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9 Reviews
Organic Milk Thistle

9 Reviews
Organic Milk Thistle
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Josiane Moldenhauer Verified reviewer

Excellent supplement
I am very impressed with this product. it has been excellent for me. i was having a few symptoms of gallbladder disease but for not having a gallbladder anymore, i immediately got concerned with the liver and pancreas. i feel much better taking this supplement. liver enzymes are in the normal range and pain went away. i highly recommend. thank you!


Shannon Verified reviewer

Milk thistle & dandelion combo great to detox
I've tried this brand recently and i'm quite pleased. the combination of milk thistle and dandelion makes taking both easy. i find the pill easy to swallow and do not notice any odd taste. i take to help detox my body and am pleased with the results. i recommend and will continue to buy. i also love that it is made in the usa and vegan / gluten / soy free.


Cindy K. Meason Verified reviewer

Great product
I am very happy with this product. i love that it is organic first of all and then i love that they combine the milk thistle with the dandelion root. i am taking this twice a day for maximum support for my liver. i am detoxing and can tell when i miss it. will continue to buy.


Art Vandelay Verified reviewer

Improved liver function
Helped my mothers liver tests doctors were amazed her liver enzymes and function has imoroved this really helped my mothers health god bless the people that provide organic tested milk thistle and other herbs to help people with their health it really does work. i do recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before taking this because of medication reactions and or allergies. so please consult your doctor before taking this. my mothers doctor was happy with her trying this and he did see an improvement and advise her to keep taking her meds and this suppliment.


Renee Basile Verified reviewer

Feeling well in my digestive track
Used this product to help me detox and it is working wonders. i take one tablet everyday and it helps me keep regular


Peggy J. Kilgore Verified reviewer

Works great
I am giving this to my husband who is undergoing chemo to detox after receiving treatment. i believe it's working nicely.


Wendy Hinckley Verified reviewer

Highly recommend this product for anyone trying to cleanse/protect their liver
I am a repeat customer and this would highly recommend this product for anyone trying to cleanse/protect their liver. i don't drink much alcohol, but i feel better knowing my liver is better protected when i do. your liver is your body's filter, so is not just alcohol that it needs protection from. also, a big selling point for me was the fact that it is organic.


Robert Castelhano Verified reviewer

I like that it's organic
I like that it's organic and being a liver transplant patient that's very important to me..


Tasha Verified reviewer

Perfect no problem
All my life i had high liver enzymes, i bough this milk thistle & dandelion and made a big change in my life. i did some blood test last week after taking this pills for a month. yesterday i went to see my doctor and asked her how is my liver enzymes doing and she said is perfect no problem i almost fell on the floor i never heard that before they always told me your enzymes are very high. i have a conscience and no body would pay me to write what i have wrote in here. i care for other people and i never would do anything to hurt them.