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Gut Alive
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Maria Regina Caetano Da Silva Verified reviewer

Finally i have one that works!
I have been suffering with ibs for years. i do not know anymore, what i can or not eat that does not affected me. hardly go out afraid of what is going to make me sick. since a i started using gut live, i am beginning to see a light in the tunnel. i am not saying i am 100% ok, because some times, now, less than before, i have what i call " my crisis". but i am happy trying your natural remedes. gina


Rita McConnell Verified reviewer

Gut alive
It is helping. i do still have to take some stomach meds, but not as much as in the past.


Sue Barron Verified reviewer

Great product.
I use this product twice a day for my ibs and it really helps me a lot. it is much better than other products that i have tried for it which didn't help at all. i recommend this product to others who have digestive problems like ibs or other problems that cause problems like diarrhea or other things too. diet is very important in dealing with ibs too but that cannot give you total satisfaction with dealing with it.


Nelda Gilbreth Verified reviewer

I believe it works
I have had stomach issues for my entire life and this past year i was diagnosed with acid reflux . gut alive has, i believe, helped. my throat is not as sore and the blotted feeling gone.


Augusto Perez Verified reviewer

Excellent product - has helped me a lot
I sent you my complete testimony a couple of weeks ago. i used to have severe throat/esophagus irritation. also gerd and went to doctors numerous times with no improvement. then went to specialist several times. same thing. finally he said to me: "god will heal you". i asked him how long did he think it would take. his answer: "a year, several years or never. that's when i found your website and product. my condition is vastly improved. i still am not able to eat spicy foods as it irritates my system. however, it is gone in a day as i keep taking your supplements. thank you for your product, and making it available at a reasonable price that i can afford.


Rusty Verified reviewer

Actually working!
I've had reflux issues with certain trigger foods for quite some time and after my first couple of months taking gut alive i can tell you without a doubt that it works! i was skeptical of course but with a 30 day money back offer i figured what the heck. i'm not going to tell you it's a miracle cure but the relief from discomfort is real and allows me more flexibility when i eat certain foods. most importantly i haven't had single episode of debilitating heartburn. i'm so happy i took a chance. i'm about to order my second supply.


Timothy Mallon Verified reviewer

Gut alive
I was skeptical at first but after trying gut alive for a week, my gerd is much less bothersome and i have to take fewer medications to control my symptoms. i am hopeful after another week i can stop my other gi meds altogether.


Augusto Perez Verified reviewer

Wonderful product
About a year ago, i was suffering from chronic laryngitis and gerd where my throat and esophagus were so irritated and sensitive, that i was not able to eat any kind of spicy foods whatsoever like onions, pepper, even things like radishes, mangoes, grapefruit, lemons, pineapples etc. i went to see my doctor several times, before he referred me to an ent. after an mri (came back negative) and many visits, the ent basically told me that there was nothing that he could do for me. he said that god would heal me eventually. when i asked him how long would it take? he said it could take months, maybe years. needless to say i was very discouraged and had lost all hope of returning to a normal lifestyle. i prayed much about this. one day as i was sitting in my computer i was led to search for any supplement that might help with my condition. that is when i found your site. the more i read, the more i liked what i was reading. i knew that this was the answer to my prayer. i ordered my first 5 bottles of gut alive, and i began to experience the improvement within a few days. the more time passed, the better i felt. so, when it was all gone, i ordered another 5 bottles. i continued to feel better and better as my throat and esophagus were being healed. i am pleased to say that now i can eat onions, pepper, and all of the foods that i mentioned above i was not able to eat before. the only thing that i am staying away from for now is hot sauce. i am extremely grateful to health labs for creating this great product gut alive and providing it to the public at a reasonable price so that someone like me could afford to buy it and be healed, when doctors were not able to help. thank you so much. god bless you. ap


Judith Sullivan Verified reviewer

Has made a difference
Has made a noticeable improvement in granddaughter's acid reflux issues and helped to soothe and heal gut for grandson's eosinophilic esophagitis.


Harold Barr Verified reviewer

Helps my colitis problems.


Nancy Cline Verified reviewer

Relief from acid reflux
i have been taking the gut relief for just 2 weeks and my acid reflux is so almost gone! i was very frustrated with the meds the doctor gave me and then i found the gut relief. it is definitely relief! thank you gut relief!


Brian Huggins Verified reviewer

So far so good
I have had acid reflux or gerd for about 20 years now. i know that being on omeprazole the rest of my life is not an option and i needed to find something else that would help my issues. i found gut alive online and thought i should give it a try. i have been taken it for about two weeks now along with my omeprazole and it has definitely helped improve my symptoms. i will continue to take gut alive as part of my daily pill regiment and hope that i will completely be free of taken omeprazole withing a couple of months. great product!


ALLEN ZUKER Verified reviewer

Did not work
This item did not work for me in my case only because i bought this product to help with what i thought was acid reflux but as it turned out i was diagnosed with a entirely different form of reflux that unfortunately would have not responded to this stuff so in short this turned out at least for me to be no good in this case..


Rita Turner Verified reviewer

Gut alive
I've just started the product. the toughest part is to remember to take it with a meal. trying to stop taking the proton inhibitor for reflux disease.


MARY PHELPS Verified reviewer

Miracle product!!! :-)
Gut alive does exactly what it's designed to do! i had a throat endoscopy done after having a scary episode at a restaurant where food got trapped in my throat and wouldn't go down. i wound up in the emergency room having this surgical procedure done only to be told that the 3rd quadrant of my esophagus was eroded severely from acid reflux (stage 3 condition....pre-cancerous). my doctor wanted me take nexium for the rest of my life and since i had heard some bad things about ppi's like that, i wanted and prayed for an alternative. i discovered gut alive on the internet and saw all the raving reviews for it and decided on my own to give it a try instead of taking the nexium prescription. i had a follow-up endoscopy surgery scheduled and after taking gut alive for just two weeks, i was surprised that the second test sowed 100% healing of my esophagus!... the before and after photos from the surgeon was all the proof i needed that this product works! i've been taking it ever since to maintain my good results and can always tell a big difference. it's a miracle product in my estimation! :-)


Pamela Pickett Verified reviewer

Significant improvement
Taking the gut alive supplement has resulted in much improvement for my digestive issues. i would recommend it to others.


Rebecca Holland Verified reviewer

Gut alive
Gut alive enables me to eat a meal. it has been very useful in ending my nausea, indigestion and bowel problems that occur with ingesting food.


Jay Gunsauls Verified reviewer

Tried other remedies, but happy to have found gut alive
I don't know much about the science, but certainly am enjoying the benefits. taking two capsules a day; morning and evening, has made a big difference. i have also learned to avoid stress after eating and the combination is working well. i was taking four or five (sometimes more) rolaids a day and no longer taking any. my doctor had prescribed proton pump meds and i learned they about the hazsrds of long term use and no longer using that presecription either.


Pat Verified reviewer

gut alive
I have been using gut alive and feel so much better. not waking in middle of the night and needing to take something for gerd


Mike Nicastro Verified reviewer

Great supplement, i feel great finally
I have always had stomach problems even as a child. i developed gerd years ago waking up at night with bad acid reflex and heartburn. i was taking pepcid or zantac for years. after seeing a gastroenterologist about three years ago and had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy the doctor told me i have barrett's esophagus and will need to take nexium every day the rest of my life. i said no way and that is when i discovered gutalive.i totally stopped taking any type of ppi or h2 blockers. i have been taking gutalive now for 2 plus years and never felt better. not heartburm or gerd ever, plus my stomach fees great. this past week i went for a follow-up to my doctor for a edg and he told me i have no evidence of barret's esophagus and everything looked normal. thank you gutalive for a great product!


FREDERICA FOSTER Verified reviewer

So far, i think it helps with relief. would be interested in finding a supplement for bone building such as magnesium and vitamin d.


MC Verified reviewer

Gut alive is a great product!
Since i’ve been using gut alive i’ve not had as much lower abdominal discomfort. i have irritable bowel syndrome & have also gone gluten free too. would highly recommend this product!


Kristyn Verified reviewer

Best product ever!
I have had extremely bad gas and bloating for years. basically ever since i was a child, i have been dealing with this issue. i had never gone to a dr specifically for this issue, but i have tried many otc products. i was using dannon activia everyday for a while, and it was ok but not quite strong enough. i came upon this product through a website and decided to give it a try. it has changed my life, and i no longer suffer the embarrassing gas that i once did. in addition, stomach issues hampered my quality of life. i am very happy with this product!


Harold Verified reviewer

Gut alive
Just started taking the product. hoping to be able to eat food without burping during eating my food. started out taking one tablet in the evening meal for four days, to increase to two per day on november 1st/2020.


Melissa Munoz Verified reviewer

Gut alive works wibders
I ordered this product for my daughter. after my daughter was diagnosed with colitis, we were constantly in and out of the hospital.i truly think this has helped her tremendously. i think this has helped with the inflammation,as well as, improved how her body responds to foods that may trigger inflamation . i am so happy there's a product that's natural to help her. thank you for this product. it works amazing!


David Verified reviewer

Gut alive
Fantastic product crohn's symptoms managed and reduced tremendously


Angela Verified reviewer

This product is amazing.
This product is amazing. for years i suffered from crippling reflux, and i’ve only been on it for two weeks, but my reflux hasn’t been this under control in ages.


Jan Verified reviewer

Order more gut alive again for “insurance”!
I started taking zantac about 4 months ago when my doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux. after being on zantac, i developed tinnitus, and it was so bad that my husband complained about how loud i turned up the tv and how loud i talked. the worse thing was i was vomiting stomach acid and getting horrible chest pains. i drank so much water that i live in the restroom. the pain was just unbearable. then i decided to stop zantac and try gut alive as it contains ingredients that are proven to soothe the gut. for the first few days, i thought it didn’t work for me. but after a week, my reflux gradually disappeared! i no longer feel the acid regurgitating and the burning sensation. thank you for making such an awesome product. i am definitely going to order more gut alive again for “insurance”!


Allie Verified reviewer

Helping me heal
Gut alive is the only product that is helping me heal my gut from the inside out.


Chris Verified reviewer

Gut alive
Since being on gut alive, i had zero acid rebound, and i wish that i knew about gut alive years ago.


Vinny Verified reviewer

Awesome product
I don’t take omeprazole anymore, and i feel my stomach lining is healed. i will continue to take this probably for the rest of my life.


Barbara Verified reviewer

Great product
I had gerd so bad i could not list down all the problems it caused. i took nexium and even maalox for over two years, but i continue to have symptoms of a chronic cough, chest pain and feeling like getting the food and drink stuck. after changes in dosage over 3 months, my lower esophagus sphincter was still pretty much wide open and i was getting no relief. i was recommended for surgery, but i was skeptical as the doctor couldn’t tell me what was causing the acid reflux in the first place! then i went to research on alternative methods and even took apple cider vinegar as a treatment, but i had to quit because it was making my teeth more sensitive. i also did yoga and tried an all-organic diet. while some of these changes helped relieve my symptoms, i could never get off nexium. once i added gut alive to my diet, i was able to cut down on my dosage of nexium to just 1 pill a day. then it took a couple of months for me to wean myself off the last nexium pill slowly. the best part was, once i quit the nexium my body became ‘regular’ again. 4 months later, i am still nexium free. i have literally tried everything and did not see real results until i took gut alive. i’m very happy that gut alive helped to target the cause of my acid reflux problems by healing my gut lining from within.