in a day as i keep taking your supplements. thank you for your product, and making it available at a reasonable price that i can afford.

Nelda Gilbreth Verified reviewer

I believe it works

I have had stomach issues for my entire life and this past year i was diagnosed with acid reflux . gut alive has, i believe, helped. my throat is not as sore and the blotted feeling gone.

Sue Barron Verified reviewer

Great product.

I use this product twice a day for my ibs and it really helps me a lot. it is much better than other products that i have tried for it which didn't help at all. i recommend this product to others who have digestive problems like ibs or other problems that cause problems like diarrhea or other things too. diet is very important in dealing with ibs too but that cannot give you total satisfaction with dealing with it.

Rita McConnell Verified reviewer

Gut alive

It is helping. i do still have to take some stomach meds, but not as much as in the past.

Maria Regina Caetano Da Silva Verified reviewer

Finally i have one that works!

I have been suffering with ibs for years. i do not know anymore, what i can or not eat that does not affected me. hardly go out afraid of what is going to make me sick. since a i started using gut live, i am beginning to see a light in the tunnel. i am not saying i am 100% ok, because some times, now, less than before, i have what i call " my crisis". but i am happy trying your natural remedes. gina

Anne Severn Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I am so happy i found gut alive. i've spent lots of money and time and still nothing worked.....until now. thank you so much for this.

Maggie Verified reviewer

Great product

I have been using for 6 weeks now. i was highly skeptical it would work but really did not want to go back to acid blockers. i have been amazed at its quick results and the longer i am on it the more complete to resolution of acid reflux and pain. i am very grateful for a natural product that has healed my gut.

Nelda Gilbreth Verified reviewer


I have gastric reflux and gutalive helps keep everything in check. i am not constantly taking pill like rolaids etc.

Ryan Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I have been taking gut alive for several months now. i’ve been able to gut way down on my reflux prescription, but not been able to completely stop. i will keep trying, because i definitely want to get off my prescription. overall i’ll give it a b

Amy Bacacio Verified reviewer

Amazing results

I actually ordered this product for my son who has been suffering from colitis for several years. we had tried so many different products with no results and we prefer to stay away from prescription medications. he has been using gut alive for the past 6 months and the results have been amazing. his diet had become so limited due to extreme discomfort from most foods and was losing weight to a dangerous level. now with the help of gut alive he is enjoying all of the foods that he loves and has been able to gain back the weight leaving him stronger and looking healthy again.

Aeriol Verified reviewer

Gut alive

After using gut alive for 5 months now i can confidently say that it has helped my acid reflux immensely. the prescription meds the doctor prescribed caused 6 side effects and i still had the reflux. i am so much better now that i can even drink and immediately lie down and not have it come up anymore. i don’t have trouble swallowing now or constantly clearing my throat like i had something stuck in it. i don’t have chest pain anymore either. i am also drinking aloe vera juice twice a day as well. i have just ordered another 6 bottles and i am so thankful for it.

Georg Baur Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Just stardet thanks georg

K Lehnhardt Verified reviewer

Fantastic product

I have been using gut alive for 3 months and it is the best. i’ve had no issues with heart burn at all. i will never be without this product. thank you so much!

Tara Love Hudson Verified reviewer

Thank you!

I have not been on gut alive a month yet, but the first day i took the products i knew something was happening in my gut. it is hard to explain my first day in words, but i look forward to taking gut alive daily. i am very excited about what my future holds by continuing with the gut alive products. thank you so much for this opportunity of a lifetime.

Tracey Lisiecki Verified reviewer

I am so relieved

I have been on gut alive for two and a half months. prior to taking gut alive i was having pain every day in my stomach and esophagus. i was not sure at the time whether it was a heart issue or not. i saw an add for gut alive and thought i should give it a try because it sounded like it would relieve my pain. since the first day my pain has been relieved almost every day. occasionally i get the pain back but i no longer stress about it nor think about it every day. i’m so thankful for this product.

Daryl Kemper Verified reviewer

Gut alive great product

Gut alive got me off nexium immediately! didn't have to change my diet of spicy foods at all. no burn at all after the first month. like i never had a problem and best of all no pharma. thank you so much!

EVELYN MYERS Verified reviewer

Will not miss a day taking gut alive

My husband has barrets disease and had been taking priolsec or zantac for years, after droping these dangereous drugs and started taking gut alive stomach and esophagus have healed and no more gas or heart burn.

Sandra Mitchell Verified reviewer

Gut alive - alleviaes nauseous feeling

Friend recommended gut alive for painful/irritated stomach from gerd. i dd not have her issues, but read description and reviews and decided to buy 1 bottle for my nauseous feeling. i took 2/x/day w/ meals, as instructed and began to have fewer nauseous episodes. so i "plunged" and bought the "deal' for 6 bottles. i have been taking it for 1 1/2 yrs. and keep re-ordering.

Rutanya Alda Verified reviewer


Ive tried a lot of acid relief products ... this is the best one. it really worked to my surprise. i take just one in the morning before eating and i'm feeling much better.

Karen Verified reviewer


I used gut alive for two months and had good results, i quit taking it and in a couple weeks started having some heartburn again. at a friend's suggestion i started using another product with no results. today i am ordering gut alive because it worked for my heartburn and stomach issues before.

Augusto Perez Verified reviewer

Excellent product at affordable price.

I was suffering from severe irritation in my throat and digestive system. i could not eat anything that was even close to being spicy. i would often need to take antacids and pills to aid digestion like prilosec, prevacid etc. i went to an ear, nose, throat specialist. after several visits, he told me that he was not able to do anything more for me and that it would take maybe years for it to heal. well, i kept praying believing god for a healing. that is when i found your website talking about your product and what it did for so many other people with similar problems. i decided to try your product and saw an improvement almost immediately. i have been taking gut alive now for a couple of years and i am completely healed. i can eat spicy foods (at times even hot sauce) without much problems. i am still taking your product every day, and will continue to do so. i am done with taking over the counter pharmacy products which do not help me heal from the condition. thank you for the service that you offer. god answered my prayer through you. you are a blessing. sincerely, augusto

Nelda Gilbreth Verified reviewer


As far as i can tell....it seems to be helping.

Thomas Stevens Verified reviewer

Great products

The probiotics were recommended by my certified dietitian and they work much better than the ones available at the drug stores. great service and reasonable prices.

Seena Braunfeld Verified reviewer

Gut alive

After about 3 days of using gut alive i noticed i was no longer bloated. this had been a pretty much constant thing previously. thank you gut alive

MARTA PIERSON Verified reviewer


Yes, i am very satisfied with your product "gut alive" and the fast processing of my order. i would recommend your product to anyone with digestive problems.

Heidi Lyga Verified reviewer

Vision and gut alive

My taking gut alive and vision alive and omega has enabled me to discontinue all eye drops!! holistic health is my health insurance:)

Debbie Millard Verified reviewer

Cured my barrett’s esophagus!!

After an endoscopy my doctor told me i had barrett’s esophagus which can develop into cancer. i started taking gut alive and when i had my next endoscopy there was no trace of it!!’ i had a friend that had throat cancer and the treatment was awful for her. i feel that gut alive saved me from cancer. it certainly helps with my gerd and hiatal hernia.

Larry Penno Verified reviewer

Gut alive

This product has been the reason that my indigestion has stopped. once i started taking the dosage that is recommended, my stomach problems reduced to a manageable state. also, i have noticed a weight control that is easier to maintain. do i recommend this product? . . . you bet!!

Monika Zuccaro Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I gave been using this product for several months now and it has been the best thing i have ever used to combat my acid reflux issues. i have been on several medications for this matter. i don’t really like using all these meds since all of them have side effects, sooner or later. gut alive had been the best. i don’t ever want to be without it. ????????

Nelda Gilbreth Verified reviewer


I take it every day and it helps keep the acid reflux in control

Peter Masaitis Verified reviewer

Too early to tell

I apparently suffer from silent gerd so i won't know how this is working until my next endoscopy. peter

Anthony Verified reviewer

Great product

God and prayer first always! that being said, i believe god has allowed this product to work great for me. not only has it helped with what a doctor diagnosed as gerd, but has also helped my stool return to a normal brown color - which means i am producing bile like i am supposed to. burning sensation in throat has minimized and sometimes is non-existent. i continually order this now.

Phyllis Hankins Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Has really helped with bowel movements

SHERYL BRADLEY Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I have been taking gut alive for three weeks. i wanted to try a natural alternative before taking a dr. ordered ppi like prilosec or other medications. i have noticed a huge improvement in my stomach/gastric reflux being significantly reduced. i will continue to use gut alive until i feel the injured tissue in my esophagus has healed.

Nelda Gilbreth Verified reviewer


I am very pleased with gut alive. i seems to keep the acid reflux in check

Judith Bigham Verified reviewer

Works well!

Gut alive has diminished my gastritis pain/discomfort to almost nothing!

Augusto Perez Verified reviewer

Incredible product!

recently i purchased another 5 bottles of your gut alive product. i am very satisfied with it and have been taking it now for about two years now. when i find something that works as good as gut alive product does, i stick with it for life. great product at a very reasonable price. thanks for making good products to help people like myself. keep up the good work!

Anthony Lent Verified reviewer

Major relief

I have crohns , and the meds helped but taking gut alive has helped. my dr. response was that it was not understood but that zinc did have profound benefits . i ran out of gut alive and not use it for several weeks. my symptoms grew worse. as soon as i resumed taking the gut alive my symptoms diminished.

Nancy Cline Verified reviewer

Happy with results

I have been taking gut alive for a year. it is definitely worth the cost. i am feeling much better. my acid reflux isn't flairing up like it used to.

M Thompson Verified reviewer

Awesome product

i was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and drs wanted to put me on harsh meds but i refused. my gerd was so bad it was causing me shortness of breath, which i didn't know was possible. long story short, i tried numerous meds with little to no result. i mentioned wanting to try something 'natural,' so my do suggested dgl. while looking at products containing this ingredient, i ran across gut alive on the internet and decided to try it. i've been taking it over 3 years now. while it hasn't permanently healed my many gi issues, as long as i take gut alive i feel so much better. i'm not in a uc flare now and my gerd is non-existent. we are all different and i'm aware others may not have the same result. but it is definitely worth a try. you might be as surprised and amazed as i am!

ANNE MURPHY Verified reviewer

Gut alive is great

I have had long-term issues with digestion and reflux. i decided to try the gut alive product and i have been so amazed at the performance. i have not had a single episode of nightly reflux (what a miracle). i also ordered the probioshield (probiotic) and the combination of the two products, taken as instructed, absolutely works perfectly. also, i asked my primary physician to review and advise me regarding taking these products and he definitely approved of my using the products, agreed that the products were very good, and that they were working well for me.

Debbie Steele Verified reviewer

First month

I have only been on this for 3 weeks, so i really haven't noticed any changes. i'm going to order another bottle to see if i notice improvements.

The Appearance Verified reviewer

Gut alive forever

Just wanted to say thank you to holistic labs for being a source of help to people that the health industry had been unable to help for 2 years and given no alternative way to get healed. i do give credit to the doctor for saying to me: "god will heal you". after much prayer asking god to heal me of my extreme laryngitis, acid reflux and irritated esophagus, he led me to your product gut alive. i decided to try it since i had nothing left to loose. after i started taking it, i noticed the improvement within days. after a few months, my healing was progressing at an incredible rate. now after 2 years, i am completely healed. i plan to continue taking this product, as a preventive measure. i strongly recommend to anyone suffering from similar symptoms to try this product. you will not be sorry. i want to thank god for healing me through this wonderful product, and i want to thank holistic labs for being an instrument of healing for so many people.

Karen Verified reviewer

Fantastic product

I’ve been using gut alive for several months and have had zero issues with foods that used to bother me. i will continue to use this product!

Anthony Houston Verified reviewer

Gut alive works

I have been taking acid reflux meds for most of my adult life. gut alive is helping me not have to do that. this is a great way to manage and defeat gurd for anyone looking to not be on medicine for the rest of your life!

Greg Verified reviewer


I have been taking this for two weeks only and i already see some improvement in my digestion. i have more appetite and less reactions to food or eating in general. i used to have all kinds of weird phenomena connected to eating, i could not tell what i was allergic to, because no matter what i ate, i had reactions. those are almost gone and eager to eat more of the usual stuff i used to eat. i still need to get rid of my acid reflux reactions but i have great hopes in the product.

Larry Penno Verified reviewer

Gut alive

This product is great for your intestinal flow and relief of heartburn. i have been using it for about a month and a half now and find it very helpful for digestive comfort.

TED HOGEWEIDE Verified reviewer


This helped get my gut balanced so heart burn was no longer a problem.

MARTA PIERSON Verified reviewer


It is a good product. i would like to place another order, but i do not know where to go to do that. thanks, marta.

Evelyn Myers Verified reviewer

Have been using gut alive for years now

We would not be without gutalive as this product works well and the best thing ...no more heart burn....

ANNE MURPHY Verified reviewer

Gut alive is a great product!

Gut alive has been a truly great find for me. i have had digestive issues for a long time (reflux, stomach cramping, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and diverticulitis). i have been on gut alive for a couple of months now and my system has become remarkably calm and is actually working as it should - comfortably and without the constant issues of discomfort, and the anxiety of going out and having to endure the embarrassment of dealing with the issues. it really works and i have decided to use their great probiotic product also for positive reinforcement.

Debbie Mcelfresh Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Gave this to a relative so hopefully they are good with the product

Walter Doherty Verified reviewer

Gut alive greatly helps reduce esophageal pain due to gerd reflux

I've been taking nexium since it came to market 20 to 30 something years ago. over 3/4 of that time i was taking it twice daily. now i've reduced my dose from 40mg twice/day to 20mg twice/day. i now don't notice the burning affects of acid reflux while laying down. gut alive doesn't stop the reflux, but significantly reduces the burn. i do still wake once or twice some months, but am not doubled over in pain from the burning all the way to my throat anymore and can manage what break-thru reflux i do get. i look forward to the day that i can stop nexium altogether!

Denise Reyna Verified reviewer

Gut alive is amazing!!!

I had a stomach ulcer for 4 years before i found gut alive. i was on a very strict diet and i tried several different medications. nothing helped. my first day of relief was the day i took my first pill. magic in a bottle. i now buy several of their vitamins and they are all amazing. the joint alive cleared up my husband psoriasis. we weren't even expecting that. and he hadnt really had much improvement from anything we tried for that. so that was a great surprise. love this company.

Deborah McGlauflin Verified reviewer

Works well

I have been using gut alive for a couple years or so for acid reflux and it works well. it has not only substantially stopped the reflux, it has helped my esophagus heal, the nightly and morning coughing has stopped. i also am somewhat careful about what i eat but that wasn't enough. i recommend this product for acid reflux. i have had no bad side effects.

Kathy Hill Verified reviewer

Works great

I have been taking an acid pill for my stomach for many years. i saw an ad for gut alive and thought i'd give it a try after reading some of the reviews. i am one month into it and can now cut my stomach pill in half. hoping to completely elimate them in the future.

Susan Fitzpatrick Verified reviewer

Love this product

I tell all my family and friends about gut alive..it literally changed life. i used to be awake all night suffering from anything i ate..tried ever product on the market.. took a chanch and ordered gut alive..it was a game changer. i get an automatic delivery once a month. can't see changing that. i am 72.

Susan Fitzpatrick Verified reviewer

Love this product

I tell all my family and friends about gut alive..it literally changed my life. i used to be awake all night suffering from anything i ate..tried ever product on the market.. took a chanch and ordered gut alive..it was a game changer. i get an automatic delivery once a month. can't see changing that. i am 72.

Judith Bigham Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Love the simple "real" ingredients & the rigorous testing for safety & effectiveness.

Barbara Leonard Verified reviewer

Gut alive does help. i still have stomach issues, but taking this pill cuts my problem down. i dont take omeprazole every day anymore just once in a while. thank you

Lubi Bogic Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Great to help digestive functions - to improve and return to normal. holistic health labs is a good company...i love their products and their knowledge in medical therapies such as herbalism.

Diane Francello Verified reviewer

Gut alive provides effective relief of gerd

I had been suffering from gerd since 12/2021; started taking omeprazole shortly thereafter. through researching the gut alive product, i realized omeprazole would not be helping me long term. after beginning a daily regimen of gut alive early this year, my gastro issues, including acid reflux have disappeared. thank you for providing a great product. i recently purchased several bottles to share so i could give one to a friend with similar issues.

Karuna Berryman Verified reviewer


I have had to take hydrocodine for the last 10 years - before that, lots of n-saids. my stomach and its digestive chemistry/functions have been damaged, resulting in intolerance of flour, dairy and acid reflux. gut alive has not given me the miraculous results others on your testimony page report but it has helped in subtle ways hard to name. i think it has slightly reduced acid reflux and made waste elimination more regular. i am a low income senior, have no money to waste. subtle though my results have been - i feel gut alive is helping enough that i'm on my 3rd bottle. i am hoping that with continued use it might "repair" my gut even more. and yes, i am aware of natural health care, herbs and other remedies. i am beginning wildcraft sauerkraut again.

John Richards Verified reviewer

Chronic diarrhea day 123

I have been taking gut alive for about 2 weeks and am beginning to see some positive results, i think it's to early for an honest star review, let's see what happens in the next week or so.

BARB SAUL Verified reviewer

Saved my husband's life

Gut alive is just an awesome product. it saved my husband's life. he has always had a lot of issues with bloating and gas. gut alive cured all of that and has given him much more quality in life. he can't live without it.

Peter Hunt Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I’ve been using gut alive for about 2 weeks now and i can truly say there has been a change in my bowels for the better! i have tried many things to help my ibs but to no avail. doctors only want to prescribe harmful drugs that only mask the problem. i am thankful to god and those he used to develop this product. i know that natural is always best but someone has to do the work and research to make it a safe and useful remedy. thanks!

Ginger Lloyd Lloyd Verified reviewer

I am enjoying the benefits of this product

I have only been using gut alive for a short time but already have seen amazing results. since i started using gut alive, in fact, the only time i have had gut issues were after one day when i did not take it. so, so far at least, i'm convince. i'm on my second bottle of it.

Marybeth Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Finally something is helping my gerd! only on the first bottle but definitely ordering more!

Karen Walle Verified reviewer


I think this is helping plan to reorder

Peter Hunt Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Gut alive is the best digestive aid i have ever taken. i am so thankful that i found it and it has truly been a god send to me. my bowels are working so much better since i began using this product which makes my overall health better.

Rodny Myers Verified reviewer

Have been using gut alive for years now

Will continue to use... drs had me taking meds for my heart burn, indigestion and bloating. the meds made it liveable but not gone. heard about gut alive and will not be without it now..

Cynthia Lenhard Verified reviewer

Gut alive so far

I started my gut alive on july 30...and i am just starting to feel a bit better on august 18th altho i do the prescribed regimen of 2 per day. pants are feeling a bit loser, don't have to elevate my bed as far, do not feel as bloated and i wish i had a full 60 days before i have to decide about keeping or returning.

Shelley Sanderson Verified reviewer

Years of gastritis

I struggle with inflammation and gastritis... for years i have worked with nutritionists and doctors with my diet. it for sure helps but i would still have pain in my stomach. owning horses for 50 years i noticed how i could help them with supplements so i figured it may work for me too. i bought a bottle of gutalive. i am so happy with the results supplementing with gutalive. brings me the relief i need.....thank you!

Dawn Verified reviewer

Awesome product (gut alive)

I have struggled with stomach issues for years, and recently started having acid reflux. i ordered gut alive as a last resort before going to the doctor. this product is amazing, within days the chest pains went away and i felt so much better. my stomach issues are gone, i have been able to eat things i have not in years! thank you gut alive!

Susan Johnson Verified reviewer

Definitely a change in the right direction!

Believe it or not, i noticed gi changes within a few days of starting gut alive. less gas and bloating. i still have to watch what i eat but there is definitely a change in the right direction!

Gusie Verified reviewer

Great product, reasonable price

I have been using this product for a few years now and it is still working like when i first tried it. have not taken prilosec or any other similar products since i started taking gut alive. i strongly recommend it to anyone out there who have been told by doctors that they have ulcers, acid reflux, irritated throat/ digestive tract or similar problems. you will not regret it!

Dorothy Alspaugh Verified reviewer

Gut alive tames an overactive digestive system.

Fewer emergency trips to the bathroom. in fact, now after almost a week, just about back to normal.

Kellie Lockwood Verified reviewer

I think it works

Have been using it since april, now in sept. i think i can tell a difference in my gi symptoms. have changed my prescription med for gerd to an over the counter and so far so good!

Dawn Verified reviewer

Great product

Just got through the 1st bottle and so far so good. my stomach issues are so much better, seems to be helping with the acid refux as well. order more so we shall see how it goes. also quick delivery!

Karen R Raders Verified reviewer

Feeling better again

I previously took gut alive and stopped thinking i didn't need it any more because i was feeling better. my problems with digestion came back. i recently bought three bottles and have been taking gut alive every day. i feel like a new person again - not troubled by heartburn, etc. i will probably continue taking gut alive indefinitely since it works!

Natalie Keeler Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I have just about finished my first bottle of gut alive and ordered one more. i want to give it an honest try. it has been helping my acid reflux, using less ppi's. i am sensitive to everything so stated with a half of pill a day. i tried one pill for a few days when i started, but i got a headache so i went to a half and it is fine, i want to gradually increase and see. so far i'm happy with the product, i've tried everything and anything for 20 years to no avail. i am hopeful this product will help. thank you

Marilyn Stiles Verified reviewer

Gut alive review

I am recommending gut alive to everyone who experience acid reflux. i was always able to any spicy food but as i got older, i found myself with acid reflux in the evening after eating spicy food. i heard about gut alive and bought it. it has helped me a lot and i do not have to take pepcid or any acid reflux medication from the doctor. i highly recommend gut alive

Lisa Verified reviewer

Gut alive so far has been working pretty good

Hi! my name is lisa. i’ve been taking gut alive for about one month now. i’ve been on the pharmaceutical drugs for acid reflux, probably the past 5 years and i really want to get off them. the gut alive so far has been working pretty good. i started to cut my dose in half, probably in the last two weeks and that’s been working good.

and so i’m going to just stack and keep taking them along with my pharmaceutical drug and keep cutting back on that little by little until hopefully, i get off them completely. and just a little tidbit, in case you didn’t know, my doctor told me recently that those pharmaceutical drugs that you take for acid reflux can actually interrupt your absorption of calcium. so if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, you might want to consider, you know, making a change to that. thanks a lot!

Jess Verified reviewer

I feel like my system is back to normal

For many years, i have had stomach issues, like reflux, indigestion and those types of things. and the past few years it got quite so bad that it really affected my lifestyle i.e. trouble sleeping.

my work as a stuntman in the film industry, constantly doing strenuous workout and exercises too, and continuing to keep up with my occupation and my stomach issues were affecting my ability to do so.

so much so that i was seeing doctors, getting multiple things prescribed, from antacids and you named it.

and along with lifestyle changes, dietary changes, like walking after eating, smaller meals and just different foods to try to calm my system now and working a little better.

but it was still so bad that i still had a procedure scheduled to get my stomach checkout.

and just after a few weeks of trying out this gut alive product, i want to say that i feel like i don’t need the procedure any longer. i feel like my system is back to normal.

i’ve been back sleeping better, i’ve been back to strenuous workout and exercises without any stomach issues.

i want to attribute those positive changes to gut alive.

Jay Verified reviewer

I like the fact that you don’t have to chew antacids all the time.

My name is jay bb and i’ve been using gut alive now for about two months and it’s been working very well. i like the fact that you don’t have to chew antacids all the time.

i like the fact that it's all-natural ingredients, so it’s not hurting anything. i’ve got a long history with gerd [in the] last 35 years and this product does seem to work.

Jae Verified reviewer

I’m no longer having the acid reflux come up.

Hi, i just wanted to say that i’ve tried gut alive and i’m very happy with the results that i’ve gotten. i’m no longer having the acid reflux come up. i’m able to finish a meal now.

so it’s definitely cut down on the stomach acid that was constantly coming up. i’d definitely be a customer for life and i would recommend gut alive to anybody. thank you!

AnnaMaria Hagstrom Verified reviewer

Finally relief

I went in for a routine endoscopy because i had chronic nausea and often vomited after eating. i was told i had barrett's esophagus, pre-cancer cells that can turn into esophageal cancer. i thought they were crazy because i had no burning sensations, yet they insisted people often don't have burning, and i needed to be on omeprazole. i began taking omeprazole and was told that i needed to have an endoscopy once a year to make sure it was not turning cancerous. the longer i took the omeprazole, the worse my nausea and vomiting became. in fact, i was throwing up at least once a day. i began researching omeprazole and found it was linked to dementia and many other issues. i had cared for my father with alzheimer's and did not want to take anything that could contribute to that. after my second endoscopy and them telling me i needed to stay on the acid reducer, regardless of nausea and vomiting, i thought this is insane. i began researching to see if others were having the same issues and stumbled across gut alive. for the first time, i was hearing other experiences that were similar to mine, i wasn't crazy! i read story after story about how gut alive helped them. i decided i had nothing to lose since i could get my money back if it didn't work. i ordered gut alive and started taking it. i stopped omeprazole altogether because i was so ill taking it. within three weeks, i had stopped vomiting, and within six weeks, i was no longer nauseated. i continued taking gut alive for the next three years but had not had an endoscopy done because of covid and moving to another state. i thought maybe i don't need it anymore, but the nausea came back, and i began taking gut alive again. i just had an endoscopy done, and there is no sign of barrett's esophagus, and the mucous lining is intact and normal. i am not one to write testimonials, but gut alive warranted it. if you have stomach problems, don't take acid reducers, they are awful for your health. take gut alive! it is amazing.

John Vanorder Verified reviewer

A "skeptic" review

After trying several remedies for the suffering i was going through, i came across an add for gut alive on facebook. the ad looked fairly scammy to me but i clicked in anyway and read some of the reviews. after weighing what i read and seeing the reasonable price i decided i had nothing to lose! i noticed that they were very emphatic that you do a 3 month course and stick with it for maximum results. that's quite a bit of time to think about when you want relief now! to make a long review short, after three months of staying the course, i realized i hadn't had a serious flair up in days and anytime i felt something start up, it would level out and just stop! yay! i have recommended this to my sister who has had terrible issues with this issue and am expecting a good report.

Kellie Lockwood Verified reviewer

I think it works

So far, so good!! almost a year and symptoms are better

Barbara Leonard Verified reviewer

Gut alive

My doctor tried all kind of pills to alleviate my gerd and stomach issues. nothing worked. so i tried gut alive . after awhile i stopped all the pills he had me on and stayed with gut alive. it doesnt help 100 percent but it works better than everything else. i think i can say it works 90 percent. i do feel better .

David Verified reviewer


We have used gut alive for gastric reflux. this works far more effectively than pharmaceutical product for stabilizing gastric content.

EVELYN MYERS Verified reviewer

No more zantac

My husband had barrets disease...no longer shows on ct or endiscopic exam no more burping no more gas, we will not let it run out... thank you holistic labs.

Jeff Verified reviewer


Had been taking zinc that was not encapsulated. this product deliveries the zinc to my gut where it's needed!

Gerald Engel Verified reviewer

Gut alive review

I have been using gut alive continuously now for over six months. i showed my first bottle to my doctor due to the amount of anti-acid products i was using due to an upset stomach. she recommended i continue using gut alive. that was over six months ago. i have been writing good reviews ever since. i am now ordering 6 bottles to save a little money.

Janice I Wauben Verified reviewer

Gut alive beneficial

I have suffered severe gerd for decades, and for the first time i am managing it more effectively. dietary change in combination with gut alive and wonderful recipes and advice are the main factors. thanks so much! i hope over time i will be able to stop taking protonix. i wish the japanese study were more widely known and implemented here.

Gerald Couch Verified reviewer

Great product

I’m so happy to have found a quality product with natural ingredients to help me with my gut and heartburn issues. thanks hhl!

Scott Brennan Verified reviewer

Makes a difference

All i can say is that i feel better when i take this regularly vs when i don't so i continue to use this product. with many supplement's it's hard to tell if they work or not, this one i feel the difference so i will continue to use it. simple as that...

K F ETHRIDGE Verified reviewer

A great help with the acid reflux

I have been taking gut alive for about nine months, and my serious case of acid reflux is about 90% eliminated. i am hoping that another two or three months on gut alive will completely eliminate the acid reflux.

Nancy Winterpacht Verified reviewer


I was very skeptical about this product, like any product on the internet that claims to good. i was suffering with a ton of heartburn and i even will get food stuck in my esophagus from chronic inflammation. nothing helped. i did not want to go on acid blockers because of their long term side effects. gut alive has been a game changer for me. i have not felt this good in years. i have no heartburn anymore. my whole intestine tract is much much better. much less gas and bloating after meals as well. it started to work right away in the first two weeks. i have recommended it to many people. i am thrilled to have found this product.

Susan Browning Verified reviewer

A satisfying customer

I'm glad i saw gut alive on facebook and decided to give it a try, i'll have to admit i was a bit skeptical at first but then i said what have i got to lose and low and behold i saw results within 4 weeks.i'm slowly weaning off of my ppi and acid reducer. i have minimal to no heartburn. i can sleep peacefully without waking up to heartburn and i can once again eat the foods i love thank you gut alive!

Willie Harlow Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Have been taking gut alive for about three weeks. so far i have not had any reflux. i plan to order more. thanks.

Sheridan Harrington Verified reviewer

I so appreciate gut alive!

Hi! i want to tell you about gut alive, it is a miracle non-drug. a couple of months ago i learned that i probably have a hiatal hernia and my symptoms are getting worse and worse, burning, acid reflux, regurgitation. my doctor's only advice was to incline the head of my bed, which was difficult to do and very uncomfortable. then i saw the ad for gut alive. after one week of taking this product, i was amazed at the difference. my symptoms were almost gone. i've been taking it now for a little over a month. i still have hiatal hernia so i still have some regurgitation, some burping, some pressure but it doesn't burn and even when there's a little bit of regurgitation there's no burning. this is so great! i highly recommend it! i give it a five star rating. and i hope that other's will try it because it's amazing! there are no side effects, you don't have to worry about what ever else could be in there it's just natural herbs and read the list of ingredients very simple, very straight forward and it really works. and i so appreciate gut alive!

Richard Wintermantel Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I have had gerd for over 2 years. in january i had nausea and stomach pain for about 2 weeks after a 2 week virus of some kind. had a lot of tests done. nothing stuck out. been taking gut alive for about 2 weeks with no more nausea or stomach pain currently after several days of taking gut alive. been eating mediterranean diet also for over a month plus probiotics. gerd seems to be better but still not completely gone.

Nelson Novick Verified reviewer

Best choice for gerd i ever made

Within a couple of weeks of taking gut alive, my gerd symptoms completely went away and i was able to stop taking otc antacids, with rare exception, ever since then and it has now been over three years. i have recommended it to any fellow sufferers of chronic heartburn.

William Eager Verified reviewer

Troy Ray Verified reviewer


I was on ppi’s for the last year and didn’t help. started taking gut alive and i’m doing better after one bottle. great product.

Gloria Osborne Verified reviewer

Thank you so much!

Hello, my name is gloria osborne and i have been on gut alive for about a month and a half. oh my goodness after about the second day. i started feeling just a little different. i'd have to say a little less full feeling not really bloated, but just full feeling and i have been diagnosed with barrett's esophagus. i've been scoped twice down my esophagus and i also and had been diagnosed with gerd. and i think the first big thing i noticed was that after almost a month i could feel my esophagus was open because when i would take a pill sometimes, it feels like it's just stuck there and you can't actually burp because it just feels something just feels stuck. well, i don't have that anymore. and then i started noticing less and less burning in my stomach.

i still i know i need to sleep on my left side and i researched everything i can research and everything that's in the gut alive. just really makes sense as to why it should work. so i bought a three months supply and i already know since i only been on it a month and a half that i am going to order more. i have been on prescription nexium 40 milligrams for over two years. i go back to my gastroenterologist in august and i am down to about five more nexium and then i am totally going off of it. it does cause organ damage and long-term and i would so much other take something natural instead of a prescription.

so i was very skeptical about the advertising on it. i read every single word you all have published on this and i thought i'd sure love to try it. just i try anything to get rid of this acid. so my father also had it but he's passed and he passed from esophageal cancer. so it's a real serious thing for me. so i think you offer your product and i will be a continual user of this. thank you so much.

Mary Toro Verified reviewer

Better than most

I've tried many products for aid in digestion, gas, bloating and acid reflux. this product has helped with most of those issues. i would give it 5 stars but it hasn't helped much with the reflux.

Nancy Blessing Verified reviewer

Alice Sievert Verified reviewer

Good product

I had bought the gut alive but didn't start taking them until i had a flare up that literally put me out of commission. i couldn't eat, i was nauseous all the time and i was so weak that all i could do was stay in bed. my doctor recommended the product and i remembered that i had some so i began taking it. within a couple of weeks i was feeling much better and and month and a half later i am almost back to normal. i did take another gut health supplement as well but all i can say is that i feel 100% better now. thank you gut alive!

Carmel Crowther Verified reviewer

Amazing product

I have suffered with ibs-d for over 15 years. i have gone to numerous gi doctors, have had many of the medications that have been mentioned by others for ibs. nothing has worked. i was scheduled to give a lab stool sample & several blood tests, & also an egd (where they send a camera down your throat for acid reflux) in july 2023. my doctor also wanted to schedule a colonoscopy(only 3 years since my last one). one night i woke up in the middle of the night & i said to myself, "enough already" & researched the internet for 2 hours when i found gut alive. i studied the testimonials & decided to buy one bottle. of course i was skeptical, but gave it a go. i cannot believe in just 9 days of taking it twice a day with meals, it has changed my life! i actually felt a difference my third day. i can travel in the car for long distances, am not anxious anymore in traffic jams worried about making it to a bathroom. i am not interrupted with frequent bathroom breaks when working. i feel almost 100% normal again. i stopped taking all medications with my doctor's permission. i still take nexium for acid reflux, but hopefully in time, i can eliminate that too. for anyone who has suffered with ibs-d, i am telling you to order it immediately & hopefully you will have the same results as i have had.

Phyllis Briggs Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I have used it for several years & it's a must have for my daily supplements. great product.

Terry Q Verified reviewer

So glad i found it

I have been using gut alive for almost a month and after 34 years of stomach problems i have found the product that is healing my stomach not just managing the symptoms. i highly recommend this product. definitely a 5 star product.

Tammy H Verified reviewer


I am really glad to have found this product. i have only been taking it for a couple of weeks but am already seeing a difference. i will review more as i use it.

Terry Quinn Verified reviewer

I am very, very happy with gut alive.

I am very, very happy with gut alive. i have had trouble with my stomach for over 34 years and after just over a month have seen major improvement. within a few days my stomach had stopped hurting (it had been hurting for so long i didn't even realize it until it stopped) it is no longer distended. i can tell it is healing more and more as time goes on. i will not be doing a video to share my progress, but you are very welcome to use my comments.

Scott Carey Verified reviewer

Seems to be helping

Been using it a couple weeks now and it seems to be making a difference. will continue to use and see if it helps long term.only beef i have is it feels it is overpriced.

MARTA PIERSON Verified reviewer


Gut alive is a great products. i have barrett's esophagus and the symptoms have improved since i started taking it. also, my husband used to have acid reflux often, and since he started taking gut alive, his condition has diminished. thank you.

Sheridan Harrington Verified reviewer

Miracle non-drug

Gut alive saved me from a miserable existence! i was having frequent burning burps and regurgitation, and it was getting worse. my doctor said, "you probably have a hiatal hernia, just incline the head of your bed," but that was impossible with the bed i have! i started taking gut alive, and after only one week, i saw a huge improvement. now i have almost no symptoms. i'm so thankful!

Eva Michaud Verified reviewer

Helpful product

It seems to help me against reflux - so i will continue using. hoping the price goes down a bit.

Dawn Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I have been taking gut alive for a while and will continue to take it! within a few weeks, i felt so much better, i can eat foods i hadn't been able to in years. my issue was that fried and greasy foods would tear up my stomach. now i can eat them with no issues. love gut alive!!

Todd Parker Verified reviewer

Gut alive really works

I have been plagued with acid reflux for years and have tried most everything out there but nothing ever really helped. acid blockers sometimes gave temporary relief but i did not like taking them for the long term, after one month taking the gut alive, i still have occasional heartburn, but it has improved by ninety percent. hopefully it will knock it out completely with continued use. i would definitely recommend giving this a try as it actually works to prevent heartburn, not just hide the symptoms.

Sailing Soohoo Verified reviewer

Amanda Jones Verified reviewer

Sherry Colby Verified reviewer

Beachcomber Verified reviewer

Gut alive healed my esophagus

After reading about gut alive's researched natural ingredients, i decided to slowly phase out the omeprazole. i took 2 capsules a day, with absolutely no side effects. the results were amazing! i have been taking gut alive, only, for over two years, and my esophagus is totally healed! so thankful to take control of my digestive system in a life giving, sustainable way.

Carol Mike Verified reviewer

Gut alive

Have been taking 2 a day with meal. seems to be working been on it for 2 weeks. just have to be careful of what i eat. my poop is getting better going everyday in stead of every two to three days. when i get a flare up seems to be not as severe. hopefully i will start feeling much better day by day.

Westly Morris Verified reviewer

Gut alive

I truly am a fan of gut alive & based on my personal experience the past 10 weeks would easily recommend the product to others with chronic acid reflux which i have experienced.

Myco Ultra Made with Certified Mushroom Matrix

20 Reviews

David Verified reviewer

This would seem to confirm that this is not a placibo!

My partner has hiv. much to our surprise and delight, within 30 days of taking this, my partner also began to feel much more energetic, and his appetite increased as well! he is looking and feeling much healthier, and is finally starting to gain weight and muscle-tone! (which is very difficult for someone with hiv)

Sharon Verified reviewer

Still in disbelief, i no longer need symbicort at all! no steroids at all!

Oh my gosh! still in utter shock and disbelief about what this product has done for me. having desperately needed to take an inhaled steroid twice a day, every single day

Maria Verified reviewer

This stuff prevented my hair from falling off

I read an article about medicinal mushrooms and all the health benefits that they provide. i have to say, aside from all the benefits this stuff prevented my hair from falling off.

Karen Hills Verified reviewer

Myco ultra - the best !

Myco ultra is one of the best natural antibiotics - it does what it says, and why it was created. i have used many products in the past, and most just have a lot of hype, but no function. i just love every holistic lab's formulas. thought and effort has gone into every product. i trust them implicitly.

Joyce Oberholtzer Verified reviewer


Not sure if this has been a component of staying healthy this treacherous year, but i have not gotten a cold, flu and thankfully covid. i like that myco ultra has replaced 2 of the supplements i was taking.

Dan Pokryfke Verified reviewer

Seemed to work almost immediately for my type 2 diabetes

I'm a truck driver who needs a physical every two years for my dot license. 4 years ago i went in and typed two diabetes popped up in my ear and specimen. i was told i could either take medication or lose weight i lost wait and that lowered my blood sugar level to normal. i wasn't able to maintain the weight loss and had a blood test which showed the type two diabetes had returned. i was due for my two year physical and started taking these tablets one week prior to my visit. a friend of mine had recommended these to me anyhow they tested my blood sugar with a finger prick and it was actually 79 and told me i needed to go get something to eat. imagine that doctor telling me to get something to eat instead of losing weight.

Delbert E. Verified reviewer

I like mycoultra very much

Hi i like the product very much, my feet were getting cold which they never did before, doctor said it was my sugar doing that, would have to go on metformin for my sugar, read up on it, knew it was not for me plus doctor said i had prostate problems, did not like the sound of that either, went on line found your product liked what i read, tried it my feet are warm, so doc said i am ok for now. i've been taking this for i believe 3-4 years now what can i say i like the product it is doing something for me, my wife is on vision alive it seems to be holding her eyesight so is good also. thanks.

Betty Branson Verified reviewer

Myco ultra

I ordered this to help with my immune system, at 82 yrs old and the virus going around i wanted something that would help me stay healthy.

Barbara Oman Verified reviewer

Microbiome is happy!

Within 30 minutes of taking my daily capsule, i can feel activity within my colon which tells me work in underway. and i make sure i take the capsule at least 1.5 hours away from food as directed. it's one of few supplements i can actually feel and hear it's working! thank you, hhl, for your product & research.

Hal Simons Verified reviewer

It works

Since taking myco ultra three years ago i haven't had a respiratory infection during that time. prior to taking it every spring with allergies i would somehow in up with a respiratory infection. but so far since taking a myco ultra pill in the evening before i go to bed, no problems.

Frances Goff Verified reviewer

Already feeling better

To be happily gross, i must say that myco-ultra is saving my gut in ways nothing else has. i f'-ing love science!

Patricia F Goff Verified reviewer

Still taking!

My best supplement so far.

Barbara Oman Verified reviewer

Myco ultra

I found out about myco ultra when i was purchasing holistic health labs other product, vision alive max. knowing the power mushrooms have on our gut health i was impressed with the research holistic health labs has done in creating myco ultra. so i bought 4 bottles in oct. '20 and immediately felt the activity in my microbiome and increase volume in my stool. i continue to get my 4 bottles and take one capsule between breakfast and lunch (away from food). their vision alive max has also helped support my mild age-related macular degeneration with no advancing of that condition. i appreciate the quality and science holistic health labs puts into their products and recommend them whenever appropriate.

RBrackett Verified reviewer

Was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer

That is what i was told. they wanted me to take a drug that had side effects that would probably have taken my life. one drug in particular is discontinued not only in the united states, but in the world. the drug is not supposed to be given to anyone but is still being prescribed for patients. i refused to take it. i started taking mycoultra and was put in a scan machine and no cancer was found anywhere in my body. i have told several people about mycoultra and will continue to spread the word because people are not aware of this remarkable discovery. i will continue to order and take mycoultra.

Basil Pinto Verified reviewer


Luv this stuff. works great. highly recommend. aaa all the way.

Connie Perez Verified reviewer

myco ultra definitely supports my body

I found that by taking myco, my body's ability seems to resist germs, bacteria, and or viruses. my body's immunity is enhanced and i am able to overcome sickness faster or i do not get sick when others are sick around me. i do not get as sickly as i used to. my energy levels are sustained and i am able to stay healthier for longer days even as i get older. there are no side effects and i seem to have a higher tolerance for germs. i love myco ultra. thank you for making this product available to all of us. i am 73 yrs. old and will continue to use it.

MaryJo Erickson Connor Verified reviewer

Great product

I am happy to have discovered this valuable addition to my supplement regime!

Betty Branson Verified reviewer

Myco ultra

i'm sold on this, i believe it heips my immune system. i'm 83 yrs. old had the covid virus. stayed home and got over it without being too sick.

Barbara Oman Verified reviewer

Myco ultra

I believe this product has improved my bowel health since i started myco ultra in 2020. my elimination flows easily and has more volumn. a bottle of it sits on my desk, and i take it a couple hours after breakfast since it's recommended taken away from food. it has been a healthy addition for my body!

Yahdinah Snipes Verified reviewer

Uri Alive Triple Action Formula

56 Reviews

Elizabeth Verified reviewer

It helps my uti

I no longer have recurring uti. this is a life-saver for me. i was admitted to hospital several times o

Danielle Verified reviewer

I've repurchased this already and i love 'em that i totally recommend this to my friends

In the last four years or so i'd say i get a uti about 4 to 8 times a year, it was always a really bad experience and i dreaded having to wait forever at the clinic and it's often a really inconvenient times. i kept going back for more antibiotics which i hated because they're harsh and we all know that they lead to yeast infections usually. so i ended up moving to this foreign country last year where i wasn't sure how accessible english speaking doctors were gonna be, make me nervous. and i had previously tried just pure cranberry juice to no avail. so i looked up what to do for the best prevention and i found the urialive uti video and i'm not exaggerating i haven't had single uti for a solid year since having the urialive around. anytime i was doing anything that i knew might trigger a uti i would just be sure to take before and after, and i have not had any symptoms of any infection at all since then. i've repurchased this already and i love 'em that i totally recommend this to my friends. they are a combination of cranberries, prebiotics and probiotics, i feel like is a really easy preventative supplement. thank you

Phyllis Verified reviewer

I will continue to take this product and look forward to all knowing benefits from it

I’ve been taking uri alive for about 3 weeks now and it had no further episodes of my uti. i also noticed that at my incontinence issue has diminished. so i will continue to take this product and look forward to all knowing benefits from it.

Sharon Verified reviewer

This really worked for me and i would recommend it to anyone who has uti problems

I was stuck in a terrible cycle of recurrent utis. i hate having them and i hate always going to the doctor and getting the same antibiotics to treat them.

Danielle Verified reviewer

This product keeps me on track and i don’t have to take 3 different supplements to do it!

I’m only 35 and have been dealing with chronic utis and bladder infections for as long as i could remember, so urinary health is on my radar.

Susan Verified reviewer

Great product!

Even though i don’t have a uti now,i would like to continue to use this product for prevention. thanks for a great product!

Zissy A Verified reviewer

Uri alive review

Hi, i have been suffering from uti for a while. i started this product about a month ago. since i started this product i did not have any uti infections. this is a great product, i recommend it to anyone who suffers from uti infections.

JENNIFER FORBES Verified reviewer

Happy purchaser

Pat Verified reviewer

Uri alive

I am so happy with this product. i had been told i was antibiodic resistant for my uti but 2 weeks into uri alive i am so much better. no pains now. i totally recommend it.

Patricia Verified reviewer

It really works.

I was getting a uti every other week for months. i started taking uri alive and have not had a uti in 3 months.

Ramona Samuelson Verified reviewer

Uri alive

I have been taking this for about 2 weeks. the pre and probiotics seemed to help my intestinal issues the first week. my bladder problems have slowly improved so now i am getting up less and night and sleeping better. my partner who found your video for me to watch is also trying it for his milder bladder and intestinal issues. i am hopeful it will continue to be helpful and prevent the need for increasing use of prescriptions for my bladder. i have tried other pre and probiotics and this is the first one i really thought was helpful. your cranberry formula also seems better that others. in another month i hope i can give it even a higher rating. it still seems too good to be true?

Darlene Watkins Verified reviewer


This is the second time i've ordered urialive. it has helped to prevent my constant urinary infections, relieved bladder and urination pain and reduced my incontinence.

Robin Skiff Verified reviewer

Tried it on uti and it works

My husband uses uri alive every day as he is a quadriplegic and utis all the time. his urologist at kaiser recommended cranberry extract instead of antibiotics so he tried this brand and it works. thank you for this product.

Karen C Verified reviewer


Uri alive worked for me after trying everyting......it is great to finally get my utis under control!

Karen Shaffer Verified reviewer

Uri alive is the best!

I was getting reoccurring uti's, 4 in the last 6 months. started taking urialive & the last 9 months i haven't had any! i have never felt better. highly recommended

Patricia Frances Goff Verified reviewer

Still taking!

My review may have more stars once i pass the 30-day mark.

Krista Verified reviewer

This actually works...

I've been taking urialive for months now. i waited to write a review to make sure it actually works long term and it does! last year i had 5 uti's. while taking antibiotics cleared them up temporarily, they continued to reappear after a short while. since taking ua i have not had a repeat infection- thank goodness!!

Kathy Hudson Verified reviewer


Urialive has been the best ever treatment for uti's for me! i am no longer having reoccurring uti's since i started taking this supplement two years ago.

Theresa Bennett Verified reviewer

Great product

I have been using urialive since 2018 and have not had a bladder infection since.

Betty Prepiora Verified reviewer


I have been using this product for several years. i was constantly getting uti's. i went to a urologist many times and the problem was never resolved. since i have been using this product, no more uti's. thank you!

Laura Bubna Verified reviewer

Uri alive

I have used uri alive for maintenance and prevention of uti's for a few years with great results.

Sue Maddelein Verified reviewer

Uri alive

I was on medication that caused me to get recurring uti's. when i started taking uri alive the uti problem got much better. i'm no longer on that medication but am still taking uri alive as a preventive. i highly recommend it!

DEBRA FUNARI Verified reviewer


I am one of thousands of women who are immune to antibiotics... after six months of uti after uti 5 rounds of antibiotics, three rounds steroids, and to many to count dr. appointments for more urine tests. where they change antibiotics. i have refused any more antibiotics.. my dr. didn't offer anything but ("this happens to some women.")(" i can help you feel better with more antibiotics.") i said no thank you. i went to internet to study cause and cures. i found hundreds of titles.. i watched the video and was totally amazed...i ordered and am on my first bottle. so far so good. i am hoping this is answer for me.. and may help thousands of other women..

Laura Raymond Verified reviewer

Having become alergic to most antibiotics

Because i had a uti and i got c diff from the antibiotic given me, i decided to try this very expensive form of cranberry supplement as it is supposed to get past my stomach acids etc. i have been on it for about 6 weeks and so far, no more uti.

Patricia Verified reviewer

Reordering for the third time

I was getting constant utis, at least 2 a month for 6 months. i tried uri alive and have only had one uti in 10 months. i am so glad i found uri alive.

Kathleen A Hudson Verified reviewer


I have been using urialive for several years now and i haven't had a urinary tract infection since i started taking this! i am so thankful for this product. i told my doctor about urialive!

Michelle Gulatto Verified reviewer

Product is great but i may have a ph imbalance causing uti's...?

Excellent company, product and customer service. although it did help, i did end up getting an antibiotic. but i had been battling this infection for 6 months. i am on my period now and the uti always seems to go away during my period. i am 53 am still having my periods every 3 to 4 weeks. so i may be in some sort of reversed menopause....? i would like to continue taking uri alive. i am going to get my ph tested. if it is too alkaline i would like to get a probiotic that will correct the levels. i believe that may have something to do with the uti's. the doctor i spoke to who prescribed macrobid for 7 days said she suffered from uti's her whole life and after menopause they just went away. i hope i can get this balanced. this has been a frustrating experience. i appreciate this company and all they do to help with women's health.

Barbara D Verified reviewer


Urialive has been very helpful to me. i have taken it for a year so far, and once i finally got the infection knocked out with the help of antibiotics, the urialive has kept me uti free for a year. i spent the majority of the pandemic in 2020 with a recurring antibiotic resistant uti, which made a stressful year even more stressful. once i started taking it, my bladder was less irritated, and it got better and better, until i realized i hadn’t thought about uti’s or being so uncomfortable with an irritated bladder in a long time. and if it ever feels like something might be starting up again, the symptoms have gone away without having to pay a visit to the dr again. i’ve been quite happy with my progress on the uri alive supplement, and am on the 6 month auto renewal. i was totally surprised and unhappy when i was unable to get my auto renewal supply in november due to the company being completely out of stock. they didn’t even have a smaller supply to send me to keep me going. so far i haven’t had any recurrences with the uti issue, but i was depending on it for maintenance to keep the problem away. i’m not happy that the company isn’t there for me and anyone else who was counting on the product to keep us uti free. to date (jan 3rd) there is still an “out of stock“ statement on the order page.

Dayle E Verified reviewer

Uri alive a life saver

Ever since i have been taking uri alive i have not had a urinary tract infection. i take it faithfully every day. my husband is a doctor and he is very impressed with how well it keeps my urinary tract healthy.

Healthy Homes Nutrition Verified reviewer


This product has made my uti's a thing of the past. i take one capsule daily for maintenance and if i feel like an infection is coming on, i take 3 a day for a week and i have not had to get uti medication for years.

Debbie Whitmer Verified reviewer

Uri alive

Uri alive really helped me and finally gave me total relief when dr. prescribed medications would not work any more (such as a prescribed anti-inflammatory and different antibiotics) after i had a relapse of interstitial cystitis (which is what the dr. diagnosed) which is a chronic condition causing bladder pressure, bladder pain in which the dr.'s do not even know what causes it. after taking uri alive for only a couple of days, the pain was finally gone! i'm glad i found uri alive!

JACQUELINE SWINNIE Verified reviewer

Uri alive

i still have had a breakthrough but not near as much since i use uri alive

JACQUELINE SWINNIE Verified reviewer


Recently got another uti, uri alive i hope have decreased the the amount i get. so frustrating.

TrueMarble Verified reviewer

Great product

My mother-in-law fought utis for 9 months until we started the urialive cranberry pills.. she has been uti free since starting, about 4 years.

Laura Bubna Verified reviewer

Uri alive

Uri alive has helped me maintain urinary health. i use to have chronic uti's, but no longer have trouble with them.

Dennis Shillingburg Verified reviewer

Good product

Good product and company

Richard Batiste Verified reviewer

Maximum strength

Speeding up a healing process

Maxine Fagerland Verified reviewer

Shanda Verified reviewer

I have not had one uti nor have i taken any antibiotics in the last 7 months.

Hello, my name is shanda and i am doing a review of the uri alive product from holistic health labs. about 3 years ago, i had surgery and since that surgery, i’ve dealt with uti’s. for about 3 years, i was on antibiotics off and on. the first 6 months of last year, i was on a low dose antibiotic every day in order to keep the uti’s under control and [i’m] still having symptoms and of course, antibiotics destroy so much good bacteria in your body. so i was having other issues because of the antibiotics. when i ran across this product, i was really desperate to find something natural to keep my body balance. i found this and this has been a lifesaver for me.

i’ve been taking it now for about 7 months and i’m about to order another 6 month supply. i take 2 a day and i have not had one uti nor have i taken any antibiotics in the last 7 months. praise god! i really recommend it and i know that you’re dealing with it, i understand it’s very painful and you know, it’s an inconvenience. it’s something that nobody wants to deal with and as women, it’s something that we deal with on a regular basis or some people deal with on a regular basis. so if you’re dealing with that, i recommend that you try this. it would definitely help and it’s been a lifesaver for me.

thank you for holistic health labs that’s taking the time and the resource to invest in creating a product that helps us to be healthy without taking medications that are damaging our body. thank you for that and i recommend that you try it!

Betty Verified reviewer

I strongly recommend if you're battling problems with uti's

My name is betty, i have battled bladder infections for the last 20 years, i have seen specialists, i have been on antibiotics to get rid of the bladder infections and i start having trouble with my tendons, so i got online to see if there was some way i could get rid of my bladder infections without having me taking antibiotics.

i read about uri alive and i decided to give it a try. i started taking it in december of '19 and i have been on it ever since. i have had recurrences but i just increase uri alive and it goes away, i strongly recommend if you're battling problems with uti's, bladder infections, to give it a try and see if it might be an answer for you.

Danielle Verified reviewer

I've repurchased this already and i love 'em that i totally recommend this to my friends

In the last four years or so i'd say i get a uti about 4 to 8 times a year, it was always a really bad experience and i dreaded having to wait forever at the clinic and it's often a really inconvenient times. i kept going back for more antibiotics which i hated because they're harsh and we all know that they lead to yeast infections usually. so i ended up moving to this foreign country last year where i wasn't sure how accessible english speaking doctors were gonna be, make me nervous. and i had previously tried just pure cranberry juice to no avail. so i looked up what to do for the best prevention and i found the uri alive uti video and i'm not exaggerating i haven't had single uti for a solid year since having the uri alive around.

anytime i was doing anything that i knew might trigger a uti i would just be sure to take before and after, and i have not had any symptoms of any infection at all since then. i've repurchased this already and i love 'em that i totally recommend this to my friends. they are a combination of cranberries, prebiotics and probiotics, i feel like is a really easy preventative supplement. thank you

Phyllis Verified reviewer

No further episodes of my uti

I’ve been taking uri alive for about 3 weeks now and it had no further episodes of my uti. i also noticed that at my incontinence issue has diminished. so i will continue to take this product and look forward to all knowing benefits from it.

MARYLYNN B PAPANEK Verified reviewer

Uri alive

Uri alive works for me. no more urinary tract infections.

MARYLYNN B PAPANEK Verified reviewer

Uri alive

Since i have been using uri alive i have not had any urinary tract infections. love uri alive.

Dennis Shillingburg Verified reviewer

Good product

Helps my mom with her uti problems.

Doug Baker Verified reviewer

Thanks for a preat product

Been with you now some 4 years. five years ago i had a 9 mm kidney stone surgically removed. that procedure somehow opened me up to my first urinary track infection at age 76. the medical profession said just take antibiotics, but that is not the answer. so, i searched on my own on the internet and came upon reviews from people associated with you. here i am and rare to get another uti. thank you all. the cranberry supps and plenty of water really help. been a year since last uti

Anthony Basirico Verified reviewer

Urinary tract-ugg!

I am a 62 year old male. i have to catheterize myself ounce a day. i have had one uti after another. antibiotics which were 2 months ago destroying all the good flora in my digestive tract. i started taking uri 2 months ago. no uti's since then. a miracle! i'm a believer.

Laura L Bubna Verified reviewer

Uri alive

This product has completely changed my life! i use to suffer from chronic uti's before i started on uri alive. now if i feel a uti coming on, i just take 3 tablets a day for 7 days and i never have a full blown infection, don't need to go to the doctor or take antibiotics.

Pat Verified reviewer

Works great

I have been using uri alive for years almost 3 years and have only had one uti in all that time. it works.

Amanda Verified reviewer

Love it!

After chronic bladder issues my whole life after taking uri alive i feel like a new person. i was skeptical, but i'm telling you...this stuff works! very grateful to have my life back!

Daisy Gonzalez Verified reviewer

Uri alive

I was at a point in my life where l would try anything to stop my bladder issues. thanks goodness l came across your advertisement cause these pills have helped me a lot to be able to function without so much pain.l take them daily, l do have my bad days but the pills have helped relieve the discomfort by 80% thank you and l will continue taking them.

Heidi Hinkle Verified reviewer

Interstitial cystitis

I have had interstitial cystitis (ic) for many years. you suffer terribly with pain. it is also called painful bladder syndrome. i just happened upon holistic health website and thought i'd try uri alive. it is now part of my daily routine to combat ic. i have been managing with no pain for at least 2 years now. so if you have ic, get uri alive to help. i also take a 90 billion probiotic in addition to uri alive. bacteria getting thru damaged bladder lining causes ui's which in turn causes ic to flare. so far things are working! i am very happy with uri alive.

Mary Linander Verified reviewer

Thank you

I had an uti that wouldn’t clear up! i went to my doctor,my gyno,my urologist and each prescribed me different antibiotics! nothing seemed to help???? i found urialive on the internet and decided to try it- it totally cleared me up but it took a whole container- i bought another to have around- years later,i have another infection- by the second day,the pain is gone! i had suffered for 5 days before i remembered i had this! i’m not sure how long to keep taking it,but i will never be without! thank you!

Ellen Bristoe Verified reviewer

Uti review

I was having uti's very frequently, sometimes once a month. my urologist had just about given up on my case. i started taking uri alive in october, 2023 and have not had a uti since then. before that, i had taken other homeopathic supplements which did not work. thank you.

Suzanne Boughton Verified reviewer

Uri alive

I have used uri alive for years and i have not had a uti in all that time. i will continue to use it. it completely helped me when antibiotics just made me sick

Michelle Verified reviewer

Really works

I have use this product for a year and have not had a uti since i started taking. i was skeptical, but miserable with several unrgent care visits, which are expensive. this has been so helpful and successful!

ProbioShield 25 Billion CFU

4 Reviews

Louise Verified reviewer

I've been taking this probiotic for about four years now and i can move freely again

This is a mistake even medical practitioners make, and it can ruin your chances of a complete healing...

Kay Verified reviewer

I've been recommending this stuff to everyone!

I have suffered from constant diarrhea for almost 10 years. i was diagnosed with ibs. but medicine only worked so much. i started taking these on a recommendation of a friend.

John Verified reviewer

My gas and bloating has almost totally been eliminated

I used to have severe bloating, extreme fatigue, severe food allergies/sensitivities, extreme chemical sensitivities, carb sensitivity, skin problems, cravings, and ibs symptoms. i tried a few other probiotic brands/formulas with pretty much no results. about every other week, i was struggling with constipation and a feeling similar to sharp rocks in my digestive tract, even while religiously eating a bowl of fiber one cereal every morning, as directed by my doctor. that issue is gone now. also, my gas and bloating has almost totally been eliminated as well

Tiffany Benfield Verified reviewer


I have crohns so it's difficult to find things that work with me and don't make my symptoms worse. this product seems to work well for me.

Organic Elderberry Shield (Sambucus Nigra)

7 Reviews

Robert R. Verified reviewer

Elderberry shield strengthens the immune system for flu and allergies.

For about 2 years, i started making the elderberry syrup using fresh or dried elderberries. it took a while for my children to get used to its taste and smell. it upsets me whenever they refused to take it, thinking that they missed a dose of something that helps them from not getting sick. i'm so glad to receive an email from ms. emma deangela of the alkaline diet for better health & happiness about the elderberry shield. the capsule is tasteless and odorless. the price is reasonable and very convenient, compared to making the syrup.

Rick & Tina Verified reviewer

Awesome taste and great price...

When the sickness comes around nothing better to beat it. good price and well worth it....

Carole J. Read Verified reviewer

These work!

My husband and i take these a few weeks before flying. it seems to work really well as we haven’t come come with the sniffles.

Tinatoast Verified reviewer

Great elderberry product

I love that it also contains echinacea and is organic!!! i am an essential employee and have taken this 2 times a day for the past 2 months. i think it has even helped with my sinus issue. will definitely be buying again!!!

Cherie Hall Verified reviewer

Health is everything

I bought this product to keep me healthy and keep my immune system strong thru the winter

John K Verified reviewer

Helps to fight flu.

To help fight flu, have taken this for several years and with this plus flu shot had no flu.

Howard Robbins Verified reviewer



Joints Alive Superior Absorption Formula

16 Reviews

Paul LaPointe Verified reviewer

I have no more swelling

Hi laura, good afternoon my name is paul lapointe. i just want to give you a little testimonial video on your product joints alive. about maybe 7 years ago is when my knees started throbbing and i could tell that arthritic pain was starting to set in, specially the line of work i’m in. fast forward to today and i used to go to work everyday, some days was so bad were i’d be limping during the course of the day. i went to the doctor, he said i have a little fluid on my knee and he could recommend we could draw some of the fluids out, put on some pain medication or may try some supplements that you can buy online. i order 2 months supply figuring that’s going to take about a month so for it to work into my system. after 2 weeks my swelling is almost all gone and the arthritic pain has subsided 10 fold. being on a month now, i have no more swelling and i’m not limping anymore at work, i love the product, it’s working great. i couldn’t be more pleased with it and feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions. but other than thanks for creating a great product and you have a lifelong customer. have a great day.

Andrea Sonnabend Verified reviewer

It is so much less painful and i’m back to almost normal activities

I tore ligaments in my knee and it was so inflamed that physical therapy wasn’t making it get better. so i found this (joints alive). it is so much less painful and i’m back to almost normal activities and i love this stuff. it’s hard to believe how good it works. thank you!

Heather Verified reviewer

It’s great to find a product that works.

My mother is 75 years old and has been suffering from arthritis for over two decades. we have tried every possible medication, but in vain. her pain is mainly concentrated over her knees and her back.

the worse part was her stomach lining was permanently damaged from 20 years of narcotics. my uncle who also had arthritis gifted her joints alive for her birthday and recommended that she should start looking for safer alternatives that would not damage her stomach.

after just 5 days, she began to notice a reduction of the intensity of pain in her knees. the total duration of the ‘pain spikes’ have all fallen dramatically and she gets at least 5,000 steps a day on her pedometer now. she can sleep through the night without pain, which means our family gets the rest we need as well. it’s great to find a product that works.

Maryanne Verified reviewer

I’m a believer!

I’m 63 years old and was recently forced to retire early due to my aching knees. i had the worst arthritis in my knees and couldn’t walk up and down the stairs. the doctor asked me to go for physio after my arthroscopies but it made my knees worse than before. i went back to the doctor today and he offered a cortisone injection. i have only ever had one cortisone injection before in my hand and was in agony for 24 hours after. even though i had agreed, i was really panicking.

luckily i had a window period to decide and my daughter bought joints alive for me. at first i was really skeptical that nothing could help me because i’ve tried a few different products with no results at all, thinking that it’s just like ‘the other products’.

but after much persuasion from my daughter, i started taking joints alive and i’ve got to say, this stuff is pretty incredible. 2 capsules every day has made the persistent pain and stiffness completely subsided. i even called up my doctor and told him that i don’t need the cortisone injection anymore. i’m a believer!

Allan Verified reviewer

Now i’m able to do things that i haven’t done without pain in several years, it feels great!

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago. i’ve tried everything like no processed foods, no yeast which helped me lose a few pounds, but there was still no relief from ra. the ra blood work still showed a lot of ra activity so my doc put me on plaquenil, prednisone and sulfasalazine.

i am working hard to get off these meds and had to stop taking plaquenil because it upset my stomach, causing vomiting, nausea, and extreme diarrhea. i didn’t want to continue with these harmful medications so i decided to try some supplements.

i was desperate and came across this video talking about arthritis and decided to place an order. out of the 10 or so supplements i’ve tried joints alive had the most dramatic and positive effect on me. within just 3 days of taking it my arthritic pain became more manageable. now i’m able to do things that i haven’t done without pain in several years, it feels great!

Clint Verified reviewer

He no longer has to go for regular steroid shots and worry about going for knee replacement surgery.

My dad has been suffering from painful arthritic joints ever since he was in his 50s. i have purchased 4 bottles and am already seeing results. he no longer has to go for regular steroid shots and worry about going for knee replacement surgery.

Pamela Verified reviewer

Joints alive really helps to improve my general mobility and flexibility in the joints.

I’m currently overcoming a problem with my sciatic nerve that’s causing me severe pain. my joints get stiff every morning in the past and joints alive really helps to improve my general mobility and flexibility in the joints.

Thomas Verified reviewer

My knees don’t hurt anymore and i can go back to activities that i love

I bought joints alive to help with the wear and tear in my joints. i’m 58 years old and they used to work like they should but in the past year they’ve started to get creaky. i’ve used other products but i don’t feel like they are bringing relief to the pain.

after just 4 hours i realize that i don’t feel the pain that used to crept from below my spine when i get up from the couch. my knees don’t hurt anymore and i can go back to activities that i love like golfing and dancing. i will never give joints alive up.

Natasha Cora Verified reviewer

My super power

I am late in this review, i have been taking joints alive for a few weeks now and i love it, it has been such a big help. in about four days of taking it i felt the difference, i can walk without limping.

Joy Fosster Verified reviewer

Initial boost

My inflamed joints need all the help possible. when i first took joints alive, i noticed a big improvement. as i've continued, discomfort has resurfaced at times, but probably not to the extent that it was initially. since it's the only product i have found to give some relief, i continue to take it----believing that if i stopped, i'd be in greater pain.

Jacqueline Pierce Verified reviewer

Joints alive

Since starting this product my arthritis pain has reduced substantially and i find that i more active. thank you.

Angela Ching Verified reviewer

Joints alive

Great product . reduced joint pain tremendously. thank you.

Brandy Coons Verified reviewer

Such a blessing!

Joints alive is a game changer!

Victoria Stauder Verified reviewer

No more knee pain

I tried this supplement and it is so much better to me than my other choice. the pain from my knees are hardly none and the strength has improved since i have been taking this product. this joint supplement is 100 % better for me and will continue to purchase this product always. it is helping improve my ost. arthritis.

Richard Klein Verified reviewer

Joints alive

To whom this may concern, i have been taking joint alive ultra strength each day for almost 30 days and have found that my joints are much improved and with less stiffness and even better, the level of joint inflammation and pain has been greatly reduced. thank you!

John Luzi Verified reviewer

Bow legs john

Hi i am 61 years old and for years people have been saying that i have bow legs, (high tibial osteotomy). i woke up one morning and one of my knee joints kept cracking and popping and was feeling very uncomfortable, but no pain after that morning the pain in my knee started. i went to the knee spe cialist and he came back with some crazy solution to my bow legs that i just could think of doing to my body if your interested have a look on you tube(high tibial osteotomy for bow leg correction). a friend of mine recommended i look at the holistic products and said everything he tried worked as described on the bottle. much to my surprise after 3 weeks of joints alive the pain has decreased substantially so that i am no longer taking any pain killers. just to let you all know i am still working and on my feet and up and down ladders all day long. so do i recommend this product 100% i'm hoping with long term use that this will aid any other joints in my body not to have any issues.

Cardio Alive Superior Absorption Formula

5 Reviews

Connie Verified reviewer

The best part is the jitters have all gone, and i could feel the nice smooth energy which carries me through the day

I have been on several heart medications for over 15 years and was slowly getting worse. the doctors tried to shove more medications at me and even when i took more, i just wasn’t getting better and still experience those crazy thumps, thuds, skips, blips and bangs in my chest every day! the pvcs still terrify me even though my cardiologist told me they are ‘benign’. the first day i started cardio alive, i noticed a nice calm sensation sort of wash over me. the best part is the jitters have all gone, and i could feel the nice smooth energy which carries me through the day.

Victoria Verified reviewer

Feel better circulation and also notice stamina improvement when exercising. thank you laura for making this product

As a senior with a family history of cardiovascular disease, i am concerned about my own heart health. my doctor recommended taking a product with a combination of antioxidants. my understanding is that this combination in cardio alive helps to reverse the plaque buildup in the arteries. that word reverse sounds great! i have been taking it for one month now and feel that i have more energy, lesser out of breath and a stronger heart. feel better circulation and also notice stamina improvement when exercising. thank you laura for making this product.

Greg Verified reviewer

My oxidized ldl was down by 50 in no time. i would recommend it to anyone battling high cholesterol

I used to worry about my dismal cholesterol readings and that my coronary arteries were clogged, so i started researching on natural heart supplement. i thought that cardio alive’s formula was more comprehensive and bought 3 bottles to try. my oxidized ldl was down by 50 in no time. i would recommend it to anyone battling high cholesterol.

Anna Verified reviewer

I highly recommend it to anybody who needs help with elevated cholesterol

Cardio alive helps keep my cholesterol level under control and it’s better and safer than taking statin based drugs, which gave me joint pain. will be having blood tested for cholesterol levels and look forward to an even greater improvement. i highly recommend it to anybody who needs help with elevated cholesterol.

Stacey Verified reviewer

I’ve been taking cardio alive for a while now and see a difference in my cholesterol readings without the muscle aches and pains i was experiencing. my heart is saying thank you!

I'm a 52-year old, quite fit and healthy (or so i thought) and had a heart attack about a year and a half ago. the docs put me on aspirin, a beta blocker, ticagrelor (anti-coagulant) and 20 mg of simvastatin. i experience some odd muscular aches and pains that i never used to get and i had been reading a lot of negative material about statins. i decided to stop taking them and try cardio alive instead. i’ve been taking cardio alive for a while now and see a difference in my cholesterol readings without the muscle aches and pains i was experiencing. my heart is saying thank you!

Leptin Alive Triple Action Formula

23 Reviews

Beryline Verified reviewer

The belly fat is finally going away!

I have been taking leptin alive for 3 weeks and have definitely noticed a significant change in the way my clothes fit. the belly fat is finally going away! i lost a total of 12 lbs which is quite a big improvement for me. the only thing i am doing is staying away from sugar and watching my calorie intake. i recommend this product highly. it does not make me jittery unlike many weight loss supplements i've tried. i also got the product fast!

Gail Verified reviewer

After 2 months, i'm on 145 pounds that's 32 pounds less!

O start off, i'm 32 years old and 5' 7". i have 3 children and was struggling from depression due to weight gained. i used to be 125 pounds, but after the 2nd baby, i couldn't lose weight. i was on 177 pounds and that was even going to the gym and eating healthy.

i decided to give leptin alive a chance, and after 2 months, i'm on 145 pounds that's 32 pounds less! i ate the same thing and continue with the same lifestyle with little exercises and leptin alive is like the missing catalyst that sparks the weight loss process.

i'm so happy and confident. my husband is always telling me how good i look and giving me compliments. my goal is 130 pounds and that'll be awesome for a mommy of 3 children.

Gilbert Verified reviewer

I lost 16 pounds during this period and i feel great!

I love this product! i used it for a month and i lost 16 pounds during this period and i feel great! of course it's not a miracle in a bottle... some diet and exercise should be maintained.

i usually walked for 30 minutes at least 4 to 5 times a week, but the combination with some healthy diet helps me to have the energy and not feel tired during the day. most importantly, it gives me a feeling of fullness for roughly 3 to 4 hours after i take it.

i'm 100% satisfied with all the leptin alive and i highly recommend them.

Verna Verified reviewer

It also cut down on my cravings and made it easier for me to stay committed to eating healthy.

I love that leptin alive is stimulant free so that i can take it in the evening, no energy crash and it doesn't make me feel jittery. it also cut down on my cravings and made it easier for me to stay committed to eating healthy. best of all, i've lost at least 3 inches since the past 2 months, which is more than i've lost in years. i'm so happy to finally be able to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans!

Judy Verified reviewer

I haven't had results like this on anything else i've tried, and i've lost 15 pounds.

Been taking leptin alive for 2 weeks now and have definitely noticed a significant change in the way my clothes fit... the bulging belly is less obvious! i haven't had results like this on anything else i've tried, and i've lost 15 pounds. it also curbs your appetite, which is great because sweets and soda are my weakness.

Shirley Verified reviewer

I can finally wear clothes that are more tight-fitting to show off my curves.

I have been using leptin alive every day for a couple of weeks now, and i really notice the difference. i have lost a few pounds, but what really excites me is my stomach has really gone down and i can finally wear clothes that are more tight-fitting to show off my curves.

Wesley Verified reviewer

Leptin alive has been a life changer for me.

Leptin alive has been a life changer for me. i have struggled being overweight and really low self confidence, i didn't expect it to work miracles but together with exercise and reducing the amount of sugary foods i eat, i have lost 20 pounds for the month of march 2018. best of all, i didn't have any side effects and it doesn't make me feel funny.

Karen Brown Verified reviewer

Leptin alive

I really liked this product but have been out for about a month. as soon as i have money available i will be ordering this again.

Lorrie Verified reviewer

Leptin alive!

I've seen great results! lost 11 lbs. so far and plan on 10 more the slow and easy way. this product fits my lifestyle and is easy to take and see results! sign up for auto refill it is so convenient!

Mary Ellen DiTucci Verified reviewer

Product delivers what it advertises.

I am very happy with the product. it was delivered quickly and is all that it advertises to be. i will continue to buy from this seller. thank you.

Key Coon Verified reviewer

It works

It definitely works but if you have a sensitive stomach i would recommend skipping a day i’m between

Brenda Verified reviewer

Love it

I've struggled with my weight for so many years but a sensible diet, exercise & leptin alive has made all the difference for me.

Roberta L. Caprin Verified reviewer

Effective in managing cravings

So far so good. only been taking for a few days and i think it will start working better as i go along. will reorder!

Azpam Verified reviewer

Great weight loss product!!

Have only used a week and have already lost 3 pounds!!

Thomas O'Donnell Verified reviewer

Lost 7 pounds without being on a strict diet.

To help lose some weight.

Barbara Caputo Verified reviewer

It's results are different for everyone

Helps get you started losing weight

DIANA LOMELI Verified reviewer

Great product

This is a great product. it really makes you feel satisfied all day. natural way to control your hunger.

Shelley D. Oliver Verified reviewer

What's to lose?

Excellent for weight loss breaking down fat.

Bettye Penifold Verified reviewer


Overall product and timelines is great

CellaH Verified reviewer

Takes away my hunger!

I wanted a natural supplement to aid me in weight loss, and i am very happy with finding these! they do curb my hunger and help me not snack in between meals. i also have more energy. so far, they are meeting my needs perfectly!

Anna Verified reviewer

Well being feeling

This product is very helpful in controlling appetite. promotes a feeling of well being.

Ang Williams Verified reviewer

Will buy again.

Wow have lost 10lbs in 9 days and feel so great.

Karen Verified reviewer

I think that it worked

I think that it did decrease my appetite and i did lose weight. of course, you must change the way you eat. ty a++++

Vitamin K2 and D3 With BioPerine - 90 Days Supply. With Maximum Absorption

88 Reviews

Sue E. Ramsey Verified reviewer

Appears to be quality product.

I'm vitamin d deficit so i take 1 tab a week. i'll know in may after blood work how good this is but i'm feeling good about it.

J.L J Verified reviewer

Keep calcium deposits out of your arteries

Vitamin k2 along with d3 is a combination which acts as , for lack of a better term, a traffic cop directing calcium into your bones where it is supposed go and out of your arteries where it can deposit along with cholesterol, which your body sends to repair injuries to your endothelium, and clog your arteries over time as we age . unfortunately it has been found by research scientists that the relatively young are developing these deadly deposits, primarily due to the lack of a proper diet . we have been led astray and made to believe that the wholesome diets of yesteryear , which included butter from grass fed cows which is one of the best sources of vitamin k2 , should be replaced with trans fats from margarine . fairly recent research of vitamin k finds there are several kinds of vitamin k or sub-forms of it . vitamin k2 -mk7 along with vitamin d3 is responsible for, by various pathways, in directing, as stated above , calcium into your bones and out of your arteries. i have done a-lot of my own research over the years , unfortunately not always in my own best interests. i found there is more to diet than eating to gain muscle , as i did for many years trying to be another mr. america, lol. with this research came , to me at least, the practice of never asking a question i don’t already know the answer to. i don’t mean in school where it would be stupid but , for instance, to doctors. when i entrust my life to them i like to know they have kept up on the latest , so to speak. i asked my cardiologist about vitamin k2 and told him what i had learned. without even giving it a second thought he began a tirade about how there is only one form of vitamin k , and it is used for platelet building to make sure your blood will clot when needed . he did the same concerning other things i had discovered. i should have at least asked him why he prescribed statins in such high doses, and how they cause even a small cut to bleed profusely. even a slight bump into something will cause bruising for days . but i didn’t . i did change doctors and began seeing a much younger cardiologist . i am in no way putting down older people. i am no spring chicken myself, but i am not preforming surgery either . this doctor studied at places like cedar sinai and johns hopkins . he listens and understands. he doesn’t jump down your throat if you tell him a fact , a research proven fact , he disagrees with. he says all these lies are for one thing, to get your money. well in any case, what i am trying to say here is before you spend your money trying to assure your good health , do a little research. after all it’s your health. you may replace money, but when it comes to your health you shouldn’t hesitate to try and be informed. these two vitamins, in combination , work synergistically, to prevent your arteries from developing calcium deposits. and to actually aid in it’s removal over time. hope this helps . jerry

Rowdy Verified reviewer

Excellent product

Following a blood test my doctor told me that i was deficient in vitamin d and to take a supplement. i went to amazon and ordered someone else's brand. i took this for about 6 months. upon my return to the doctor with another blood test there had been no change. i went back to amazon and ordered your k2, d3 supplement. after another few months i again went in for another blood test and this time the result was that i have a perfect 68 d3 level. it is rare for me to find a product that actually works as advertised but yours certainly does. it is just plain excellent!!

Twila Friday Verified reviewer

My vitamin d level is finally perfect!

I've been deficient in vitamin d for many years. ive taken prescription megadose vitamin d for years. as a team trucker on the road 27 days a month i just don't get enough sun. the last time i had blood drawn my doctor was ecstatic! my first normal vitamin d level in years! i highly recommend this product!

Jackie Moore Verified reviewer

D3 needs k2

I have been using d3 for several years and recently found out that it needed k2 to be able to give me the best results. i researched this very carefully and looked at many different products. i decided that this holistic health labs product was the best combination. i am looking forward to having great results from using this product.

Karen Verified reviewer

New capsules are huge, why?

My obgyn recommends this for my osteoporosis. k2d3 sends the calcium into your bones instead of soft tissue and arteries. k2 d3, calcium citrate and magnesium glycinate is the correct combination to prevent any more bone loss. my confusion is why the company changed the size of the capsule. the ingredients are the same. amount per serving is the same. why is the color and size so different. i'm afraid to take the new capsule. swallowing the calcium citrate, magnesium citrate is difficult enough without adding to the size of the k2 d3. did they make a mistake? has anyone else noticed the difference?

Monica And Susie Back-Doherty Verified reviewer

Improved labs

I have been trying to find a highly absorbable d3 that will not only support my d deficiency, but also my thyroid condition. so far, this product has seemed to do both very well! i'll update again, once i get my next set of lab results.

Charlie E. Harmon Verified reviewer

Max absorption vitamin k2 + d3 5000

I like the max absorption vitamin because they have d3 5000 and k2 combined, and reasonable price.

Gretchen Wright Verified reviewer

Great supplement!

My d levels were low and since i've been taking this product my d is now normal..the pills are easy to swallow as well.

LAZ E. Verified reviewer

It works. excellent product.

Excellent product. my vit. d level was <0.35 before taking the supplements. after 4 weeks, it was up to 33.7. it works. looking forward to measure again in 2 weeks. btw, i work in a medical laboratory. ????????????

LdyPixel Verified reviewer

D3 back on track

Great results. my doctor recommended adding the k2 to my d3. i just had my bloodwork done and my d3 levels are good. i will be purchasing more.

Hawk Tamer Verified reviewer

Great stuff!

I've been taking it for about a week and feel the difference already! as we age we often get little skin bumps, etc. i was getting them around my eyes & top of my cheeks and it's smoother already! i missed a dose yesterday and can feel the difference! thanks for a quality product that also happens to be priced fairly!

TByrd Verified reviewer

Great product!

This is an everyday vitamin for me. i deal its low vitamin d levels and inflammation. i will purchase again!

Vanessa M Verified reviewer

Capsules are not too big

Capsules are not too big. bought for my mom to replace her regular d3 supplement. her blood levels are already improving!!

Bev Verified reviewer

Highly recommend

My vitamin d level dropped over the last few months and i began taking this supplement. my last set of labs showed that my level is moving up to a healthier range, thanks to this supplement. i also appreciate having one supplement with d3 and k2 together rather than having to take two capsules! it is easy to take without a bad taste. i highly recommend it.

Kristine Fuster Verified reviewer

Great size great value!

K2 and d3 are so important and to take them together is fantastic!

Peggy Lee Krueger Verified reviewer


I have realized the importance of d3 and k2 effects together for activation. i have been taking in every day but it is only been a few days to a week, so don't really how to tell if it is helping or not. to soon... but was very pleased with fast shipment and the bottle looks of professional looks of the package of the bottle. thanks again. hope it helps me.

Elissa D Verified reviewer

Seeing reaults

My labs are coming back with normal vit d. no taste, easy to swallow. but k is super important that most people don’t know about!

Melissa K Verified reviewer

I feel good

I like this product, i fell better since i started taking it and i have more energy. i will be purchasing again.

Tyler Verified reviewer

D3+k2= amazing combination

Great for the winter months especially and vitamin c

Patricia Verified reviewer

This is my second order

Very happy with my first order so i made sure to order the same brand again!

Kerry R Stephens Verified reviewer

Nice price

Inexpensive and good quality

Harold Chandler Verified reviewer

Buy this!

Feel so much better!

Robert J. Verified reviewer


Good product.

Jay Alders Verified reviewer

Good product

I’ve purchased a few times. good product. important vitamins to get that maybe people are deficient on. this brand is good.

Melissa Vernon Verified reviewer


A good product for the price

EmilyElizabeth Verified reviewer


Great two products together

Aurora Verified reviewer

Love it!

It made my teeth stop hurting! yay! i think its made me feel better too overall i feel more like going out and doing things. i work night shift and its helped me feel better.

Amazon Customer Verified reviewer

The fact that it has both k2 and d3.

It is delivered in a very timely manner. i use it for the k2 and d3.

Cheryl Verified reviewer

as advertised.

These are everything advertised.

Allan Verified reviewer

Great combination

I was happy to find the right kind of k2 and d3 in the same small capsule.

Terri Stokes Verified reviewer

Excellent product

My dr. regularly checks my d3 and it is always excellent. this product works very well. i am very happy with the results i get.

Lisa Stinson Verified reviewer

Easy to swallow

This product has really helped my vitamin d level be stable .

Sharon Fitzgerald Verified reviewer

Good for older folks

Just what the doctor ordered. keeps me going strong at 75.

Fantastic Product Verified reviewer

Fantastic product

I live in arizona and believe it or not, most people who live here have a vitamin d deficiency. by using this product i am not one of them. highly recommend this product!

Shannon S. Verified reviewer

Wonderful value!

Great product! vitamin d3 absorbs better when taken with vitamin k2! so it is nice to have them combined into one pill & cost effective.

Rose Verified reviewer

Great value and great product

Love this product. it’s hard to find a good quality combo of vitamin d and k for a good price. this is great quality and great price. highly reccomend!

Brett Schmidt Verified reviewer

Great quality and service

Great product quality and price. will be ordering more

Easy Peasy Verified reviewer

Easy peasy

I received hem quickly. they are small and easy to swallow and i am happy to have the combined d3 and k to take in one pill.

Robert Judd Verified reviewer

Best value and quality for the money.

Great price and you only have to take one small pill a day.

Lea Verified reviewer

Vitamin d3/ vitamin k

Good product

Kayli Veres Verified reviewer


Great product, came exactly like the photo.

Jim Verified reviewer

Nice product

Nice and convenient to have k2 & d3 in one pill. i like this product.

Stephanie Kuennen Verified reviewer

reliable product

Great product for the money!

Teresa M. Ahlbrecht Verified reviewer

Great value

I haven't had any problems with this product. it helps with my energy and very easy to take.

Butch Verified reviewer

Month 4 and still in love!

Awesome product! i am hate running out! easy to swallow and easy to remember to take!

James Beaumont Verified reviewer

Easily absorbed

Better health

Irsa Verified reviewer


Lo estoy tomando,espero resultados

Rebs Verified reviewer

One a day keeps my heart healthy!

Great value!

Raelene Verified reviewer

Good product for great price

Price was good for the product

Pam Freeman Verified reviewer

Just what i was looking for!

Exactly what i needed and could not find in stores!

Nicole M Welch Verified reviewer

Awesome product, highly recommended by physician

Boost my vitamin d levels

Kathy B. Verified reviewer

Natural way to improve overall health

Better overall health

Leahss Verified reviewer

I'm not a morning person so this has helped me have the energy to do the gardening i love to do

Since i started taking this, i've noticed i have more energy in the morning. i'm not a morning person so this has helped me have the energy to do the gardening i love to do, especially early in the morning before the heat makes it difficult to be outside for long.

Madiootza Verified reviewer

Good quality

My dr wanted me as k2 with my d3. no taste does the job but wish it was a bit cheaper (or @ least 120 caps) since i have to take 10,000 mg a day. normal dose is 5,000 so 1 capsule s/b good generally. if you are d3 deficient this will take care of that. and the added k2 is really beneficial. helps the d3 absorb among other benefits.

Lorna Verified reviewer

Do your research

I compared this product with the others on amazon. this is the only one i felt was the best and and had all the ingredients that were perfect for me.. i was very low in vitamin d and k2 from lack of sunshine. they both need to go together for obsorption. dr. berg gave the best info about why and how the deficiencies can mess up your body.

Bronxmama Verified reviewer

K2 & d3 together!,

I take it every morning. i am grateful for the k2 and d3 together in one capsule that helps my calcium supplement get better absorbed, as well, the calcium rich foods i ingest. i am menopausal and time will tell, of course.

Imfchik Verified reviewer

Mood enhanced

The winter is challenging for me living in the northeastern us. not enough sunshine or time outdoors has a serious impact on my mood.. this vitamin has helped to stabilize my mood. i feel a difference and i would definitely recommend it!

G J Verified reviewer

Happy with product

Happy with k2 getting the d3 into my body

LM Verified reviewer

Feeling better

I feel better since taking this supplement. my body wasn't absorbing d3 without the k. i'm on my 2nd bottle. i haven't had any labs yet to see my d3 levels but i'm excited to see them go up!

Noel S. Verified reviewer

Quality and price

Bought it for my son so he can just take 1 pill instead of 2.also,the combo is recom.since each vit.enhances each other absorption.thank you.

Gilbert Verified reviewer

Great product!

I really like these. great value and great immune coverage. have used another brand previously which was good. i feel like i will stick with these.

Julianne Verified reviewer

Very happy with my purchase

I have been taking d3 for years, but only recently read about the benefits (need) of adding k2! how nice these are together in one, easy to swallow capsule. i will definitely be ordering these again! great price, veggie capsule, gmo free, gluten free, soy free; i will definitely be ordering these again!

Kate Verified reviewer

Helps with hormones and mood swings!

Love this product and what is has done for my monthly pms mood swings! this really has helped keep me out of the dumps. i actually didn’t even realize it would help for this, i had ordered for the vitamin d and ended up with a bonus! i couldn’t be happier!

Bonj Verified reviewer

Good value

I like this product got the combination of k-2 and d-3 . it is a good clean product and a good value.

Priscilla Grondin Verified reviewer

easy to swallow,,no side effects

I love this k2+d3..i have ostereoarthritis,,,,this helps with my bone loss..it is easy to swallow,...it doesn't cause any digestive problems.

Saustown Verified reviewer

Important combo in just one pill! thanks!

My vitamin d levels have been low. so happy to discover this combo with vit k in it too, as i've learned how vital it is. i love that it is just one pill for 2 critically important supplements. thanks.

Violeta Jauregui Verified reviewer

Love these!!

I absolutely love my vitamins!! my vitamin d has been super low for years and within taking these for 6 weeks i was finally at a safe healthy level!! these have been the best d3 vitamins i’ve ever taken!!

Lelah Kaufman Verified reviewer

Great product

My only complaint would be that i do not swallow capsules well.

Lelah Kaufman Verified reviewer

Great product

My only complaint would be that i do not swallow capsules well.

Teresa McClanahan Verified reviewer


I truly believe that k2 is a very important nutritional supplement and the added benefits of d3 are just as necessary. great product, will continue to use.

Kindle Customer Verified reviewer

K2 vitamin supplement

I like this product because i feel better since i started taking it. k2 was recommended for my osteoporosis.

LGK Verified reviewer

A good product

This is my second bottle. so far so good!

Jeanette Verified reviewer

I will be able to give a more detailed review after i see the results of next blood work is done.

Nothing to dislike of this product.

Joseph G. Verified reviewer

Great supplement

Excellent product at a reasonable price

K Carroll Verified reviewer


Has helped my vitamin d level stay normal

Amazon Customer Verified reviewer

Good source

As listed

JUAQUIN HERNANDEZ Verified reviewer

This really works

I noticed the difference with this vitamin compared to others with similar content. i highly reccomend it.

Thomas S. Verified reviewer

Good vitamins

Good delivery time.

Laura Ann Verified reviewer

Great product

Best k2 d3 on the market that i have found works great been using it for a while no problems, love it and will continue to use

H.Wilder Verified reviewer

They work!

Very good vitamins. i noticed a difference within days. good deal for the money.

Sheilahearndon Verified reviewer

It’s holistic

I just really like this and it is a holistic product

Enid Berrios Verified reviewer

Good for the money awesome product

Good vitamins these are the best vitamins.

Cheryl Stewart Verified reviewer

Easy to swallow

This product is easy to swallow, no after taste and easy on my stomach.

KELLI Verified reviewer

Love it

Works great

Karen Kusunoki Verified reviewer

D3 + k2

Prescribed by doctor. great product.

Amazon Customer Verified reviewer


Helped with bone density.

Jean Verified reviewer

Arrived quickly

I just started so cannot say anything about them......

Osteo Alive Superion Absorption Formula

27 Reviews

Derby Verified reviewer

Within two days, my knees were remarkably improved.

I have had painful knees for well over ten years. i’m 80 years old, so this is not a surprising or unusual condition. i considered, and was worked up for, knee-replacement surgery. the osteopathic surgeon informed me the cartilage in my knees had deteriorated to bone-on-bone. treatments with two types of injections were only very briefly helpful in controlling pain. i put off surgery over and over again. almost four weeks ago, i began taking osteo alive at the recommended dosage. within two days, my knees were remarkably improved. i could go up and down the stairs without wincing and gritting my teeth. i am not completely pain-free, and of course, i cannot get down on my knees. but i get around much, much better and work in the garden much, much harder which is a good thing because it’s spring. i finally can sit and stand by myself, no more relying heavily on nearby tables and chairs to get myself standing, and no more moaning and groaning. thank you!

Ellen Verified reviewer

He said my severe osteoporosis had been reversed and i was only in osteopenia! amazing!

In august 2016, my doctor told me i had advanced osteoporosis. when i researched the medicine he wanted to give me, it really scared me - all the side effects were so awful. i did some more study and started taking this osteo alive. i quit taking forteo and took 2 capsules of osteo alive every day. last week, 9 months later, my doctor did a scan and was so surprised. he said my severe osteoporosis had been reversed and i was only in osteopenia! amazing!

Lynne Verified reviewer

Thank you for coming up with this formula!

After hearing about how a lot of calcium supplements are crap, and how your body doesn’t really absorb anything from them, i was not enthusiastic on spending good money on calcium supplements. but i was diagnosed with osteoporosis, and i knew that there was no way my daily diet was enough for my condition. so i decided to give osteo alive a try. when i ran out of the supplement, i forgotten to order more, and thought i’d take advantage of a brief break from osteo alive, vowing to eat more yogurt in the meantime. after 2 days of not taking osteo alive, i started waking up from insanely painful charlie horses, which are generally caused by a lack of calcium and magnesium. i’ll be diligently keeping track of the number of capsules left because i will never want to be without osteo alive. thank you for coming up with this formula!

Victoria Verified reviewer

My bones are now younger

Before i started taking osteo alive, my bone density showed my bones to be 10 years older than i am. after 5 years of taking it, my bones are now younger than i am, and the dexa scan was performed as i entered menopause. the best thing is it does not upset my stomach.

Susan Verified reviewer

I will never stop taking osteo alive, thank you!

I am 71 years old and broke my shinbone 9 weeks before a trip to italy. my doctor told me to cancel the trip. i ordered osteo alive and followed the directions, and was strong enough to go and totally enjoyed our trip! i even racked up 10,000 steps everyday over the first week. i will never stop taking osteo alive, thank you!

Patty Verified reviewer

I am very happy with osteo alive

I am very happy with osteo alive. i started taking it after a stress fracture scare, and thought i was at a higher risk of osteoporosis. i came across this video and was fascinated by the science behind this supplement. also, being vegan, i am picky about where the ingredients come from. i showed this to my nutritionist to make sure it was what i needed and he immediately approved it as he said the ingredients and dosage used were perfect. it is a little on the pricey side, but i would rather pay more than get a supplement that is filled with rocks.

Elizabeth Jackson Verified reviewer

So far, my experience has been good. i will continue take the product with hopes that positive results will result.

Michelle Reed Verified reviewer

I am a new customer

Since i've only used osteo alive for 2 weeks, i don't know if it is helping my bone density, so i couldn't rate it 5 stars. yet. i will have to wait and see. what i do know is that for some reason, when i take a capsule with a meal, my stomach feels settled. it feels good. i'm looking forward to positive results from using this product when i get my next dexa scan.

Jackie D Verified reviewer


I finally feel the calcium supplement i've been taking for 6 months with weight bearing exercise will actually improve my bone density. the algae sourced calcium and the proprietary resveratrol + other absorption enhancers make osteoalive the best calcium supplement i've seen in the 10 years i've been fighting oeteopenia.

Delphine Warbington Verified reviewer

Feeling better

I have been taking osteo alive for about 4 months now, and i already feel better. i was diagnosed with osteoporosis about a year ago and my doctor put me on medicine for it, but i had an adverse reaction from it. i was searching for an alternative to prescription drugs when i found osteo alive. i will be going for another bone scan soon and i am looking forward to seeing how i improve. i will write another review when i get results from the next bone scan.

Laurali Marzuki Verified reviewer

Too soon to tell

Just started taking osteoalive this past week, so do not know what effect it is having on my bones. i'm really hoping and praying these capsules do a great job because i do not want to go on any prescription medication. i will let you know in 6 months or so, when i get tested again.

Michelle Reed Verified reviewer

A good supplement

I am relatively new to the supplement, but so far it agrees with me. no problem with it on my stomach, but i make sure to take it with meals. i didn't give it all 5 stars because i haven't taken it long enough to know how effective it is. i'll wait a year and review.

Julie Prior Verified reviewer

This product really met my needs

This product has been terrific. it has been the perfect alternative to fosamax which gave me side effects for my osteoporosis. thank you. will definitely continue to order and use.

Delphine Warbington Verified reviewer

Happy with results

I have been taking osteo alive for over a year and i am happy with the results. i began taking it when i had my first bone scan at 58 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. i am really looking forward to my next bone scan which is in 5 months to see how much improvement there has been.

Sandra Newell Verified reviewer

No prescription 'poisons'

After the first dose of a prescription for newly diagnosed bone density loss, i had a long list of very nasty side effects. i decided to take your product. no side effects, and i am anxiously awaiting a subsequent bone scan to see if i'm getting more bone made.

Rick Walker Verified reviewer

Good product

Been taking for 5 months now. no more knee pain. very happy.

Kathryn Porter Verified reviewer

Satisfied customer here!

I have only been taking this osteo-alive for approximately 3 weeks and i have to say that i am starting to feel some progress. i will continue taking this supplement! i took them to my doctor appointment and he liked what he read as far as the ingredients. he told me to continue taking the osteo-alive. satisfied customer here!

Delphine Warbington Verified reviewer

Not seeing a difference in bone scan after 18 months

I have been taking osteoalive for 18 months. i went to get my second bone scan a few weeks ago and although i have not been to see the doctor yet, after looking at the results they look the same. i still have high risk of fracture for my lumbar area and still osteopenia for my hip area. the numbers look virtually the same. i will most likely continue to take the supplements and see what happens in two more years. i am disappointed because i have been taking these supplements for 18 months (2 pills x2 daily), along with exercise and was hoping for better results. i am a 62 year old female.

Donna Misurale Verified reviewer

Great product

I've been very pleased with customer service and the responsiveness

Elena Pascarella Verified reviewer