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Uri Alive
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Laura Raymond Verified reviewer

Having become alergic to most antibiotics
Because i had a uti and i got c diff from the antibiotic given me, i decided to try this very expensive form of cranberry supplement as it is supposed to get past my stomach acids etc. i have been on it for about 6 weeks and so far, no more uti.


DEBRA FUNARI Verified reviewer

I am one of thousands of women who are immune to antibiotics... after six months of uti after uti 5 rounds of antibiotics, three rounds steroids, and to many to count dr. appointments for more urine tests. where they change antibiotics. i have refused any more antibiotics.. my dr. didn't offer anything but ("this happens to some women.")(" i can help you feel better with more antibiotics.") i said no thank you. i went to internet to study cause and cures. i found hundreds of titles.. i watched the video and was totally amazed...i ordered and am on my first bottle. so far so good. i am hoping this is answer for me.. and may help thousands of other women..


Sue Maddelein Verified reviewer

Uri alive
I was on medication that caused me to get recurring uti's. when i started taking uri alive the uti problem got much better. i'm no longer on that medication but am still taking uri alive as a preventive. i highly recommend it!


Laura Bubna Verified reviewer

Uri alive
I have used uri alive for maintenance and prevention of uti's for a few years with great results.


Betty Prepiora Verified reviewer

I have been using this product for several years. i was constantly getting uti's. i went to a urologist many times and the problem was never resolved. since i have been using this product, no more uti's. thank you!


Theresa Bennett Verified reviewer

Great product
I have been using urialive since 2018 and have not had a bladder infection since.


Kathy Hudson Verified reviewer

Urialive has been the best ever treatment for uti's for me! i am no longer having reoccurring uti's since i started taking this supplement two years ago.


Krista Verified reviewer

This actually works...
I've been taking urialive for months now. i waited to write a review to make sure it actually works long term and it does! last year i had 5 uti's. while taking antibiotics cleared them up temporarily, they continued to reappear after a short while. since taking ua i have not had a repeat infection- thank goodness!!


Patricia Frances Goff Verified reviewer

Still taking!
My review may have more stars once i pass the 30-day mark.


Karen Shaffer Verified reviewer

Uri alive is the best!
I was getting reoccurring uti's, 4 in the last 6 months. started taking urialive & the last 9 months i haven't had any! i have never felt better. highly recommended


Karen C Verified reviewer

Uri alive worked for me after trying everyting......it is great to finally get my utis under control!


Robin Skiff Verified reviewer

Tried it on uti and it works
My husband uses uri alive every day as he is a quadriplegic and utis all the time. his urologist at kaiser recommended cranberry extract instead of antibiotics so he tried this brand and it works. thank you for this product.


Darlene Watkins Verified reviewer

This is the second time i've ordered urialive. it has helped to prevent my constant urinary infections, relieved bladder and urination pain and reduced my incontinence.


Ramona Samuelson Verified reviewer

Uri alive
I have been taking this for about 2 weeks. the pre and probiotics seemed to help my intestinal issues the first week. my bladder problems have slowly improved so now i am getting up less and night and sleeping better. my partner who found your video for me to watch is also trying it for his milder bladder and intestinal issues. i am hopeful it will continue to be helpful and prevent the need for increasing use of prescriptions for my bladder. i have tried other pre and probiotics and this is the first one i really thought was helpful. your cranberry formula also seems better that others. in another month i hope i can give it even a higher rating. it still seems too good to be true?


Patricia Verified reviewer

It really works.
I was getting a uti every other week for months. i started taking uri alive and have not had a uti in 3 months.


Pat Verified reviewer

Uri alive
I am so happy with this product. i had been told i was antibiodic resistant for my uti but 2 weeks into uri alive i am so much better. no pains now. i totally recommend it.


JENNIFER FORBES Verified reviewer

Happy purchaser


Zissy A Verified reviewer

Uri alive review
Hi, i have been suffering from uti for a while. i started this product about a month ago. since i started this product i did not have any uti infections. this is a great product, i recommend it to anyone who suffers from uti infections.


Susan Verified reviewer

Great product!
Even though i don’t have a uti now,i would like to continue to use this product for prevention. thanks for a great product!


Danielle Verified reviewer

This product keeps me on track and i don’t have to take 3 different supplements to do it!
I’m only 35 and have been dealing with chronic utis and bladder infections for as long as i could remember, so urinary health is on my radar.


Sharon Verified reviewer

This really worked for me and i would recommend it to anyone who has uti problems
I was stuck in a terrible cycle of recurrent utis. i hate having them and i hate always going to the doctor and getting the same antibiotics to treat them.


Phyllis Verified reviewer

I will continue to take this product and look forward to all knowing benefits from it
I’ve been taking uri alive for about 3 weeks now and it had no further episodes of my uti. i also noticed that at my incontinence issue has diminished. so i will continue to take this product and look forward to all knowing benefits from it.


Danielle Verified reviewer

I've repurchased this already and i love 'em that i totally recommend this to my friends
In the last four years or so i'd say i get a uti about 4 to 8 times a year, it was always a really bad experience and i dreaded having to wait forever at the clinic and it's often a really inconvenient times. i kept going back for more antibiotics which i hated because they're harsh and we all know that they lead to yeast infections usually. so i ended up moving to this foreign country last year where i wasn't sure how accessible english speaking doctors were gonna be, make me nervous. and i had previously tried just pure cranberry juice to no avail. so i looked up what to do for the best prevention and i found the urialive uti video and i'm not exaggerating i haven't had single uti for a solid year since having the urialive around. anytime i was doing anything that i knew might trigger a uti i would just be sure to take before and after, and i have not had any symptoms of any infection at all since then. i've repurchased this already and i love 'em that i totally recommend this to my friends. they are a combination of cranberries, prebiotics and probiotics, i feel like is a really easy preventative supplement. thank you


Elizabeth Verified reviewer

It helps my uti
I no longer have recurring uti. this is a life-saver for me. i was admitted to hospital several times o