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Goli Nutrition
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Kat Verified reviewer

Tasty and delicious
They are very tasty. i haven't noticed much of a difference health wise but find them tasty to eat. hope i'm getting some goodness from it. i take 2 every morning to kick start my day.


Kay Verified reviewer

It has changed my life! my sister has stomach cancer and her stomach bloat is gone!
I’ve had stomach issues for 40 years and now my son has them and my sister has stomach cancer. i’ve had problems with constipation where i go to the bathroom monthly. as soon as i started goli i started to go to the bathroom daily! sometimes after every meal!!! it isn’t painful and i’ve literally never gone like this...pain free and 1 quick wipe and i’m clean! my sister said her bloating was immediately gone by day 2 and she felt much thinner, she weighs about 100 lbs. i don’t feel bloated either and my husband said my stomach is gone and i’ve been taking them less than 30 days! no more probiotics since day 1 and i can eat or drink anything without stomach pain. the best part is consistent stools. i’m use to constipation or diarrhea. my son can’t work full time because of all of his stomach issues and hasn’t missed work since!! and the taste of it....yummy!!! and i am weird about textures and i love them!!!! they are more like that candy “dots” consistency than a gummy bear. i highly recommend this product!!! i feel thinner and more energetic because i’m not constipated and holding all those toxins in my body!!! best product ever!!!


Hildy G. Belliveau Verified reviewer

Help for acid reflux
These work great for acid reflux and taste is pleasant!


Kathy Henner Verified reviewer

I didn't think this product would work. but it does curb your appetite. it also taste great. i'm getting ready to place another order.


Sharon Verified reviewer

Delicious and it works!
I have always been one to have digestive issues. i was a little skeptical to order. i mean how can two gummies possibly help? i have tried to drink vinegar water in the morning but it is just so yuk. i decided to give this a try. first of all, the taste is great. it took about a week for me to see the difference. i no longer have heartburn issues or belching. my stomach does not feel bloated. yay! my routine is to chew two gummies in the morning about 30 minutes before breakfast. my food digest better and using the bathroom is like clockwork which has been an issue as well. in the evening i chew 1 more gummy 30 minutes before dinner. this supplement is working great for me. please allow time for your body to absorb the nutrients. i will order this as long as they sell it!