The Best Source of Omega 3 From Rich Plant-Based Algae Oil (Sustainable Sources) and Without Carrageenan
Fish oil is the most common source of long chain omega 3 DHA used in human and animal nutritional products. However, its DHA content can vary significantly and is dependent on fish species, geographical origin of the fish harvested and the way that they and their oils are processed and stabilized.

Do you know that 20% of all fish caught in the world is used to feed other fish?

But we’re running out of them.

Most fish oils come from fish shipped thousands of miles and have a higher risk of containing heavy pollutants, contaminants, mercury, heavy metals and other ocean borne toxins.

There are several vegetarian sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Flax seed and some vegetable oils, like canola and soybean oil, are sources of the short chain omega-3 ALA. ALA is not equivalent to DHA or EPA in its biological effects and health benefits, and needs to be converted by a limited supply of enzymes into EPA and DHA. ALA is not equivalent to DHA or EPA in its biological effects, and needs to be converted to EPA in order to be effective, but this conversion rate is incredibly low. The conversion can be lower than 10% and the remaining 85%–90% gets burned up as energy or metabolized in other ways.

While most people believe that fish produce their own EPA and DHA, it is in fact the algae in their main diet that makes the fish a rich source of omega 3.

That is why algae from the farm is different.

Not only is algae a highly renewable and sustainable source, they are grown and harvested in unpolluted farms and are thus lower in heavy metals, mercury and other toxins commonly found in fish oil.

This sustainable algae is grown in clean and controlled conditions, as opposed to ocean-sourced.

Wisecutical’s Vegan Omega 3 from Algae offers:

Reduction of fishy aftertaste

Enhanced resistance to rancidity

A safer source of omega3 than fish ingredients

High DHA to EPA ratio

Safe and high quality ingredients that are guaranteed free of fillers and binders

Made from sustainably-sourced microalgae, our Algae Omega formula is non-GMO and hexane-free. And because it contains no fish or animal products, it’s also suitable for vegans.

Most other brands of Vegan Omega 3 contain carrageenan which is found in the vegetarian capsule. Wiseceutical’s Vegan Omega 3 supplements do NOT contain any carrageenan unlike most Omega-3 supplements. We removed this additive to ensure that you only consume pure vegan omega-3 without the harmful side effects of inflammation and other digestion problems.

Wiseceutical’s Vegan Omega 3 combines potent, effective, and high quality ingredients that work together to target various organs and processes in the body.

This powerful supplement also targets the joint, heart, brain and immune system, all without harmful ingredients like carrageenan.. 2 liquid veggies capsules per day is all you need to provide your body with a daily supply of health-supporting DHA and EPA Omega 3.

I have been looking for an Omega 3 supplement that didn’t come from an animal-based source, and luckily, I chanced upon this Vegan Omega 3 by Wiseceutical. I was convinced because of the DHA and EPA content, plus it’s carrageenan-free, so I immediately ordered. I’ve been taking it for 3 months now, and I can say that it’s been doing a good job to keep my overall health in check. Thank you Wiseceautical!
(37 years old),
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I stay in front of the computer almost the whole day, so I always complain about lower back pains. For the past couple of months, it became worse to the point when I sometimes couldn’t stand up straight because my back hurts so much. I’m only 43, but I feel like an older man. My colleague recommended Wiseceutical’s Vegan Omega 3, so I tried 3 bottles right away as I’ve noticed a change in him too when he started taking the Vegan Omega 3. After 1 week of taking them, I can say this is the best decision I made. I felt like a changed man.

I am now on my third month of taking just 1 capsule a day, and I haven’t felt any severe back pain ever since. I don’t usually leave product reviews, but I felt the need to share my story because I know it will be very helpful to everyone experiencing the same thing. Thank you Wiseceutical for creating this kind of Vegan Omega 3!
(43 years old),
Orland, Florida, United States
I am a proud vegan and an eco warrior for more than 10 years now, so for my omega 3 supplements, I make sure that I only take omega 3 from plant-based sources. But the problem with most vegan omega 3 available on the market is its carrageenan content, which really upsets my stomach.

So it’s truly a blessing that I found Wiseceutical’s Vegan Omega 3 that is carrageenan-free. I’ve done my research about the rest of the ingredients, and I feel very good that I bought my Vegan Omega 3 from Wiseceutical. It worked like a charm to keep my body healthy, and it’s really a good purchase!
(51 years old),
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I’ve always included Omega 3 in my daily diet ever since I became conscious about my health. But the fishy smell of my burps takes away my confidence, so sometimes I don’t take it on special occasions or when I go on a date so I won’t get embarrassed.

Just a few weeks ago, I found out about Wiseceutical’s Vegan Omega 3. Not only did they eliminate the fishy smell when they used plant-based omega 3, but they also removed carrageenan, which is really a bonus! Now I no longer have to worry about smelly burps and bloating! Highly recommended!
(65 years old),
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Omega 3 contains 2 fatty acids, specifically EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), and there are numerous research proving the importance of these two fatty acids in our body.

There’s numerous research and growing evidence that consumption of the omega fatty acid DHA supports the following:

• Brain and eye health and development
• Inflammation and immune response
• Improve joint health, bone health and mobility
• Support heart health
• Support optimal cholesterol levels
• Cognitive health
• Metabolic syndrome

DHA omega-3 is therefore essential for proper body functions and considered the most important nutritional lipid in our diet.

A Healthier Heart and Cholesterol Levels

Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that taking an omega-3 supplement daily can help to prevent major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, and blocked arteries, as compared to a placebo.

It also helps to support optimal cholesterol levels as DHA and EPA are healthy triglycerides that will help to lower unhealthy triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels.

And a 2008 study published in the the American Journal of Hypertension founds that the level of omega 3 in the blood is inversely related to blood pressure levels in young healthy adults. In other words, if you have more omega 3 in your body, the lower the blood pressure.

Reduce Inflammation, Improve Joint Health and Mobility

Omega 3 has been found to increase blood levels of anti-inflammatory molecules called specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs), and they have a powerful effect on white blood cells, as well as controlling blood vessel inflammation.

On top of that, omega 3 have been shown to significantly decrease joint pain and stiffness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Support Brain, Eye and Cognitive Health

In studies, Omega 3 has been proven to lower levels of depression and boost effectiveness of antidepressants. It also protects against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. That’s due to the neuroprotective properties that can help to prevent neurologic disturbances linked with aging or neurodegenerative diseases.

Omega-3 fatty acids may help protect adult eyes from macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome. Essential fatty acids also may help proper drainage of intraocular fluid from the eye, decreasing the risk of high eye pressure and glaucoma.