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14 Reviews
Myco Ultra

14 Reviews
Myco Ultra
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RBrackett Verified reviewer

Was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer
That is what i was told. they wanted me to take a drug that had side effects that would probably have taken my life. one drug in particular is discontinued not only in the united states, but in the world. the drug is not supposed to be given to anyone but is still being prescribed for patients. i refused to take it. i started taking mycoultra and was put in a scan machine and no cancer was found anywhere in my body. i have told several people about mycoultra and will continue to spread the word because people are not aware of this remarkable discovery. i will continue to order and take mycoultra.


Barbara Oman Verified reviewer

Myco ultra
I found out about myco ultra when i was purchasing holistic health labs other product, vision alive max. knowing the power mushrooms have on our gut health i was impressed with the research holistic health labs has done in creating myco ultra. so i bought 4 bottles in oct. '20 and immediately felt the activity in my microbiome and increase volume in my stool. i continue to get my 4 bottles and take one capsule between breakfast and lunch (away from food). their vision alive max has also helped support my mild age-related macular degeneration with no advancing of that condition. i appreciate the quality and science holistic health labs puts into their products and recommend them whenever appropriate.


Patricia F Goff Verified reviewer

Still taking!
My best supplement so far.


Frances Goff Verified reviewer

Already feeling better
To be happily gross, i must say that myco-ultra is saving my gut in ways nothing else has. i f'-ing love science!


Hal Simons Verified reviewer

It works
Since taking myco ultra three years ago i haven't had a respiratory infection during that time. prior to taking it every spring with allergies i would somehow in up with a respiratory infection. but so far since taking a myco ultra pill in the evening before i go to bed, no problems.


Barbara Oman Verified reviewer

Microbiome is happy!
Within 30 minutes of taking my daily capsule, i can feel activity within my colon which tells me work in underway. and i make sure i take the capsule at least 1.5 hours away from food as directed. it's one of few supplements i can actually feel and hear it's working! thank you, hhl, for your product & research.


Betty Branson Verified reviewer

Myco ultra
I ordered this to help with my immune system, at 82 yrs old and the virus going around i wanted something that would help me stay healthy.


Delbert E. Verified reviewer

Hi i like the product very much, my feet were getting cold which they never did before, doctor said it was my sugar doing that, would have to go on metformin for my sugar, read up on it, knew it was not for me plus doctor said i had prostate problems, did not like the sound of that either, went on line found your product liked what i read, tried it my feet are warm, so doc said i am ok for now. i've been taking this for i believe 3-4 years now what can i say i like the product it is doing something for me, my wife is on vision alive it seems to be holding her eyesight so is good also. thanks.


Dan Pokryfke Verified reviewer

Seemed to work almost immediately for my type 2 diabetes
I'm a truck driver who needs a physical every two years for my dot license. 4 years ago i went in and typed two diabetes popped up in my ear and specimen. i was told i could either take medication or lose weight i lost wait and that lowered my blood sugar level to normal. i wasn't able to maintain the weight loss and had a blood test which showed the type two diabetes had returned. i was due for my two year physical and started taking these tablets one week prior to my visit. a friend of mine had recommended these to me anyhow they tested my blood sugar with a finger prick and it was actually 79 and told me i needed to go get something to eat. imagine that doctor telling me to get something to eat instead of losing weight.


Joyce Oberholtzer Verified reviewer

Not sure if this has been a component of staying healthy this treacherous year, but i have not gotten a cold, flu and thankfully covid. i like that myco ultra has replaced 2 of the supplements i was taking.


Karen Hills Verified reviewer

Myco ultra - the best !
Myco ultra is one of the best natural antibiotics - it does what it says, and why it was created. i have used many products in the past, and most just have a lot of hype, but no function. i just love every holistic lab's formulas. thought and effort has gone into every product. i trust them implicitly.


Maria Verified reviewer

This stuff prevented my hair from falling off
I read an article about medicinal mushrooms and all the health benefits that they provide. i have to say, aside from all the benefits this stuff prevented my hair from falling off.


Sharon Verified reviewer

Still in disbelief, i no longer need symbicort at all! no steroids at all!
Oh my gosh! still in utter shock and disbelief about what this product has done for me. having desperately needed to take an inhaled steroid twice a day, every single day


David Verified reviewer

This would seem to confirm that this is not a placibo!
My partner has hiv. much to our surprise and delight, within 30 days of taking this, my partner also began to feel much more energetic, and his appetite increased as well! he is looking and feeling much healthier, and is finally starting to gain weight and muscle-tone! (which is very difficult for someone with hiv)