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10 Reviews
Soothing Gut Bundle

10 Reviews
Soothing Gut Bundle
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$89.90 per bundle

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David Verified reviewer

Gut alive
Fantastic product crohn's symptoms managed and reduced tremendously


Angela Verified reviewer

This product is amazing.
This product is amazing. for years i suffered from crippling reflux, and i’ve only been on it for two weeks, but my reflux hasn’t been this under control in ages.


Jan Verified reviewer

Order more gut alive again for “insurance”!
I started taking zantac about 4 months ago when my doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux. after being on zantac, i developed tinnitus, and it was so bad that my husband complained about how loud i turned up the tv and how loud i talked. the worse thing was i was vomiting stomach acid and getting horrible chest pains. i drank so much water that i live in the restroom. the pain was just unbearable. then i decided to stop zantac and try gut alive as it contains ingredients that are proven to soothe the gut. for the first few days, i thought it didn’t work for me. but after a week, my reflux gradually disappeared! i no longer feel the acid regurgitating and the burning sensation. thank you for making such an awesome product. i am definitely going to order more gut alive again for “insurance”!


Allie Verified reviewer

Helping me heal
Gut alive is the only product that is helping me heal my gut from the inside out.


Chris Verified reviewer

Gut alive
Since being on gut alive, i had zero acid rebound, and i wish that i knew about gut alive years ago.


Vinny Verified reviewer

Awesome product
I don’t take omeprazole anymore, and i feel my stomach lining is healed. i will continue to take this probably for the rest of my life.


Barbara Verified reviewer

Great product
I had gerd so bad i could not list down all the problems it caused. i took nexium and even maalox for over two years, but i continue to have symptoms of a chronic cough, chest pain and feeling like getting the food and drink stuck. after changes in dosage over 3 months, my lower esophagus sphincter was still pretty much wide open and i was getting no relief. i was recommended for surgery, but i was skeptical as the doctor couldn’t tell me what was causing the acid reflux in the first place! then i went to research on alternative methods and even took apple cider vinegar as a treatment, but i had to quit because it was making my teeth more sensitive. i also did yoga and tried an all-organic diet. while some of these changes helped relieve my symptoms, i could never get off nexium. once i added gut alive to my diet, i was able to cut down on my dosage of nexium to just 1 pill a day. then it took a couple of months for me to wean myself off the last nexium pill slowly. the best part was, once i quit the nexium my body became ‘regular’ again. 4 months later, i am still nexium free. i have literally tried everything and did not see real results until i took gut alive. i’m very happy that gut alive helped to target the cause of my acid reflux problems by healing my gut lining from within.


John Verified reviewer

My gas and bloating has almost totally been eliminated
I used to have severe bloating, extreme fatigue, severe food allergies/sensitivities, extreme chemical sensitivities, carb sensitivity, skin problems, cravings, and ibs symptoms. i tried a few other probiotic brands/formulas with pretty much no results. about every other week, i was struggling with constipation and a feeling similar to sharp rocks in my digestive tract, even while religiously eating a bowl of fiber one cereal every morning, as directed by my doctor. that issue is gone now. also, my gas and bloating has almost totally been eliminated as well


Kay Verified reviewer

I've been recommending this stuff to everyone!
I have suffered from constant diarrhea for almost 10 years. i was diagnosed with ibs. but medicine only worked so much. i started taking these on a recommendation of a friend.


Louise Verified reviewer

I've been taking this probiotic for about four years now and i can move freely again
This is a mistake even medical practitioners make, and it can ruin your chances of a complete healing...