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12 Reviews
Osteo Alive

12 Reviews
Osteo Alive
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Michelle Reed Verified reviewer

A good supplement
I am relatively new to the supplement, but so far it agrees with me. no problem with it on my stomach, but i make sure to take it with meals. i didn't give it all 5 stars because i haven't taken it long enough to know how effective it is. i'll wait a year and review.


Laurali Marzuki Verified reviewer

Too soon to tell
Just started taking osteoalive this past week, so do not know what effect it is having on my bones. i'm really hoping and praying these capsules do a great job because i do not want to go on any prescription medication. i will let you know in 6 months or so, when i get tested again.


Delphine Warbington Verified reviewer

Feeling better
I have been taking osteo alive for about 4 months now, and i already feel better. i was diagnosed with osteoporosis about a year ago and my doctor put me on medicine for it, but i had an adverse reaction from it. i was searching for an alternative to prescription drugs when i found osteo alive. i will be going for another bone scan soon and i am looking forward to seeing how i improve. i will write another review when i get results from the next bone scan.


Jackie D Verified reviewer

I finally feel the calcium supplement i've been taking for 6 months with weight bearing exercise will actually improve my bone density. the algae sourced calcium and the proprietary resveratrol + other absorption enhancers make osteoalive the best calcium supplement i've seen in the 10 years i've been fighting oeteopenia.


Michelle Reed Verified reviewer

I am a new customer
Since i've only used osteo alive for 2 weeks, i don't know if it is helping my bone density, so i couldn't rate it 5 stars. yet. i will have to wait and see. what i do know is that for some reason, when i take a capsule with a meal, my stomach feels settled. it feels good. i'm looking forward to positive results from using this product when i get my next dexa scan.


Elizabeth Jackson Verified reviewer

So far, my experience has been good. i will continue take the product with hopes that positive results will result.


Patty Verified reviewer

I am very happy with osteo alive
I am very happy with osteo alive. i started taking it after a stress fracture scare, and thought i was at a higher risk of osteoporosis. i came across this video and was fascinated by the science behind this supplement. also, being vegan, i am picky about where the ingredients come from. i showed this to my nutritionist to make sure it was what i needed and he immediately approved it as he said the ingredients and dosage used were perfect. it is a little on the pricey side, but i would rather pay more than get a supplement that is filled with rocks.


Susan Verified reviewer

I will never stop taking osteo alive, thank you!
I am 71 years old and broke my shinbone 9 weeks before a trip to italy. my doctor told me to cancel the trip. i ordered osteo alive and followed the directions, and was strong enough to go and totally enjoyed our trip! i even racked up 10,000 steps everyday over the first week. i will never stop taking osteo alive, thank you!


Victoria Verified reviewer

My bones are now younger
Before i started taking osteo alive, my bone density showed my bones to be 10 years older than i am. after 5 years of taking it, my bones are now younger than i am, and the dexa scan was performed as i entered menopause. the best thing is it does not upset my stomach.


Lynne Verified reviewer

Thank you for coming up with this formula!
After hearing about how a lot of calcium supplements are crap, and how your body doesn’t really absorb anything from them, i was not enthusiastic on spending good money on calcium supplements. but i was diagnosed with osteoporosis, and i knew that there was no way my daily diet was enough for my condition. so i decided to give osteo alive a try. when i ran out of the supplement, i forgotten to order more, and thought i’d take advantage of a brief break from osteo alive, vowing to eat more yogurt in the meantime. after 2 days of not taking osteo alive, i started waking up from insanely painful charlie horses, which are generally caused by a lack of calcium and magnesium. i’ll be diligently keeping track of the number of capsules left because i will never want to be without osteo alive. thank you for coming up with this formula!


Ellen Verified reviewer

He said my severe osteoporosis had been reversed and i was only in osteopenia! amazing!
In august 2016, my doctor told me i had advanced osteoporosis. when i researched the medicine he wanted to give me, it really scared me - all the side effects were so awful. i did some more study and started taking this osteo alive. i quit taking forteo and took 2 capsules of osteo alive every day. last week, 9 months later, my doctor did a scan and was so surprised. he said my severe osteoporosis had been reversed and i was only in osteopenia! amazing!


Derby Verified reviewer

Within two days, my knees were remarkably improved.
I have had painful knees for well over ten years. i’m 80 years old, so this is not a surprising or unusual condition. i considered, and was worked up for, knee-replacement surgery. the osteopathic surgeon informed me the cartilage in my knees had deteriorated to bone-on-bone. treatments with two types of injections were only very briefly helpful in controlling pain. i put off surgery over and over again. almost four weeks ago, i began taking osteo alive at the recommended dosage. within two days, my knees were remarkably improved. i could go up and down the stairs without wincing and gritting my teeth. i am not completely pain-free, and of course, i cannot get down on my knees. but i get around much, much better and work in the garden much, much harder which is a good thing because it’s spring. i finally can sit and stand by myself, no more relying heavily on nearby tables and chairs to get myself standing, and no more moaning and groaning. thank you!