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10 Reviews

10 Reviews

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Mark Verified reviewer

Folivitalize didn't only help grow back my hair, but also helped me keep the hair that i had left.
I was devastated that male patter baldness hit me way before 50 and i sought for early intervention to stabilize the hair loss situation. but none of the medications, shampoos, and even natural remedies helped. folivitalize didn't only help grow back my hair, but also helped me keep the hair that i had left.


Stephanie Verified reviewer

Thank you for this product
Facing customers everyday, being confident is really important in my line of work. when the hair fall became too alarming, i started wearing wigs to work. it gave my confidence back, but it was such a hassle to put on every single day. i found folivitalize on the internet and my life has changed ever since. thank you for this product!


Matthew Verified reviewer

This stuff is amazing
I have always had thick hair since i was young… until someone pointed out the bald spot on the top of my head which i don’t get to see everyday. i panicked a bit. what if this is just the first of many bald spots? i saw my roommate’s hair supplement, folivitalize, and decided to give it a try. my bald spot is starting to get covered up with new hair after over a month with folivitalize. this stuff’s amazing!


Sandra Verified reviewer

I love it!
I always had my own favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner, i think this helped me maintain my locks for years. but let’s face it, i am not getting any younger. my hair started thinning in my 40’s and the products don’t do anything at all. my son recommended folivitalize and it does wonders! i love it!


Veronica Verified reviewer

Brought back my confidence!
I’m almost 60 and i know i shouldn’t be surprised because thinning hair is part of aging. but i couldn’t help but notice some friends my age (even guys!) still rock a head full of hair. i thought it’s ok to dream so i tried folivitalize. i may be aging, but having healthy and thick hair gave back my confidence!


David Verified reviewer

Works as expected
I decided to give folivitalize a try after using a bunch of useless stuff for my hair. most of the reviews say that it took them a couple of months until they noticed a change. it’s my 4th month now, and i’m ecstatic that i decided to wait -- folivitalize works as expected! i could really see the difference in volume.


Amanda Verified reviewer

A blessing in disguise
My sister gave me her folivitalize because she thought it was not effective. my hairfall is worse than hers, and i got nothing to lose anyways so i tried it. after a few weeks, i noticed some hair growing back! since then, i have taken folivitalize religiously. it was a blessing in disguise!


Melissa Verified reviewer

I recommend this
I must've spent over hundreds of dollars on products just to find the best way to grow my back, it was so frustrating :( after many years of painstakingly caring for my hair to no avail, i finally saw results when i started using folivitalize. i recommend you to try this first before spending lots on expensive treatments that do nothing but harm your hair more.


Betty Verified reviewer

Bald spots are gone!
I know this may sound really shallow to some people but my self-esteem depended on my hair. i was in denial for several years until it crept up on me bit by bit. i even used spray paint to cover a few bald spots but i no longer have to do that now.


Adam Verified reviewer

Great product!
This product works for me :)