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7 Reviews
Organic Elderberry Shield
Price: $29.90 ($29.90 per bottle)
1 Bottle
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Robert R. Verified reviewer

Elderberry shield strengthens the immune system for flu and allergies.

For about 2 years, i started making the elderberry syrup using fresh or dried elderberries. it took a while for my children to get used to its taste and smell. it upsets me whenever they refused to take it, thinking that they missed a dose of something that helps them from not getting sick. i'm so glad to receive an email from ms. emma deangela of the alkaline diet for better health & happiness about the elderberry shield. the capsule is tasteless and odorless. the price is reasonable and very convenient, compared to making the syrup.


Rick & Tina Verified reviewer

Awesome taste and great price...

When the sickness comes around nothing better to beat it. good price and well worth it....


Carole J. Read Verified reviewer

These work!

My husband and i take these a few weeks before flying. it seems to work really well as we haven’t come come with the sniffles.


Tinatoast Verified reviewer

Great elderberry product

I love that it also contains echinacea and is organic!!! i am an essential employee and have taken this 2 times a day for the past 2 months. i think it has even helped with my sinus issue. will definitely be buying again!!!


Cherie Hall Verified reviewer

Ealth is everything

I bought this product to keep me healthy and keep my immune system strong thru the winter


John K Verified reviewer

Helps to fight flu.

To help fight flu, have taken this for several years and with this plus flu shot had no flu.


Howard Robbins Verified reviewer